Analysis and Review of Hollyoaks

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Analysis and Review of Hollyoaks

Devised by Phil Redmond, Hollyoaks is an evening weekday soap, lasting
for half an hour. It is mostly aimed at young people from the ages of
16-24. Hollyoaks was first broadcasted on the 23rd October 1995, and
has attracted an average of 3 million viewers each week.

The target audience is young adults from the age of 16-24, who are
students of a variety of classes, I know this because when watching
the episode there are lots of stories about University live and
drinking which people of this age group are familiar to.

Everyday student live is being represented in Hollyoaks. The stories
and situations vary including bullying, exams, drinking, and
relationships and live at university. Hollyoaks has very few ethnic
minorities, mostly the people are white. The actors include many
attractive males (to attract females) and attractive females (to
attract men), because if they are interested in the people acting then
they are going to more likely involved in the story and carry on
watching the episodes till the end. Generally soaps use unknown actors
to give the sense of watching “real” people.

The ideology in Hollyoaks is that student live and being young is
great but has its up’s and down’s. The good things about being a
student is being able to do what ever you want when you want, and
having responsibility to do what you want, such as drinking but the
hard parts of being a student are exams and revising, also putting up
with people you don’t like and bullies.

The institution is Channel 4, Mersey television. The narrative to
Hollyoaks is linear with a break in the middle. Some language is slang
that young people will understand such as “fit” for someone who they
think is attractive; this language will appeal to young people so they
can understand the programme better and be more involved.

Hollyoaks always starts off with the theme tune so we can recognise
that it is about to start and finish, also at the beginning of each

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episode it starts with them waking up and music playing instead of
talking, this is different to other soaps so makes it more personal to
the programme and viewers.

British people will relate to Hollyoaks much more than American TV
programmes such as the O.C as it has the British cultural context and
viewers like to see their own country portrayed in a TV programme.

Hollyoaks is both character and story led as the characters are put in
different situations and we get involved in their life and can relate
to what is happening in their life, but it is also story led as we
become interested in the story and want to find out more once the
episode has ended we can’t wait to find out what happens tomorrow.

The narrative in Hollyoaks in linear and there is a break in between.
The characters are delineated by us (the audience) getting a good or
bad view of them. The characters do this by talking behind each others
backs about people, here we get a bad view, but they may also do
something nice for one another or a character may safe the day by
helping out their fellow neighbours. When something bad happens to the
characters we can usually identify with them and feel sorry for them
as we, at one time, would have been in their situation. The major
themes of Hollyoaks are student life, romance and family life, all off
the things that students can relate to.

The major generic conventions are that university students live with
friends in a place at university, students like to party almost every
night and get drunk and also the pub relates to typical British

The camera work in Hollyoaks gives us the feeling that there is only
one camera and that we are watching events as they happen. We can
observe from a particular point of view rather than seeing events from
different angles. In Hollyoaks there are a lot of over the shoulder
shots, this allows us to concentrate on the facial response of one
character which we can see, it can also mean that we are identifying
with the character whose back we see, as they too would be watching
the characters reaction. We normally see characters at the same level;
this puts us on a similarity with them. The angle of which the camera
is placed can affect our emotional response to characters.

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