Charity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home

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Charity Begins at Home

Some people think that charity should and does begin at home; others
think that it does not begin at home but in your community, most of
the time it depends what you would class as where your home is. Some
people would class your home as your house and the building you live
in, others would class it as the surrounding area like the town,
village or city you live in. If it was possible for Christians to help
everyone as they started out then they would as they learn in the
Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) it is good to help
anyone that is in need no matter what race/religion they maybe.

Many Christians have good reasons for doing charity work and why they
actually do it. Christians feel that it is their duty to help the less
fortunate in anyway possible no matter what, in the bible it tells
them that you must help the poor in Luke 6:20-21 it says that the poor
are special therefore you must aid them and so telling you to aid the
poor is effectively starting by working in a charity or putting
donations in. Christians will also follow the Golden rule which is to
treat others as you would want to be treated.

There are also some reasons why not just Christians but other people
would not do charity work and want to help the poor and needy in the
third world. If you do not give to a registered charity then there is
no guarantee that your money is going to someone that actually needs
it, but many people would be clever enough to not make this mistake;
but you do have to be careful with your money. Many people believe
that people abroad should ask their government to help them and not to
rely on us giving them aid, this however I feel is a very selfish view
to take and is not the sort that a Christian would take, but a selfish
person who wouldn’t want to help the poor and needy.

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Although some
people who are not Christians and do not fully believe in God, may not
think it is their duty to help the poor and needy, maybe because they
like to rely on other people or they do not have the guidance of God
and the guidance of the teachings and the bible that play such an
important role and influence on Christians.

Most Christians will agree with the statement “Charity begins at home
– do you agree?” as they take home as the whole world as God says “I
am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds and all of the wild
animals. Subdue the earth and rule over every living creature” which
basically means that he puts his faithful Christians in charge of the
world as so therefore the world is their home. One of the main reasons
that the Christians do want to help the less fortunate is that they
have many teachings about helping the less fortunate, poor and needy.
The bible also guides them into doing this, so they have many ways to
be influenced.

Although you get the Christians who will agree with the statement “Charity
begins at home – do you agree?” some Christians may not. This maybe
because they are unsure of what if anything they are actually doing to
help them and what is happening to the money they send to this
charity. They may be selfish people, but this is a wrong Christian
attitude and so I think they are more likely to be unsure of what to
do and may want to make sure they are going to make a proper good
difference for the long term in the third world than just send money
over their for them to waste it on short term solutions that will not
work as well.

Overall, I think that charity does begin at home; although my home
would be the whole world. I feel that it is important to have a
starting point in most things, I’m sure many people would but in the
case of charity work you can start anywhere, whether it is just
sending a donation over to a charity which helps and benefits the
third world country, or whether you actually go out there and take
proper action of helping the people by teaching them or building for
them. I believe that the people in the third world, the poor and the
needy need to rely on us to help them, they are not strong enough to
rely on themselves and people who don’t realise that need to and help
them themselves instead of being selfish and saying something like
they should sort their own problems out, it has nothing to do with me.
This is the wrong attitude to take, and in a serious situation like
this you need to take the right actions and right attitude.
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