Creative Writing: 2112

Creative Writing: 2112

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In 2112, a High-Technical Robots Factory has invent and produce
thousands of robots that contain every single human’s abilities, but
in fact, they are even better than human because they has a lot of
different special items, and each item has its own magical power.
However one of the robots, called Doraemon, has a huge mistake during
the process of manufacture. But none of the workers has found out. So
now, Doraemon’s special items might not be always working properly,
and sometimes it might have the opposite effect of the original power.
But Doraemon is finally sold to a family in 2115.

This family is called the Ronaldos; Christiano Ronaldo is the son of
Luis Ronaldo, and Christiano himself isn’t a really successful person.
In school, his academic work was an absolutely failure and he got
bullied by his classmates all the time. So he is a very lonely, lack
of comfort and unhappy person. Everyday he is dreaming about himself
being the strongest person, and bully the rest of the students in the
school, that means he really want to be a successful man, but he is so
lazy, he never try his best on anything, even scared to talk to a girl
in his school that Christiano had fancied a long time ago, so he had
never been success before.

This lovely girl is called Jenny, Jenny Reyes. She is really beautiful
and lots of boys in school fancy him, but nobody knows whom she
fancies. However she is also in Christiano’s class, but she don’t know
that Christiano fancies her for a long time, however they are kind of
friends, because they been in this school for a ling time. On the
other hand, there are only two students who will talk or play with
Christiano, but they don’t treat him as a friend, so they are like the
others, a bully to Christiano. They are called John Henry and Peter
Owen. John is a poor, big and quite fat person comparing to the rest
of the class, and he is a really good friend with Peter.

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But Peter is
totally the opposite; he is very rich, but a short and thin person.

One-day Christiano’s father had bought the new High-Technical Robot,
Doraemon for Christiano’s next birthday, which is the next day. When
Christiano had been awarded this lovely and expensive present, he was
very happy but also afraid, he is afraid to what his future will be
like with all this magical power. Can he now be the strongest student
in school? Can he now go out with Jenny? Or will he become a terrorist
now? When Christiano is reading the instruction on the Robot, the
phone suddenly rings; it is John and Peter on the phone. They are
calling Christiano to come to a barbecue party in a beach with them
and Jenny is also coming, because of Jenny is coming, so Christiano
accepted it straight away. Although Christiano knew that he is going
to be the one who is carrying all the things and doing all the jobs,
but he will still goes, because of the exist of Doraemon, he believe
that Doraemon is a superman who can do anything for him and protect
him forever.

So Christiano had brought Doraemon with him to the barbecue party.
When they first saw John and Peter, the first job was given to
Christiano, so he orders Doraemon to help and do the job for him. This
job is to carry all the food and equipments. So Doraemon got out his
first special item and use it for the first time. He got out three
Mini-Doraemons, although they are called “mini”, but in fact they are
huge and strong. So these three Mini-Doraemons had carried everything
for Christiano. When Christiano saw this power, he was really
surprise. He cannot believe how amazing Doraemon is. So he asked

“What else can you do?”


When Doraemon answered back, Christmas shouted:

“Okay then, can u produce two thousand dollars for me?”

There was a dead silence. Christiano can see some writings rolling so
fast in Doraemon’s eyes. It is because Doraemon was readying the rules
of using the special items, and one of the rules was “Cannot reproduce
money or valuable products for your master.” So Doraemon refuse to do

Christiano was in stress when Doraemon refused. So they carry on
walking to the beach, and the three Mini-Doraemons had been sweating
like humans, but Christiano can see it from their eyes that they still
don’t want a rest yet. Their muscles are as hard as piles of wood
stuck together. When they arrived, Doraemon have given them a signal,
and then the three Mini-Doraemons had suddenly disappeared. The food
and equipment had dropped and most of the food had landed on a dirty
and sandy floor. Christiano knew what is going to happen next, he knew
that John and Peter would make him run back to the town and buy the
food back. So he started crying right before John and Peter speak to
him, this makes them speak to Christiano nicely and ask him what to
do. So Christiano say:

“Doraemon! Help!”

Then Doraemon got a door out, this special door is called the “Random
Door” it can go anywhere that Doraemon wanted. So Christiano told him
he want to go back to the supermarket in town, then Doraemon opens
door, on the other side, it is right in the middle of a supermarket
where all the food for barbecue are. So now Christiano and his
“friends” John and Peter and Jenny feels Doraemon is really clever and
helpful, and start to become real friends with Christiano. However
when they got the food they needed and came back to the beach side,
they then went to swimming in a nice and clean sea with a lovely
sunshine. Jenny was changed into her swimming kits which makes her
look even better, so it makes Christiano feel even more wanted to go
out with her. So he asked again:

“Doraemon! Help!”

This time Doraemon got out a spray. This small bottle of spray can
make the person who been spread love the next person he or she sees.
But there is another big problem to Christiano, it is Jenny has
already started swimming in the middle of the sea, but Christiano
could not swim. So Doraemon gave him a sea coloured sweet, and he said
to Christaino:

“If you eat this special sweet, then you can swim as fast as a shark.”

“Really?” Christiano doesn’t believe it.

“Just try it.” Doraemon said.

So Christiano swallowed it, and then he can feel a strange power went
into his body, he now felt he really need to swim. So he dive into the
water and swim as fast as a shark towards Jenny, and then spread the
special spray at her. But it doesn’t seem to be working, and suddenly
Jenny slapped Christiano in the middle of the sea, John and Peter saw
it and laugh out loudly. Christiano cannot believe it, so he swim back
to Doraemon and feeling very upset. He then told Doraemon what had
happen but Doraemon haven’t got a clue why his item not working. It is
because the mistake during the process of making Doraemon, his items
started not to work properly now. So he cannot help Christiano right
now and Jenny is now doesn’t seem to be like him. It was nobody’s
fault, but Christiano feels it is all Doraemon’s fault, he feels that
Doraemon gave him the wrong item in purpose, so he starts crying

“Doraemon! Help!”

However this time Doraemon doesn’t seem to help him, because he knew
himself need to be repair otherwise his special items will be totally
wrong. So he said to Christiano:

“Christiano, sometimes you need to do it yourself, I can’t help you
forever. So why don’t you use your own power to get Jenny back.”


“Christiano, you need to try it, you can’t rely to other people

So Christiano got out his guts, and walk up to Jenny:

“Jenny, are u okay?”

“No, go away.”

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” “Because I love you, I will
not do anything to hurt you!”

After Jenny heard that, the magical power from the spray seems to be
away. And she does also like Christiano, so them two become a pair and
started a different life in the beach.
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