ENFOREX and don Quijote Spanish schools

ENFOREX and don Quijote Spanish schools

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I am writing to introduce myself to those of you have not met me. My name is Antonio Anadon and I’m the president of ENFOREX and don Quijote Spanish schools. We have 32 schools throughout Spain and Mexico and 30 partner schools in the rest of the world. It took us a long time to build the leading Spanish language school organization in the world.

By now, you should have received the sad news that AmeriSpan can no longer continue as an agency. ENFOREX has been trying for years to help John, Dorioara and AmeriSpan return to financial strength but the situation is a disaster and impossible. Like you, ENFOREX has not been receiving sufficient payments for the last five years and this is a major financial loss of $300,000 for our organization.

After much thought, I have decided that it is in the best interests of the study abroad industry that AmeriSpan’s problem does not cause any more problems in the industry. I have decided to open don Quijote USA, which will be able to bring AmeriSpan’s business to you with our professional way of working and financial support by fulfilling our obligations on time. In the past days, we decided to take all the assets of AmeriSpan including the website, trademark and intellectual know-how from AmeriSpan Unlimited Inc and John Slocum’s control before the situation got any worse. I don’t want that all of us lose
anymore from this mismanagement of the organization.

I plan to continue working with the majority of the schools of AmeriSpan and grow the business for all of us. I will be hiring some of the AmeriSpan employees and fresh, new people at don Quijote USA. All financial management will be handled by myself from our head office in Madrid.
If you are interested in working with don Quijote USA:

1. We will pay for all AmeriSpan students starting after January 1st, 2007
2. We will need a good commission to increase the business & promotion of your school
3. We really want to create a strong partnership with you
4. We will integrate the promotion of your school in our offices in UK, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico,and soon in China.

I expect to be contacted by you and many other organizations in the coming days and weeks, please be patient but I will respond to everyone.

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Please contact me at anadon@donquijote.org or +34 915-943-776.

For any payment issues for students starting in 2007, you may contact Beth Klemick at
beth@amerispan.com who will be guaranteeing all payments for you in the next days. But please remember that for students starting before January 1st 2007, we are not responsible for any invoices. .

The responsibility is of "AmeriSpan Unlimited" and John Slocum should be contacted via e-mail slocum_john@yahoo.com or his cellular phone +1-215-704-9299 .

Hoping to have a very strong and long relationship.

Antonio Anadon
President don Quijote
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