The Impact of the Fall of The Roman Empire On Medicine And Public Health

The Impact of the Fall of The Roman Empire On Medicine And Public Health

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The Impact of the Fall of The Roman Empire On Medicine And Public Health

The fall of the Roman Empire had many effects on medicine and public
health. During the era of the Roman Empire the public health and
medicine had improved a lot. When the Roman Empire did fall effects
which came into account were negative. This is probably due to the
Romans being more organized then the other empires.

The Romans were very organized people. They had built latrines and
bath houses. With the Romans having latrines and bath houses this
meant they could regularly take showers, which would keep them clean.
Also having latrines meant that the public did not have dispose their
waste never their houses or where they kept the drinking water, which
meant they were hygienic. The Romans had also built aqueducts for
clean water to get to different parts of the country. The rich got
clean water straight to their houses through lead pipe. Having clean
water supplies meant that the public did not have to use the same
water for different jobs. For example they did not have to use the
same water they showered in to do the same cooking. The Romans had
also built a more advanced sewage system for the time. The Roman
houses were built by stone which meant they would stay up for a long
time. The Roman houses also had heated floors. This meant during the
winter the Romans wee kept warm. The Romans also had a balanced diet.
Galen believed the theory of the four humours but he had different
ideas to Hippocrates. Galen believed in opposites, that if you were a
weak person then you should do exercise.

The Romans weren’t only successful with public health they were also
successful with carrying on the work of the Greeks and the Egyptians.
This was a good idea as they would already have some ideas which meant
they did not have to think of everything for themselves. The Romans
were able to do this because the Greeks wrote down their theories.

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However even though the Romans used the Greeks ideas they still felt
superior to the Greeks, as they made the atmosphere cleaner of major
towns and cities. Alexandria the capital of Egypt was important in
medicine during the Greek and Roman Empire, as there was a university
and library built there by the Greeks. The library there contained
writing from not doctors such as Hippocrates but from doctors in India,
China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. The contained over 70,000 different
items of medical writings.

In 500AD the Roman Empire gets defeated by the Goths from Germany. The
Goths couldn’t read or write in the language the Romans used, so the
Vikings and Saxons took over. When the Viking and Saxons took over the
whole of the Public Health system collapsed. This was because the
Viking and the

What Impact did the fall of The Roman Empire

Have On Medicine And Public Health?

Saxons were not very organized. The collapsed of the Public Health
system was proved as the life expectancy got worse and if the and
roman health system did not collapsed then the life expectancy would
have stayed the same or got better. There was also evidence that the
Roman public health system had collapsed as women during the period of
the Saxons and Vikings were dying from child birth, rheumatism,
arthritis and rickets. Also in Viking York there was rubbish, human
waste and food all over the floors, which would have led to all
different types of disease and illnesses.

In conclusion I believe that the impact of the fall of the Roman
Empire was a negative impact on medicine and public health. This is
because the Romans were more organized the Viking and Saxons. As the
Roman Empire was quite organized they able to build facilities for the
public to use which would have kept the area they live in clean and
kept the themselves clean. The Vikings and Saxons ruined the work of
the Roman Empire. The Romans had built house out of stone which had
heated floors, the Vikings and the Saxons had destroyed this. The
Vikings and the Saxons deposed their human waste in near their house
which would lead to disease and illnesses. However the Romans had
built latrines for the public to depose their human waste. If the
ideas of the Roman Empire were continued then the public health system
may not have collapsed.
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