Analysis of the Trailer of Bride and Prejudice

Analysis of the Trailer of Bride and Prejudice

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Analysis of the Trailer of Bride and Prejudice


The purpose of the trailer ‘Bride and Prejudice’ is to advertise the
film and to attract and interest the audience. The audience, which the
trailer is trying to attract, are teenagers and young adults. I know
this because the film has young actors and actresses, and the theme of
the film is modern. The film has been inspired by the book ‘Pride and
Prejudice’, which was written by Jane Austen. The genre of the film is
filled with romance and comedy; the film also is also a musical as it
has music and dances being performed by the actors and actresses
during the film. The film has many different locations but the main
ones are, America and England, which tell the audience that the film
is not a typical Asian film, and also Amritsa, which tells the
audience that some Asian culture is involved.

In the trailer, the voice over is in an American accent. The job of
the voice over is to describe what the film is like. He uses word like
‘love’ and ‘magical’, which attract young adults. The words attract
the listener and the viewer because of deep American accent and the
clips to go with the words, such as when he uses the word Love it
shows a clip with Lolita and Darcy in a romantic setting.

The music used in the trailer consists of diagetic and non-diagetic
sounds. The non-diagetic sounds reinforce what the film is about. At
the beginning the music is soft, English and classical, that makes the
audiences think the film is soft and romantic, then the music stops
and immediately after is followed by Punjabi / bangrah music. This
music is loud and exciting and goes well with clips it has been placed
with, as all these clips are with dancing and singing. The diagetic
sounds on the other hand, are played when the music is playing in the
background and the voice are the main sounds, or when the music has
paused. The clips shown are funny yet romantic, as the accents of

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particular actors are hilarious, such ands the clip of conversation
between Mrs Bhakshi and Mr Kholi.

There are many different techniques of lighting used in the trailer.
The high key lighting shows the realistic lights, such as the use of
natural light, used in the clip where Darcy and Lolita are outside at
night having a conversation. The natural darkness creates a romantic
atmosphere in the trailer and to the audience. The low key lighting
used mainly in the parties and dancing scenes, which enhance the clips
with the bright lights, to give the viewer a enjoyable and happy

Special effects are used mainly around Lolita but are used throughout
the trailer. This suggests that the film is about Lolita and she is
the main character. The first special effect used when there is rapid
pause in the music and a light which looks sharp, almost like
lightening, comes out of Lolitas hand.

We see many shots during the trailer, these include, Lolita looking
down at Darcy from above and Darcy looking above at Lolita from below.
This gives the viewer the impression that, with the eye contact
something should happen between the two characters.

The ranges of camera angles used in the trailer are long shot, medium
shot and close-up. Long shot is used when

During the trailer, we are informed that the film is about the main
character, Lolita, and she has three choices of men who she could
marry. She has her first choice, her last choice and her mum’s choice.
We are not informed of whom she chooses which is another persuasion to
go and watch the film to find out whom she does end up with. The film
does reach its target audience, as an elder person would prefer a more
serious film depending on their likes and dislikes. I think that the
trailer is very effective and it would most certainly persuade me to
go and watch it. The ways in which the film is most effective is, the
comedy, romance and cultural scenes given in the trailer. I think this
because it’s the reason it reaches its target audience and it is very
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