Ridley Scott's Creationg of Another World in the Opening Sequences of the film Blade Runner

Ridley Scott's Creationg of Another World in the Opening Sequences of the film Blade Runner

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Ridley Scott's Creationg of Another World in the Opening Sequences of the film Blade Runner

The film ‘Blade Runner’ was made in 1982 and Directed by Ridley Scott.
It was then re-released as a Directors cut in 1992. It has a mix of
genres like thriller, sci-fi and drama. The film starts with the
foreword which gives you an understanding of the new world and about
the androids within it. The word Blade Runner within this is
highlighted in a different font and in a different colour to make it
stand out. Scott then jumps you into a long shot of the city , which
looks a lot like Los Angeles at night. However, it has been edited
with flames and lightning to make it look different. There are also
flying cars which adds to the effect of a new futuristic world. From
the long shot the camera pans in on the city. There is non-diegetic
music that is very relaxing and powerful, however this works to good
effect as the picture in front you is of a busy ‘evil’ city, that is
covered in flames and thunder making the city seem depressing. The
music joins with the image of the city and makes the city seem very
grand and powerful. The only light in this scene other than natural
light is from the flames and lightning bolts, and the lights from
buildings. As the camera moves through the city it cuts to an image of
an extreme close up of an eye. In the eye you can see the city which
shows the eye is looking at the city. This makes you wonder who the
eye belongs to and why there looking over the city. The first
impression would be that the eye is of someone important as its like
the city belongs to the person and he is looking over it. This whole
time the same non-diegetic music is still playing. Scott then jumps
back to the city and moves through it towards the ‘Tyrell
Corporation’. The building of the ‘Tyrell Corporation’ is like a
futuristic Mayan temple.

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It has the shape of a Mayan Temple however it
is covered in lights and is metal rather than brick making it look
very contemporary. The non-diegetic music takes away the feeling of
depression and combines with the beauty and feeling of importance of
the Tyrell Corporation and makes the building feel important and
large. Also as the city is still very dark, the lights from the
building stand out boldly.

As the camera moves around the building it pans in on one particular
part and towards a window, this leads to a straight cut into the
Tyrell Corporation. In this scene you meet the first character which
is Holden, a police officer. The Scene is started with a high shot of
an office, looking down at Holden who has his back to the office
looking out the window, making him look vulnerable. The room is very
smoky which is made to stand out from the light shining across the
room. As Leon a ‘replicant’ walks into the room, the camera angle
changes to a mid shot, showing Holden and Leon sitting at a table. As
Holden begins setting up the Voight-Kampff test, which is a test to
show weather a person is a real human or a ’replicant’ by asking
questions creating a emotional response. This is helps create the new
world obviously as there is no Voight-Kampff test in real life as
there are no replicants. As Holden starts the dialogue the camera
angle changes to shot reverse shot to show each characters speech and
facial expressions. As Holden begins to ask Leon questions Leon starts
to get nervous and the diegetic sound of the fan above sounds in time
with a non-diegetic heart beat of Leon’s heart. This gets louder and
faster as the suspense builds up to build tension. This is then broken
by Holden stopping the questions. However, the next question, although
the mood is calm now, makes Leon turn, and shoot Holden. There is a
diegetic sound of a gunshot that sounds like a laser gun which adds to
the creation of a new world and this is type of gun you would expect
in the future. As soon as you hear the gunshot you straight away
assume Leon is the criminal and it makes you wonder why he shot Leon.

There is then a straight cut back into the city again, except this
time on the city streets. The city seems to be extremely over crowded
and busy with high rise buildings lit up with neon lights everywhere
and ‘spinners’, flying cars. The overcrowded city adds to the new
futuristic world as geographers believe city's will become overcrowded
with new, larger developments. A large electronic blimp then fly’s
in-between the high sky scrapers advertising ‘Off World’. There is a
diegetic narrator from the blimp describing ‘Off World’. Scott then
makes a camera change to a high shot looking down on a crowded street.
As the camera pans in there is a diegetic sound of a flashing dragons
tongue made from neon tubes. Also there are other diegetic sounds from
the street such as shouting and the rain hitting the road. In the
background of the street there is a sign on a wall which is in a
strange language, which is not what you would expect to see in Los
Angeles. This is also backed up to be a new world as most of the
people seem to be Asian, which is strange for an American city. This
is the first sight of the people that live in the city and this adds
to the feeling of a different world. The ceiling in this street is
very low and has large concrete pillars and bright lights, and as the
street is full of people it makes it very claustrophobic. As many of
the crowd have umbrellas this does not help the feeling. The umbrellas
also add to the creation of a new world as they have neon shafts. Also
the people are dressed in strange clothes that are a lot different to
today's. At this point the camera pans in towards Deckard who stands
out through the crowds as he seems to be the only American around.
Once the camera gets through the crowd staying at a mid shot, Deckard
gets called over to a noodle bar and you hear the diegetic sound of
rain hitting the road and his newspaper. When he orders his food you
hear diegetic dialogue and diegetic sounds of food cooking and
crashing sounds you would expect in a busy kitchen. Also the audience
would hear that the noodle bar worker cannot speak English, which is
strange as once Deckard gets his noodles an begins eating, two
policemen come over and start speaking the same language as the noodle
bar worker. This is then confusing as Deckard asks the noodle worker
to translate what the policemen are saying. This makes the audience
wonder why the noodle worker changed language within seconds. It is
here that you find out that Deckard is the ’Blade Runner’ as Gaff
reveals this to the audience. Ridley Scott puts this part of the scene
in into the film to introduce Deckard as ’Blade Runner’ but also to
make the audience interested as you would expect Deckard to be the
hero, not the villain. This scene all helps to create the idea of a
new world. Deckard then leaves the bar with the policemen and there is
diegetic sound of people running and rain still hitting the road and
the spinner. This all makes the city a depressing place and not a
great place to live.

