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Hi today I’m here to talk to you all about waste, just to give you
some scary facts

about it and why it is effecting our lives and in a bid to help you
people to consider

your lifestyle.

Firstly I’m going to talk about what actually happens to the stuff we
chuck away.

When the bin men come and empty the bins they take it to the rubbish

After that it gets transported to big incinerators and burned, this is
a problem.

It is one of the fundamental principles of science that matter can
never be destroyed;

it can only ever be transformed.

So this stuff, once burned it the incinerators still does exsist, but
instead of seeing it,

we just breath it in. Incineration is the process where our refuse is
burned using a

concoction of toxic fumes also a lot of the stuff is ejected into the
water we will later

go onto drink, as it has been discharged through the sewerage system.

The heat of the incinerator furnace vaporises some of the hazardous

metals - such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and tin - found in
household waste.

And it causes chemical reactions, producing many new toxic chemicals
most of

which we wouldn’t know of, but the are nasty things that may
eventually cause

you, your family or friends Cancer, heart disease, respiratory
problems, immune

system defects, increased allergies and birth defects.

Dioxins, which is one of the main toxic gases that are emitted into
our air have

been classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as
carcinogenic, and

have been described as the most toxic chemicals known to science. And
yet more

than half of British babies and toddlers exceed safe levels of dioxin

You may have heard of “green” power plants. Some power plants claim to

environmental friendly, but this is false.

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The use our waste to make
power, but only a

small quantity of energy lies embedded in these materials. These
materials could be

recycled. So in the end they are polluting the environment we live in
and are fooling

you all at the same time.

A lot of money is invested into these so-called “green” power plants,
which is

dreadful when that money could be invested in the struggling wind,
wave and solar

power facilities in Britain, these are potential power sources and
over them the

government chooses to hand out money to these corporate tycoons to
pollute or air.

The government basically disregard these beneficial and lucrative

I feel strongly about this because this is the air you and me breathe.
But the main thing we can do is to recycle.

One of the main reasons for this is that by the time we’re all adults,
the government may have set a “green tax” in a bid to encourage
recycling. So, literally we all might end up “paying” for it!

We can recycle just about anything if we put our minds to it, and if
we aren’t all too lazy!

At the moment Reading Council supplies our area with boxes to recycle

tins and bottles. These are widely used. But a lot more can be
recycled, for example,

clothes, plastic bottles, and shoes. Also there are places that
recycle mobile phones and print cartridges.

So please think about it… it’s you and your kids futures. If nothing
is done Cancer,

heart disease, respiratory problems, immune system defects, increased

and birth defects will become a huge problem. So next time you go to

something away….Think what your gonna breath in because of it.
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