Being a Disciple Today

Being a Disciple Today

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Being a Disciple Today

Jesus intended the disciples to set an example for others. He wanted
them to obey the laws of God, the Ten Commandments, and spread the
word of God. He also expected them to help others along the way and
give what they could to others less fortunate than themselves. The
cost of discipleship is great but if depend on God rather than wealth
and put others first, then in the future you can gain eternal life. A
disciple should not care about social position or always being number
one; a disciple should put his own needs and wishes last. This is more
difficult in today’s society because nowadays there is a lot more
focus on money and materialism. But Jesus did not expect his disciples
to be perfect. Nobody in the world is perfect. Everyone makes
mistakes, even Jesus’ twelve apostles. They made mistakes and failed
sometimes, but they never gave up hope: they always tried their best.

In today’s world, being the type of disciple Jesus intended has many
obstacles. Whether it is ambition, money, popularity, conflict, time,
or a combination of these hurdles, we all have things stopping us from
being the ideal disciple. Everybody needs ambition in order to move up
in the world. But it does not make you less of a Christian if you have
more than someone else. It is the same with all of these hurdles.
However, even with these obstacles, you can still be a good disciple.
As a teenager, I could be more supportive to my peers, help more in my
local community and be a bit more helpful around my house. If you are
rich, you can still be a true disciple by having earned your wealth
honestly and by giving some of it to others. There are many examples
of people in today’s world who show that it is indeed possible to be a
disciple in today’s materialistic world. Mother Theresa, Oscar Romero,
Gandhi; these people dedicated their heroic lives to helping people.
Mother Theresa of Calcutta dedicated her whole life to helping

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everybody who asked her for help and she enjoyed every minute of it.
She saw it as “cleaning, feeding and loving Jesus in disguise.” But
there are normal people who walk the streets everyday who are
disciples. People who are providing food for their families or helping
out in a homeless shelter; these people are disciples because they are
helping others with selfless acts.

People nowadays believe in order to be a good disciple, you have to
give all you have to charity and dedicate your life to helping others.
You do not have to do that. You must just give what you can and help,
if you can, in your community.

I disagree. Christians today just need to be mentally stronger. I
think you can be a disciple in the modern world as Jesus intended, you
just need willpower and some hope.
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