Once Deckard and Gaff are in the spinner the is diegetic sound of the
engine of the spinner and also the rain hitting hard against the
window. However as the spinner begins to rise there is the
introduction of non-diegetic music that makes the process of the
spinner taking off very peaceful and relaxing and the takes over from
the diegetic sounds. During the spinner journey the camera is of a
close up of Deckard's face which occasionally switch's to look outside
the spinner The higher the spinner goes there also seems to be a bit
more light adding to the more relaxing feeling. As the spinner lands
on top of the police station the building seems to be very modern and
contemporary. However as the camera cut from a high shot looking down
at the spinner landing to a high shot inside the police station, the
station looks very old and not modern at all. The camera then moves
through the roof of Captain Bryant's office and into the office, which
also looks old rather than modern as the roof is very dusty and dirty.
This scene helps link up the other scenes as you find out that Deckard
wasn't actually arrested but he was in fact brought in to do a job.
Also you find out who Leon is and why he shot Holden as Bryant goes
through a slide show with Deckard. This helps the audience understand
more about the new world and the technical specialist language used
helps create the new world. In the room where Bryant is going through
the slide show the only light is from the projector and this makes the
smoke from there cigarettes stand out and makes the scene very much
like a typical detectives briefing of a crime. The camera is at a
close up switching from both Deckard's and Bryant's faces when they
are speaking. The light being only a small strip occasionally shines
across one of there faces making it look mysterious. There is only
dialogue in this scene from Deckard and Bryant and also from the slide
show, but there is also diegetic sound of the projector changing

In the spinner once more there is very peaceful non-diegetic music as
they fly to Tyrell Corporation. The spinners are made to look very
elegant as they fly. The camera is either of a long shot looking
across at the group of spinners or a close up inside the spinner where
there is diegetic dialogue as Deckard is playing the recording of
Holden's death. As the camera changes to show the Tyrell Corporation
it is made to look large and important as it did in the earlier scene.
Once inside the building Deckard is in a very large beautiful room
which has a very peaceful and expensive feel to it. The room has very
high ceilings and small gold pillars. Most of the room seems to be
made from gold and it is filled with gold ornaments. The only light is
from a large balcony filled with the sun. There is once again smooth
flowing relaxing music combining with the glistening of the room to
make is seem a wonderful place. Rachael then walks in and adds to the
perfect feel of the room as she looks inhuman as she is too perfect.
Her hair and clothes also shine as she walks towards Deckard and the
sun. This part of the scene is all at a mid shot with non-diegetic
music. A replicated owl then fly's across the room and there is
diegetic sound of the owls wings. This adds to the creation of the new
world as it shows not only humans are being replicated. There is then
dialogue between Rachael and Deckard before it is interrupted by the
entrance of Dr Tyrell. Tyrell then asks Deckard to do a Voight-Kampff
test on Rachael. Deckard then asks Tyrell to dim the lights so he made
a electronic sheet come down over the balcony to partially block the
light, this shows that the Voight-Kampff test has to be undertaken in
little light. As Rachael begins smoking, the smoke swirls in the light
and makes it seem a bit less peaceful and more like a detective
interview. Rachael is then made to look less perfect because of some
of her harsh responses to Deckard’s questions. Deckard takes
exceptionally long to work out if Rachael is a replicant or not
because Tyrell hadn't told her she was a replicant so she fort she was
human. This shows how much depth Ridley Scott goes to, to create this
new world.

Overall I think Ridley Scott creates an new dystopian world very
effectively using clever film techniques. However for an audience
today it would not seem very futuristic as a lot of the technology is
not as advanced as it is now and many of the characters are dressed in
50s style clothing. However when it was first released in 1982, the
audience then would have a different perspective of the future than
what we have today.
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