Analysis of Fight Club

Analysis of Fight Club

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Analysis of Fight Club

Denotation: In the final scene Jack has a gun in his hand and is at
the top of a building, waiting for the great explosion that has been
set to take place. He puts the gun in his mouth, and is about to shoot
the side of his face.

Connotation: In the final scene Jack takes the only action possible in
his own mind.

The irony is that Jack is now able to see more clearly after he has
shot himself and killed Tyler. Jack now seems not to require his
father or Tyler or anyone else so much;

1. What is the point of the three-minute scene?

This scene changes the whole affect of how you felt on the whole
movie. Jack is ridding himself of that aspect of his personality. He
finds confidence to destroy his own split personality and one part of
his life.

2. How does the scene make you feel emotionally? Is this deliberate?

As the opening titles begin by pulling out from inside Jack’s brain
and ending up along the barrel of Tyler’s gun, which is in Jack’s
mouth- instantly gets your attention, represents that all Jack’s
trouble started from inside his head.

SOUND: Music 1 – Non diagetic music= calm/relaxing

*Character showing confidence and knows

what he is doing.

Creating a juxta-position effect towards the

scene. This type of music being played to

the scene of him attempting to shoot


*When gunshot – music stops, only ambient

sound after the gunshot.


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*May be giving a sense that he was

born again… “resurrected”.

*Also because the movie is not over yet-

still waiting for something to happen

(The building explosion)

Music 2 – Non diagetic music= *Not very dramatic for explosion to show

That a new beginning of Jack’s life –

“reborn”. Blow up of buildings like

fireworks, representing colour towards the

scene to show feel of happiness towards


Instead of feeling a sense of tragic

towards the building collapsing we feel a

sense of relief for
Jack – a new beginning

of his life.

COLOUR: Keeps things dark and gloomy (almost neo-noir) using set
design and also


*Colour mostly used is black – Dark night, dark clothes, dark rooms

Dullness of colour showing that Jack is at

at his lowest point.

- When explosion-showing feels

Confident towards his new beginning (Just before explosion he says
“trust me everything’s going to be fine”.

When colour is used – like for blood-quite


*Gunshot – colours are almost neon in

tone. Colour = luminous blue.

Colour is used for effect in this movie.


*Tyler always seated higher than Jack in this scene.

- positioned higher, Jack seated on a chair whereas Tyler may be
standing looking down at Jack or when seated. He is seated on a large
bin box – still looking down at Jack.

Showing his control over Jack

After gunshot Jack falls to his seat – Tyler falls to the fall – Jack
looks down at Tyler.

Showing he is in control over himself.


*During gunshot- use of slow-motion. Creates effect to signify part of
him exploding all at once and part of his life being destroyed, let
out maybe?

*May also be using photogammetry shots for the gunshot, by taking
extensive still shots when during the gunshot and use of slow-motion.

*Wide shot used to show explosion as it were a festival of fireworks

- Something to look forward to for Jack’s new beginning. “Trust me;
everything’s going to be fine”.

Other than that, mostly straight cuts used with mid-shots, focussing
on the upper half of the body- maybe because movie is concentrating
Jacks brain and his mind?

GENRE= It is hard to classify Fight Club to any specific genre. It is
a dark comedy - so dark, in fact, that a lot of critics didn't find it
funny at all. It is nearly always night-time and raining outside. The
sets and locations are atmospheric and gloomy. The themes running
through Fight Club are universal: depression, insanity, loneliness and
the need to be accepted.
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