The Giant Maggot

The Giant Maggot

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The Giant Maggot

I am writing this from a ten by five foot room. From a small cell
which ahs seven corroded bars on the window, the stench of unwashed
clothes and oxidized metal formed from my own urine. A stiff and rough
wooden bed. I feel my legs and arms and caress the swelled
protuberances of my distorted and deformed body for my inevitable and
failed attempt to escape. I stroke my back; one of the swellings is so
bad it splits in the middle, all the blood clots overflowing after
they’ve ruptured my skin. The fatal blow that ended my attempt of

The food is dreadful. Thin soup where you can pick out the hairs of
the cooks with both of your pupils shut. Bread which is either gone
off or it’s as stale and solid as a marble slate. A small bit of meat
which luckily gets cooked a few times, as nearly every prisoner in the
facilities has caught the salmonella bug; and finally a glass of tap

There is no one to talk to. I am on my own. Secluded. Isolated.
Inaccessible. Cut off from humans. There is nothing that will confront
my brain, something that will stimulate it. Some days I end up
counting and taking notice of stuff, like how many times the guards
have their brakes, what times they have them in, who patrols where and
on what day. I even know their personal problems their family and even
their childhood. I just listen. Time passes slowly. It seems an
eternity. That’s why I’m writing a story.

Once a day I’m authorized to go outside. The guards put me into a
small courtyard. It has high walls all around it. I’m supposed to run
or jog. This is my only chance to exercise and wake up the body. The
exercise yard has no trees let alone even flowers. It’s bare and flat.
It’s infinity since I haven’t seen or touched grass or plants,
animals, or the beautiful sight of a woman.

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None of the other prisoners are allowed near me. The guards say that
I’m dangerous. That I would get away if I could. Their bloody right.
Ill get out of this f******g s**t hole one day.

I shouldn’t be in this hell, I have done nothing wrong, and I’m
guiltless, not culpable as my actions were for the safe being of our
damned stubborn race. One day ill get everyone back.

Ill have my vengeance.

It all commenced with this abnormal odor. A stench. Something was
causing this malodorous pong in my kitchen. It was like rotten eggs.
Only slightly more powerful. I rummaged around everywhere but I
couldn’t find the origin of it. I searched in all of the cupboards and
behind the fridge. I looked under the sink and the pantry.

It was driving me insane. Every day it got worse. It became so bad
that I couldn’t eat in my own kitchen. I had to go out to the pub or
get a take away to eat.

My friends wouldn’t visit me any more because the odor had got so
unpleasant. I had to sort myself out.

One day I noticed that the smell was worse near the kitchen door. I
sniffed around a lot but couldn’t see anything. The only there was a
light switch. The smell seemed to be deriving from the light switch.

I fetched a screwdriver from the tool shed. I took the light switch
cover off. Sitting up in the wall was a dead mouse.

Would you believe it? A dead mouse, that entire reek from one tiny
little mouse. Is must’ve stroked the wires and got an electric shock.
I pulled out the mouse and went to throw it the bin. I couldn’t, I
wanted to throw that mouse in the bin but something was stopping me.

I told my feet to go to the rubbish bin. They took me over to the
table instead. I wanted to throw that dead mouse out but I couldn’t.
it had some sort of power over me. I put the rotten, smelly house on
the table and left it there.

I went to lay down on my bed, I felt silly. Why had I left the mouse
there? Why couldn’t I throw it out? I had to put on the kitchen table.
What a stupid thing to do.

I tried no to think about it, I closed my eyes, trying to shut it out.

It was no use, I couldn’t stop thinking that mouse, and it seemed to
be calling me. Inside my head a voice was calling me. Pulling me
towards the kitchen.

I went back to the kitchen and had another look at it. What I saw made
me ill. I rushed into the bathroom and threw up.

A large maggot was eating the mouse. It was curled in the eye socket.
I had never seen such a thing before.

This time I wasn’t going to fool around. I picked up a brush and a
pan. I was going to throw that mouse out. When I tried to sweep up the
mouse I felt a sharp pain in my head. It was like an electric current
in my head. I screamed out and dropped the brush and pan.

The pain stopped at once, I went up to the mouse and checked it out
carefully, the maggot was white and fat. It was about the size of a
small caterpillar. It had finished the mouse and it was hungry,

It wanted something else; somehow I knew what he wanted …cheese.

Cheese!? It was telling me to get cheese , I said to myself no way ,
I’m not feeding no maggot, and then again the pain came back to my
head, it was unbearable so I did what I had to do. I got the cheese
and I fed the beast.

I then rested and went to bed hoping none of this was really and all
this things were a dream. I wished by the morning everything would be
back to normal.

