Dealing with Problems Between Parents and Teenagers

Dealing with Problems Between Parents and Teenagers

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Dealing with Problems Between Parents and Teenagers

Every parent is subject to the continuous complaining and abuse from
their supposedly devoted, kind and mature teenagers. Furthermore they
are all familiar to the comments like, “your tight”, “I never asked to
be born” and of course just simply, “I hate you”. So how can a parent
deal with this and what should they do? Many parents either just give
up or alternatively say the answer is to be strict. But it isn’t as
simple as that.

Trying to be cool is a definite “no-no” for parents. The reasons for
this are quite simple, it will embarrass your child to the absolute
maximum and if you never want your child to speak to you again this is
certainly an easy way to achieve this. There is really only one way to
be a cool or respectable parent, and that is to be totally relaxed
around your child and his/her friends. Being relaxed really just means
being willing to join in or be amused by a typical teenage joke and
not being over protective.

Something that carries on from the idea of being relaxed around your
child is when parents make curfews; one of teenagers worse nightmares.
This is one of the areas where much falling out happens over parents
and their children. Curfews are perfectly acceptable but too many
parents don’t listen to what their kids have to say or if they do just
disregard their point. There is no need to get cross or angry and
letting your kids have a say and incorporating their ideas into your
rules will help relationships and will allow you to trust them as well
as them respecting you.

One of the golden rules for parents is not to get cross. Teenagers are
actually human beings beneath their grunts, long air and scruffy
clothes. But too many adults treat them like children that can’t be
left alone without anything going drastically wrong. This stereotype
of teenagers needs to be rectified and one-way to do this is to treat

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them more like adults and don’t get irate with them, talk to them
calmly to try and resolve the problem.

All of the above points have been explaining how to get on the same
level as teenagers and how to be more lenient and relaxed with them,
but it is important to be stern and know your limits. Teenagers can’t
just be let to do anything that they please; the stereotype teenager
has formed because of this. The parent must have some say and set
boundaries that have been set with them and the teenager. Knowing the
limits is the parent’s choice but it is best to take into
consideration the above points, but finding a balance is essential.

If parents want to overcome the problems that arise between
themselves and their children it is clear the from the advice given
above that parents need to be relaxed around teenagers, listen to what
they have to say, enjoy their fun and yet still be stern and know when
to say stop to your child. So next time your teenage son runs around
the holiday resort with his arse deliberately hanging out of his beach
shorts, instead of getting out of you seat and giving him a lecture in
front of the whole world, just sit back, relax and chuckle to yourself
admiring the child you’ve brought up.
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