Monkey Face

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Monkey Face First let me explain what monkey face is. Monkey face is a cliff that hangs over a small lake in the Royal National Park of Australia. This cliff is roughly 15 metres high. Tourists rarely go there because the lake is hidden from the near by overpopulated beach. The cliff is only accessible by foot as there are large boulders blocking the path and masses of foliage, some of which have threatening barbs and spikes. There are different parts of the cliff that jumping from is possible, each having different heights. The smallest of them was only about 3 metres, with 5 metres being next to that. Proceeding along the cliff line, you would find a 10 metre rock ledge enclosed by dense vegetation. Finally at the top of the cliff you have Monkey Face. To be honest I never really knew why it was originally named that. It was either because the cliff looked like a monkey’s face when viewed from a particular angle or maybe it was because the jumper would look like a monkey screaming and waving his arms around before impacting with the flat freshwater surface. Most likely the latter of the two. Being so remote, the area was also very quiet. My friends and I were the only ones to disturb the peace. One particular event that stands out in my memory is a certain Sunday in September. The morning began dark, dreary, and dismal. The situation could only brighten. I dressed myself, packed my swimming gear into my backpack, and rode my skateboard down the steep hill to Vinnie’s beachside house. Vinnie was about a half a year younger than me, and he had wavy brown hair that came down to his neck. When I arrived I was greeted by the others. Oliver was really tall and always walked around with Tom who was quite short and had red hair. Gabe was Vinnie’s little brother. He was only 10, and is best friends with Lachie who is the same age. Sarah and Aimee were best friends, although they were always arguing about
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