The Importance of the Qur'an and Muhammad to Islam

The Importance of the Qur'an and Muhammad to Islam

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The Importance of the Qur'an and Muhammad to Islam

Islam is for the entire mankind and to say “The Qur’an is just and
ordinary book and Muhammad (PBUH) is just an ordinary man”. Would be a
great slander against this religion. To prove my point that the Qur’an
is not just an ordinary book I have the following points:

The Qur’an cannot be an ordinary book because millions and millions of
people in the world read it. Even when a Muslim has a problem, the
first thing that they turn to is the Qur’an, because basically the
Qur’an has a solution for every problem that faces a human in a
lifetime. There is also no other book in the world that has the
solution to all daily problems. It just can’t be an ordinary book.

The Qur’an cannot be an ordinary book because there would be a
contradiction in the book itself. It has been about 1400 years and not
1 single letter or punctuation has been changed, and this will nit
change until the day of judgement. No other scripture has this
guarantee as the Bible, Gospel and the Torah have all been changed.
There is also only one version of the Qur’an and this is the one that
everyone turns to, everyone reads, everyone obeys. Many people also
have the great honour of knowing the whole Qur’an by heart. This holy
book cannot be just a normal book. Do you really think that people
today like me and you go and learn a storybook all by heart? Your
probably thinking NO! The Qur’an is a one of a kind and nothing will
ever overcome the great fact.

The Qur’an is no ordinary book because Allah created it for the whole
of mankind. He himself made it guidance for all humans regardless of
race and religion. Many people read the Qur’an and are inspired by
it’s teachings, so they always turn to the Qur’an for guidance to any
situation, that comes to ones mind. If Allah made it for guidance then
don’t you think that’s why many people are being guided towards the

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straight path. If it is for any religion or race, then why are so many
people becoming Muslims? It’s because they have probably read the
Qur’an and understood its language and so that person knows Islam is
the right religion, so they become a Muslim.

The Qur’an is also not just a book because it is a miracle, which
benefits people from the day it was revealed to the day of judgement.
It benefits the person by telling them what is wrong and what is right
and it also reminds people that one day this world is going to end. It
is also a warning to the people of the world that you will be
questioned at the time of death and there will be a life after death.
There is a saying in the Qur’an, which goes “Do not live, as if you
are going to live forever”. This indicates that he who lives life like
he is never going to die will have the time of his life in this world.
He will have a very severe punishment after death and it will be
nothing like how he was living life in the world. And he, who lives
life-fearing Allah, will have the best life ever after death. A life
that no human mind can ever imagine. If these are just some of the
virtues of the Qur’an then do you really still think that it is just
an ordinary book? Is any normal book that you pick up at your local
library the same as the Qur’an? This is impossible, as the Qur’an is
unique in its own kind, and it was sent down to earth as a token of
Allah’s kindness and gratitude, to help all the good people in the
world. All of the people in the world who deserve to go to a better
place, with Allah’s help, they will end up where they want to end up.

The Qur’an is also a miracle because it was revealed to an unlettered
prophet; therefore the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can never be the source
of the Qur’an. This also means that the Qur’an must have to be special
if it was revealed to such an incredible person, person being Muhammad
(PBUH). So if the Qur’an wasn’t very special then it could have been
sent down to any normal person like you and me. But obviously not, as
it is very valuable and precious to the Muslims.

The Qur’an cannot be an ordinary book because no scientific or
biologic advance in science contradicts the Qur’an. (i.e.) 1400 years
ago we were told that the sea was exactly half salty and half fresh
water, and that they never mix or collide into each other. We were
also told about the creation of the universe, we were told how a baby
grows and scientists and biologists are just revealing all of these
things today. The Qur’an discovered this 1400 years ago and if the
scientists referred to the Qur’an some time ago, then they would have
found out ages ago. So even other things are written down in the
Qur’an, which scientists have not even revealed yet. Also if they even
refer to the Qur’an today and they know that it is all true, then why
not revert to Islam. So now the scientists have found out about things
that were in the Qur’an 1400 years ago, then that must mean that the
Qur’an is special and very holy.