When I woke one wish happened there was no cheese just the skeleton of
the mouse but instead of the maggot there was a fat white sausage on
the table, it was al slimy and shiny I realized it was still the
maggot twice as big. I fainted.

I then woke up with the same massive headache. The maggot was hungry
it wanted to eat again I tried thinking of running away but the maggot
gave me a shock , it knew everything I was thinking , it was reading
my mind. I was being held hostage by a maggot the size of a sausage.
It was hungry so it told me quickly to get and get it some food, I
obeyed like a slave. I took out my steak my dinner for tonight but it
didn’t start eating. Baffled but then even more strange it was telling
to go to the door, I followed my legs who were guiding me I had no
control of my actions my hands felt numb I couldn’t move them the was
doing the opposite of what I was trying to do. My hands drove me out
of my drive I was thinking it was going to take me to the butchers for
more food but it took me to the library.

My legs took me to the insect section and my hands took out a book
bout fly’s and maggots.

My hands turned to a random page it was bout maggots I read the half
of the book. It seemed pointless, like I was studying about a being
holding me hostage in my own body. I read that maggots eat only rotten
meat so I figured out it wanted me to fetch some dead body. I
shivered. It wanted me dead but then I asked myself why it would want
to kill its servant so I figured I had to procure the monster a dead

I felt the maggot was pleased and it made me feel better, and that
made me feel more frightened.

I went at the back of restaurants and houses looking for scraps, I
found a dead cat. I felt embarrassed I could feel my blood vessels
dilating and my face getting hotter I was blushing, so I decided to
hide the revolting dead cat under my jumper. People thought I was a
homeless even a woman gave me some money.

I rushed home and brought the corpse to the monster.

Straight away the giant worm started picking on the dead cat.

Straight after it started I heard the door bell ring… I opened the
door it was a policeman and a woman. The woman started screaming that
I killed her cat and brought it home. The policeman started
questioning me about the smell and I felt like running way n telling
them for help but the maggot sent me a threat. Again I covered him and
told the policeman he couldn’t come to my house without a warrant and
I closed the door on their faces.

I felt helpless and stressed so I went asleep. I woke up in the
morning the maggot was as big as German shepherd.

I suddenly got into my car and bout 200 sausages and various other
meats I had become the butchers best customer, I was going bankrupt,
I then left all the meats outside my garden to let me rot. The next
day I put everything on the table. I had become a white shade I was
throwing up every day. At the end of the week it was the size of a
cow. The morning after I was expecting to do me daily labor of feeding
it but all I saw was a massive cocoon. This thought came to me I
remember studying about it was going to turn into a giant fly. This
fly’s could hatch a hundred eggs at a time I had to stop it, all the
human race would become slaves. I started picking up all this wood and
rubbish and gasoline and I set fire to everything. The giant fly
started wriggling and screeching making a sound which was nearly
popping my eyes with the sound waves.

Then I heard another sound it was a firefighters so I must’ve ran out
and seeing them putting out the fire made me angry so I punched the
first firefighter in the face with his helmet and knocked him out even
though I smashed mi knuckle and broke my wrist n den all I remember is
blacking out after 2 firemen battered me with their helmets. I was
then in a police car and I was brought off to my cell.

I have been in jail now for one year, guilty of four crimes, killing a
cat, GBH (grievous bodily harm) to fireman arsine and property damage
to other residents. No one believes the story about the giant fly.
They treat me like a mentally deprived person. They say that I’m
dangerous and a treacherous criminal. But I saved the world. Flies
would have been the rulers of our world if it weren’t for me, people
would have spent their lives under control of giant flies.

They would’ve laid eggs and multiplied. The would’ve been the new
dominant race in our world, above us in the food chain, controlling us
like we control animals in the world, we would’ve been governed by
insects us humans kings of the earth, and I stopped this from

What thanks do I get for my efforts?

Thrown in jail and locked up. Treated like a psychopathic, a
schizophrenic, no one is allowed near my presence. I’m kept in
solitary confinement in a cell on my own. In the darkness.

I’m trying to learn and study a way to get out, ill escape and have my
revenge on humans.

Every day they bring me food. I drink the soup and eat the bread.

But keep the pieces of meat…..

I put them under my bed, they’re starting to go bad, and they smell a
bit, that familiar smell.

The smell of revenge.

The guards can keep out visitors, but they can’t keep out flies.

One piece of meat has maggots on it, one of the maggots is rather
large…bigger then the rest.

It seems to be staring at me, that memorable look.

He seems friendly; ill do anything it wants me to do.

Anything at all


Bruno Babolin
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