Drama and Tension in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Drama and Tension in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

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Drama and Tension in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice


The merchant of Venice is about a merchant who borrows a loan to help
a friend who wants to go to Belmont to Marie a woman called Portia.
The person who borrows a loan is a merchant name (Antonio), and
Antonio goes and gets the loan off a Jew name (Shylock). After Antonio
borrows the loan, Antonio sign a bond saying that if in three month
Antonio ships don’t return, shylock would have his pond of flesh. But
Antonio feel and he is taker to court. Final the court has end and he
redeems himself.

Paragraph 1

The trail would be held at the Supreme Court in Venice. If I were to
design the set in order to show it was taking place in such a
building. I would have a duke with some jury’s. The props I would use
would be in olden days, the pen they would have use is father and ink.
The table would court would be centre in the middle of the court to
show the procession be held. The duke is a world famous figure; I
would direct his entrance by making the people in the court stand up
as the duke enters the court room. And I’ll make the people also be
silence as the duke enters in. and as the duke; the court he with be
escorted with his armed officer one on his left and other on his
right. As shylock enters he is the odd one out, because everyone in
the court is Christian and shylock is the only Jew in the court. As
the director, I would show shylock emotion through the use of body
language by walking up and down smiling in the court. A court full of
Christian as shylock enters the court room. The Christian would react
to him by throwing paper balls; boo win him calling him name and all
sort of bad stuff. And why, because the room is full of Christians and
shylock is the only Jew there.

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In Venice Jews are hated because
there’s Anti-Semitism show in Venice. Shylock is the subject to abuse
is it state that in Act 3 Sense 1, ‘’ laughed at my loses mocked my
nations, thwarted my bargains cooled my friends and heated mine
enemies: and what reason? I am a Jew.

Paragraph 2

‘’ let him stand before our face’’- against is the duke is a prejudice
man who only has care for Christian. In the first few lines of the
duke; we can realise that he has no sympathy towards shylock because
he is a Jew. When addressing Antonio the duke refers to as ‘’ what is
Antonio here’’, however he refers to shylock as the Jew ‘’ go on and
call the Jew’’. We can see in these lines prejudice and Anti-Semitism
views. The duke doesn’t see shylock as worthily of having a name and
just calls have by his race even thought justice. The reason that
shylock gives for wanting his pound of flesh is because shylock has an
old grudge against Antonio. And further shylock is upset that Antonio
lends out money without charging interests. There by lowering the
amount he is able to charge for lending out his Antonio has missed
treated shylock in the many ways. The way that Antonio lends out money
without giving interest and shylock is a Jew and Antonio is a
Christian. And now shylock wants revenge on Antonio sign a bond
without shylock saying that if Antonio fail to pay up the 3,000 Ducats
with interest, Antonio own shylock a pond of flesh. And that’s why
shylock wants he’s pond of.

Paragraph 3

In line 70-83 Antonio shows Anti-Semitism towards shylock by saying ‘’
I hray you, think you question with the Jew’’. You may as well as go
stand upon the teach and bid the man hood rate his usual height. This
encourages the audience to feel sorry and sad for shylock because in
line 70-83 Antonio show Anti-Semitism views towards shylock. I would
director the duke by being violent and argy towards shylock for making
that tirade against Venice, why because shylock has no right to make a
long, angry speech like that. When Gratiano abuse shylock I would
director the actor delivering these words in an emotional and rude
disrespectful way. The actor playing as shylock would feel a bit down
and say as well as sorry for him self whiles Grantiano is saying these
words. The words said my Grantiano tell us that his character is about
a mean sad person who does like Jewish people in Venice there are many
Jew’s there.

Paragraph 4

When the duke read the letter out from Ballerio the expectation that
set up for the audiences about ‘Balthazar’ is that the thing that
Balthazar is a mystery character. The words and phrase about him are
intended to impress him about that he is a mystery character. Before
Portia gets summoned to appear in the male thinking that the court,
Portia would be thinking that the court is full of men and she would
be intimidated by them. And Portia would be thinking off what will
happen when she goes in the court room.

Paragraph 5

Portia said in her speech that as one demands for justice. I would he
direct the actor playing as Portia to talk hardly as if she is
reciting a poem as she says he speech in lines 180-193. I would expect
to use a soft tone that is how and also should walk gently around the
court to both the persecutors and dependant. The actor should also
pound on emphasize her point about many and the central theme which is
that for justice.

Paragraph 6

Apart from Portia, many other characters in the play disguise them as
what they don of seen to be. Nerissa who dresses as a lawyer clerk
disguises herself as a male yet she is a female. Jessica dresses as a
boy so she could have high dances of running away from her fathers
houses. Like Lancelot Gobbo mislead their father old Gobbo who ask for
directions. I would direct the person playing Portia to walk like a
man in this tragedy and she should walk away from Bassanio to present
close recognised of her body structure, she may also talk in a
deepened voice that is manlike.

Paragraph 7

According to what Bassanio say in lines 206-214, his speech show that
he requests Portia to flits the law that governs Venice. Through
Portia refuses to do this her refuse is due to the feel that there is
no power in Venice that can alter a device established. I would direct
the actors playing Bassanio and Portia to start to out land as they
say these words. They would also body language to show these great
disagreements driving the court wives to the men are present at court
and are playing a great role but these men are not brave. This reduces
the tension that been mounting the audience in court and makes the
court scene move interesting.

Paragraph 8

I would direct the actor specking these words in an angry way and
shylock would react in a vicious senseless way. Shylock is so near to
cutting Antonio but Portia manages to stop him. Shylock is told that
if he takes his pound he must not shed one tiny drop of Antonio blood
on the floor.

Paragraph 9

Portia maintains about the law of Venice ‘’ wait a moment, Jew she
consult her law book again it is a law pf Venice that if it is powered
against an alien that by direct or indirect the person against where
he plots is entitled to seize one half of his of his possessions. The
other half goes to the state treasury. The life of the other offender
is at the duke sale discretion. She colourless the book, I say you
stand in that predicament. It is obvious from your actions, that
indirectly, and directly to, you have plotted against the life of the
defendant, you indeed of in danger of death penalty, as I have
explained. Down on your knees, therefore beg the duke for mercy. The
gestures that gratin uses while like in a specking in an angry moody
way, express his feeling while he is specking. The ways that shylock
has two options: one: he shall become a Christian immediately in
court, learning all he possesses at his son in law Lorenzo, and his
daughter. Antonio has given up his prejudices against shylock from the
past. Before shylock leaves the courtroom I would directed his lasted
words saying: ‘’ I hope you got what you wanted old Christian’’. The
instruction that I’ll give to shylock is that as leaves the courtroom,
I would directed him to leave the courted room with a sort of moody
body language.

Paragraph 10

When Portia appears in the trial scenes she uses language differently.
One of the languages that Portia uses is poetical language, and when
she appears as a man in the trail, she would act as a man in the trial
scene and with a man tone of voices during the trail. And she would
have to act during the trial scene.

Paragraph 11

At their end of the trial scene shylock receives judgement but he
doesn’t receives justice because the outcome at the end was that
shylock never got his pond of flesh justice because shylock never
receives his pond of flesh from Antonio at their of the trial scene,
so there was no qualities of mercy display in the trial scenes at the
end, When shylock got his Judgement.
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