These are just a few examples to prove that the Qur’an is not just an
ordinary book and that it is very accurate. If you have read
everything I have mentioned carefully then you should notice that
Allah already noted every matter and situation, taken place. Even some
things are written right now in the Qur’an about all sorts of things.
If you are not satisfied with my points given then I think you should
refer to the Qur’an yourself and see how inspiring it is. Maybe you
will even be shocked by its teachings.

Now that I have proven my point about the Qur’an not just being an
ordinary book, but being a special book to Muslims. I will now also
prove my fact to the quote given:

“Muhammad (PBUH) is just an ordinary man”. To prove that this quote is
not right and to show my view that he is not an ordinary man, I will
now bring the following points to you:

Muhammad (PBUH) is not just an ordinary man because he was the chosen
prophet to guide all of mankind. He was also the last ever prophet to
be named. This fact proves that he was no ordinary man, as no normal
man today can become a prophet just like that. Also he had to have
been the most knowledgeable and the most inspiring person, so he would
be able to guide everyone to the good path. So don’t think that he
isn’t special because he is as he was chosen to specifically be the
last prophet ever.

Muhammad (PBUH) is not just an ordinary man because he has also
performed many amazing miracles right in front of people’s eyes. Some
of the things were just between him and Allah. Some examples of
miracles are: when he split the moon into two. This was performed
right in front of some non-Muslims eyes, because they did not believe
that he was the prophet of Allah. So they asked him to perform a
miracle. He did as he was told and he split the moon in two, and then
put them back again. The non-Muslims were amazed and immediately
became Muslims. Can a normal person do this right now? Another one of
the amazing miracles was when an angry mob of people where after him
and he never knew where to hide. So on the way of searching for a
place to hide, he came across a cave. He then decided to hide in this
cave. There was a spider, which spun a web on the door and right
across the cave. This kept the prophet (PBUH)’s identity hidden. When
the angry mob had reached the cave, they stopped and thought. ‘no one
can get into this cave because then the spiders web would have been
broken. On seeing this they went away. Just like these there are many
more other miracles. He has to be a special man because no person can
ever perform a miracle as such. If a man saw a spider he would
obviously be tempted to kill it. However do you really think a small
little spider would defend a human these days?

The prophet (PBUH) was born illiterate and he stayed this way until he
passed away. No normal man could have a book of this magnitude
revealed through them. This is a great way of observing his
speciality. No one now could be this amazing because most people can
read and those who can’t don’t bother with them at all. He was a very
special and kind man and was very lucky to receive this special book.

At the age of only 8 the prophet’s (PBUH) heart was washed in the holy
water called ZAMZAM. An angel came to him and miraculously took his
heart and washed it and cleansed it in the water. Then he placed the
heart back in its place and it was like nothing had moved. Do you
still think that he is an ordinary man? Do you really this can happen
to someone normal? He was an amazing person and many people looked up
to him. This is because he was leading everyone to the straight path.
The people knew that if they followed in his footsteps then they
wouldn’t be lead astray.

Also when the prophet (PBUH) was born, many events took place. A Jew
in Medina saw a bright star. A fire burning continuously for 1000
years in Persia (Iran) was extinguished. A bright light arose in
Makkah and this was seen as far as Syria. An angel had appeared in the
dreams of the prophet (PBUH)’s mother, and the angel told her, that
the boy that was to be born to her should me named “Ahmed”. This
certainly shows that the prophet (PBUH) was going to be special
because lots of amazing events took place before his birth.

Another amazing story goes. Once a man met the prophet (PBUH) in a
street to make a business transaction. The trader told the prophet
(PBUH) to wait for him and that he would return shortly, to continue
the business. The prophet (PBUH) waited there for three days for the
man to return, but when he did so, he realised that the prophet (PBUH)
kept his promise and waited there for him. What an incredible thing
this is. An ordinary man would never do such thing. He would wait
there for about 10 minutes and then go away.

These are all but just a few examples of many, to prove that
“Muhammad (PBUH) is just an ordinary man”. And if you still think
that he is an ordinary man then you probably haven’t read my points
carefully enough. As for my conclusion, both parts of the quote were
proved wrong in my view according to my proofs.
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