The 30 Meter Dash

The 30 Meter Dash

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The 30 Meter Dash

The 30 metre dash is a test on your ability of speed from a flying
start. There is a path measured of 30 metres, you must do a slight jog
up to the line then sprint as fast as you can across the finish line
being timed.

This test is testing your anaerobic fitness and the muscles in your
quadriceps and calves as you are sprinting for just 30 metres. Also it
is testing if you have shot busts of power.

The type of person who would use this type of test would be a 100
metre sprinter as they can train in separate lengths. Also this test
would be excellent for a football striker, as they need short bursts
of power to run after or with the ball towards the goal. Also they
would use this test to see how much strength and power is in there

The rule and regulations of this test would be that firstly you must
be timed for the full 30 metre run and not any less.

Also you must be timed as soon as you start sprinting on the 30 metres
line and stopped soon as you finished. You may not just start
sprinting any closer on the track or any further.

The reason why a person may not do very well on this test, is that the
floor could be very slippery and uneven. Also it maybe unfair as the
teacher may not start the stop watch right and either add on time or
take off time. Also another reason, maybe due to the weather being
cold. When I did the test I got 3.71 seconds, which I was pleased
with however I believe I could have done better as I had a cold and
was ill.

Agility Test

The agility test is testing your speed and agility. Also it is testing
your co-ordination and reaction speed. Also it is testing you on your
speed within short distances as you turn and sprint.

The agility test is when you start lying on your stomach and as soon

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as the whistle is blown you run through a set of cones, till the
finish line. You are timed as soon as the whistle is blown until you
have crossed the finish line.

The type of person who would use this test would be a 100m hurdler or
a footballer. But I think this is best for a footballer as in football
you must change direction every second. So this will help as it is
testing your speed at changing directions and keeping full control.

The rules and regulations of this test is that you must first start
with you stomach facing the ground. You must not miss out any cones
and you must go round them in the order given. Another regulation
would be you are not allowed to start before the whistle is blown
otherwise you are disqualified.

A reason why a person may not do very well in this test is that the
ground was very slippery and wet. Also it was very cold on the day and
some people were ill. Another reason was that it took people along
time to get off the floor to start and some people would fall over. In
this test I got 13.48 seconds which I was pleased with however I could
have done better if I wasn’t ill, and also it was very slippery,
however everybody had to do it in the same conditions.
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