Jay Sean - The New Sensation

Jay Sean - The New Sensation

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Jay Sean - The New Sensation The appearance of the R&B singer
Jay Sean has proved to be prosperous. Being the UK’s first ever Asian
R&B superstar, he has already been victorious with the smooth anthem
‘Dance with you’. What makes Jay Sean so exciting is that yet being a
UK born and bred artist his music is uniquely appealing, fusing ‘desi’
rhythms with a realistic R&B feeling producing a methodical genuine
sound. The Highly Successful song Eyes On You has already dominated
radio stations nationwide Jay Sean’s eagerly expected debut album
has brought about positive essential feedback from the streets and the

However, Jay Sean isn’t your average urban music artist. He had given
up a promising medical career in favour of his true desire, music.
Jay Sean began more than a decade ago in Hounslow; he was part of a

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group called Compulsive disorder which was a punk-rap band. Getting
themselves a couple of gigs and being played on local radio stations
had earned them an ill reputation by the neighbourhood. After
realising that the UK has an unsatisfactory rap scene, Jay Sean
decided to go down the R&B path. Even though Sean had been doing
hip-hop all his life, as soon as he started producing R&B became his
interest. Sean was surrounded by a lot of different influences from
many backgrounds. An essential part to Jay Sean’s slick R&B sound is
the immaculate production of the UK’s one and only Rishi Rich. Sean
admits that Rishi is a fundamental part of his whole career. “He
discovered me and believed in me, he was the one who encouraged me.”
The first ever meeting between Jay Sean and Rishi Rich was like a
Dr.Dre and Eminem moment. Some of Jay Sean’s close friends had heard
an early song he had written called One Minute. Rishi Rich was one
that had heard it. On their first meeting, Rishi asked Sean to sing
on the spot, without any preparation. Impressed by his singing
capability, Jay Sean had then become an essential element of Rishi
Rich’s crew.

[IMAGE]As Jay Sean was the only Asian R&B soul singer at the time, he
realised that it was not the traditional path of a “well brought up
Sikh boy” but like most people he always used to sing around the
house, even for relatives that had come from abroad. The diversity of
the album proves that Jay Sean is much bigger than what the media
would class him as ‘Asian R&B’. The album ‘Me against myself’ consists
of songs such as Stolen and One Night which deal with universal issues
and peoples everyday lives to which everyone can relate.

As there has been no Asian urban performer up to this point, Jay Sean
believes it’s because Asians have never had the opportunity to
showcase their talents effectively. It’s only in the last few years
that Bollywood and everything Asian has become a lot more modern and
less stereotypical. This is the only reason Jay Sean-photothe
mainstream has become fascinated by Asian performers. Singers such as
Punjabi MC have hit the mainstream directly with the remixed
night-rider anthem. Jay Sean had written an early song called You
Don’t Know Me. This track dealt with the negative responses of record
companies that were not willing to take him sincerely as an artist,
who just happens to be Asian. The song helped him gain respect
throughout his own community and has left record companies bewildered
by his amazing talent.

One of the songs in his album named Me vs. Myself is something that
has never been done before. In this tune Jay Sean takes the
opportunity to controversially attack himself. This is something that
even Eminem would be proud of. A verse from the song goes like this:
“It seems u sold your soul to the game/ You’re a fake, cos Jay Sean
isn’t even your name/ So how d'ya come up with that? It aint unique
after all/ What are you like a cross between Jay-Z and Sean Paul?”

The debut album Me Against Myself was released on 8th November 2004,
the reason he had called it this is because the media are extremely
quick in categorising new artists and as people need to grasp it, it’s
a small mind game he is playing. The title Me against Myself for Sean
is a battle between success and consumption, ethnicity and mainstream,
avant-garde and pop, and between his two favoured music styles, R&B
and hip-hop. Jay Sean’s two styles are evident in his latest singles
“Stolen” which is ruthless R&B, and “Who is Kamaljit?” which is
humorous hip-hop. On one side he is singing about his lost love and
on the other he raps about life before birth. Even though Jay Sean has
broken into the mainstream, he is still devoted to his culture and his
upbringing. Some of Jay Sean’s songs feature the renowned Juggy D,
who includes his fluent Punjabi vocals to add a ‘desi’ twist which
then flows in with Jay Sean’s pitch perfect vocals.

However, it is all the different influences that have made Jay Sean’s
debut album a smashing winner. Jay Sean’s biggest strengths are not
only his flexible vocal abilities with faultless production, but that
as a 22 year old young Asian he is representing a segment wholly
under-served by the mainstream. Jay Sean already has an enormous fan
base due to the highly rated weekly Kiss FM show alongside Juggy D and
Rishi Rich.

Jay Sean’s recent performance in India on MTV Asia which was viewed by
a television audience of 165 million led to his meeting with super
producer Tim Moseley also known as ‘Timbaland’. The future may yet
see collaboration between the two, as Sean had taken him for a trip
down Southall Jay Seanto buy some Indian CD’s. Timbaland described
his vocals as ‘hot’ and said he was ‘feeling’ it. Getting compliments
of one of the greatest producers on the planet is something for Jay
Sean to look forward to. With a sound that has caused a positive
impact all across the world, we can finally say we have witnessed the
emergence of the UK’s first ever Asian R&B superstar.
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