How Followers of Islam Feel about the Buildings in Which they Worship and the Worship Itself

How Followers of Islam Feel about the Buildings in Which they Worship and the Worship Itself

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How Followers of Islam Feel about the Buildings in Which they Worship and the Worship Itself

Islam is a religion taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and based on
the Quran. It emerged in the 7th Century CE and spread quickly
throughout the Arabian Peninsula and in several directions beyond
Spain and Morocco in the west and beyond Persia in the east.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last in the lines of the Prophets, the
first being Prophet Adam. History of Islam tells us that God commanded
His prophet Abraham to build the first house of worship in Mecca where
the Kaaba is now as it is written in the Quran.

“The first house (of worship) appointed for men was that at Mecca full
of blessings and of guidance for all kinds of beings. In it are signs
of manifest; the station of Abraham whoever enters it attains

From that on every prophet must have had some sort of building or
place for worship. But it was only when prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
advised the followers to build house of God called “Mosques” for a
place to collectively worship while he was in Medina that was when
Muslims started making “Mosques”.

Mosques play an important infact vital role in a Muslim’s life

As saying prayers five times a day is obligatory along with it is also
ordered by Allah to pray in congregations as it is written in the

“Establish worship, pay the poor-due and bow your head with those who
bow (in worship)”

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told his followers that saying prayer in
congregation is 27 times better and rewarding than saying alone.

It is a Muslims belief that when one performs abulation (i.e. washing
up for prayers) well, then goes to mosque, with the sole intention of
performing prayer, and has no other objective but prayer then every
step that he takes in the way for the mosque is raised to a degree and
a sing is effaced until he enters the mosque, he is considered as

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praying as long as he is waiting for the congregational prayer to
start. And the Angels continue supplicating for him saying “O Allah be
merciful to him and forgive his sins accept his repentance.” (And the
angels continue this supplication for him as long as he is in mosque).

Due to these important and vital factors of saying prayers in
congregations, building mosques in every Muslim area became essential
and customary. In addition to that, why every big Islamic Emperor or
ruler built the most stunning architecture, grandeur and design of
their time was because of another strong belief for the wealthy and
well to do Muslims that whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah,
Allah will build the same for him in heaven.

That is how the most beautiful architecture and design came out in
Mosques that are present today.

These mosques do play a very essential role in our lives, when a
Muslim enters the mosque, its architecture, its designs inspires a
Muslim and one feels the Greatness of God and to know that the most
beloved places to Allah are the mosques, he feels calm and
satisfaction of pleasing by being in His house for the sole purpose of
remembering Him thanking Him for all His blessings upon him and
repenting for his sins asking for forgiveness.

At the heart of many Islamic civilizations, there has been a faith
that supplied both cultural unity and a spiritual ideal. Muslims had
put their greatest artistic efforts into the search for a higher
spiritual level by building beautiful Mosques that have emerged as the
masterpiece in art and architecture on the face of the earth.

As the Muslim population grew it became necessary to have larger
mosques where the faithful could gather. Large mosques also
communicated the power and practise of Islam of the emperors and
people of that time.

As the mosque is the most immediately recognisable and purely Islamic
building showing the material symbol of a great religion throughout
the world. In principal, it need only provide a place for prayer and
submission but the great congregational mosques were evolved by
constructing and combining number of standard elements in it like
outer walls, courtyard, and place for abulation, prayer hall, minaret
and mihrab. Yet within this unity, we find variety. Their architecture
took different forms in different times and places. We find three
broad types: the Arabs, Iranian and the Ottoman. Each of these types
has its own unmistakable style. The Arab hypostyle, the Iranian
courtyard with iwans courtyard and the massive Ottoman domes and
slender minarets are distinct variations that represent different
regional histories.

One of the example of great Islamic architecture is the great mosque
of Cordoba in Spain. In 8th century Spain was ruled by Arabs and due
to which many Islamic art like metal work, and designs of many
buildings are the renaissance of Islamic civilization. Mosque of
Cordoba is one of the most original creations of Islamic

One of the Historian Stierlin’s overall assessment of this mosque is:
“with the Cordoba mosque, Islamic architecture had reached the apex of
a system which had previously been illustrated by the Amr mosque in
Cairo (Egypt) or the Great mosque of the Aghlabids in Khairowan.
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