A Comparison of Two Advertisements

A Comparison of Two Advertisements

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

Advertisements are messages that are intended to influence and
persuade their audience. Their purpose is to raise awareness of the
existence of their product in the people whom they target and to
promote the benefits of buying or using it. Adverts are paid for by
the advertisers and is a major source of income
for magazines - approximately 40% of revenues. Without money from
advertising, much of the modern media would not exist. Therefore
advertising is a commercial business as opposed to ‘free’ publicity
like press releases and photo opportunities.

A range of advertisers exist in the UK. Many of them are small
companies who are trying to promote themselves. Bigger companies will
buy in an advertising agency to create the messages in relevant media.
Also, the Government spends considerable amounts of money on
advertising. They produce two types of advertisements; information
(i.e. tax returns) and persuasive (i.e. not to drink drive).

I am going to compare and analyse two advertisements from magazines.
Magazines have a ready-made pre-defined target audience, so they
provide an effective point of contact for advertisers and their target
consumers. Both of my chosen adverts are from ‘Bliss’, a teenage
magazine aimed at girls roughly aged 11-19. It is the second biggest
selling teen title and leads the market in editorial innovation and
exciting new ideas. The messages of this type of mainstream magazine
are dedicated to the ideal image of a teenage girl who is independent,
sexy and looks after her appearance. Fashion, cosmetics and beauty
tips take up 50 pages of the magazine, so a substantial part of it is
devoted to the improvement of the body and looks. Because image
dominates the magazine so much, it seems the ideal medium for
advertising lip products.

The first advert I have chosen to analyse is advertising a new
lipstick. My second advert is promoting is a lip gloss. I am going to
scrutinize each advertisement separately, examining how the techniques
they have used persuade the consumer to purchase the product, and then

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I will compare the two adverts and finally conclude how successful I
think advertising is.

My first advert is one from Rimmel London, a cosmetics company. The
main image in the advert is a photo of a model, Kate Moss, balancing a
TV on her shoulder with a close up shot of her lips shown on the
screen. She is a white 28 year old, and she is very famous, and a
celebrity, for being a very successful super model. I think that she
is a very good choice of model for this advert because she is a role
model for teenagers as they want to look similar to her. She is young,
beautiful and rich so having her as the face of Rimmel’s new product
is certain to attract potential customers as they idolise her and
would love to be like her. It gives teenagers the idea that if Kate
Moss is wearing the lipstick which is being advertised then it must be
a good product because a supermodel would not just use any product; it
must be of a high standard.

Another object that features prominently in the ad is the TV that she
is holding which has an image of her lips, a reproduction from the
original picture, only they have been singled out from the main image
in the advert and enlarged as the camera has zoomed in for a close up.
Having part of the ad duplicated makes it the first thing you look at
and see and therefore suggests that that component is the most
important element of the page. Having the image larger than life also
makes it seem significant because the other images seem petite
compared to it. This helps the consumer know from just a first glance
what product it is that is being advertised.

The other image featured on the page is that of the product where 4
lipsticks are pictured together, each of a different colour. They have
been placed in the bottom right hand corner of the frame next to the
company name. Showing the item for consumption on the ad is a good
sales technique because the buyers know what to look for when they go
into a shop to purchase the product. Having different shades of the
lipstick on the advert also helps to attract customers because it
suggests that if they do not like the colour that is worn by the
model, there are other alternatives.

The product being sold is Rimmel’s new “Full Volume Lipstick”. From
the other elements in the ad, you can tell a lot about it. The most
prominent thing that you notice is that it makes your lips look
bigger. This is shown by the way the lips are shown bigger on the TV
screen and enforced by the words “Pump it up 40%” written over it. I
think that the TV screen is trying to show that the lips have been
enlarged by 40%, which is what the lipstick will do to your lips. The
40% idea is then repeated below where it describes how the lipstick
will affect your lips. Collagen is an expensive beauty treatment that
can be injected into the body or taken as pills to make your lips
fuller or to get rid of wrinkles. Saying that this lipstick has a
“Collagen” effect is going to seem very appealing to the target
audience of this advertisement because a lipstick that has the same
effect as a very dear beauty treatment is going to seem like a great
alternative to something that is also not very good for your health.
Not only is the lipstick a cheaper option, it also has the added
benefit that it is not a permanent, irreversible change like the

This advert involves just one visual technique which is still colour
photography but within this technique it has used different kinds of
photography. The main image is a simple photo of the model with a TV
but on the TV screen, is a photo of her lips so in effect; it’s a
photo of a photo. The other photographic technique that is used is the
‘still life’ of the lipsticks. They have been positioned so you can
see each colour and it looks unnaturally arranged and stands out on
the background of the model’s natural hair. The effect this creates is
that it stands out to the reader because it looks out of place. Colour
has been used to great effect in this advertisement. Every element in
it has been kept natural coloured with no bright or extreme colours
being used excluding the lips and the product. This technique is used
to really highlight the fact that the product being sold is this new
pink lipstick because it is the boldest part of the page, and it could
be suggesting that if you wear this make-up, you are going to stand

The lighting in this advert has little impact on the overall look of
it, but I do think that it has subtly been used to make her lips shine
more than they would in natural lighting. This makes her lips look
healthier but it does not look false, because it is low key and not

To take the photograph, the camera was placed in front of the model,
not completely central but on the right side of her face. This
composition is to accommodate for the TV she is holding on her right
shoulder. It does not really matter that a small part of her face is
not seen because the part that matters, the lips, are fully there. The
picture of the lips on the TV screen is not all revealed but this does
not matter either because we know from the smaller picture what they
look like, the replica is just to show them enlarged and enough of the
image is there for us to know what it is and why it’s there. The shot
that has been used for the photo of Kate Moss is a close up shot,
where you can see the head and shoulders and the detail. The picture
on the screen is an extreme close up and this shows in detail a small
part of the face. The effect this creates is that we can see in detail
the model’s face, in particular the lips. The extreme close up shot,
shows how the lips have been ‘plumped’ by the lipstick, so it
persuades the consumer that the product does actually make your lips
look fuller.

Within the frame, my eye is drawn to the lips, first the bigger ones
then the life size lips on the model. That is the first thing you
notice because they are bright and bold and stand out from the natural
colours on the page. You become aware of them as soon as you look at
the page because they are out of proportion from the rest of the
images and are larger than life. The image has been cropped at the
sides; I don’t think there is meant to be anything happening outside
of the frame. It has been cropped because it is close up so there
isn’t enough room in the frame for the whole of her head or the whole
of the TV. If the whole of her face or the whole of the TV was to be
in the ad they would have had to of zoom out and used a middle shot
instead but this wouldn’t have created the same effect and shown as
much detail so cropping it was the answer as the rest of the picture
is not really of any importance.

I think that the image has been treated as I believe that her face has
been airbrushed. Although she is a model and is likely to have clear
skin, I do not think that her skin could ever be that flawless and so
perfect. The image has not been edited in anyway I don’t think, but
the lipsticks have been put onto the picture after it has been taken
as a separate element when the advertisement was being composed when
the copy was being added. All of the elements in the image are in

The photo of Kate Moss is the main image in the overall design of the
ad but it also fits in as a kind of background for the copy and the
picture of the product. In relation to the text it is the backdrop,
all of the writing is in front of it and it takes up the whole page.

The text of the advertisement helps to persuade the consumer to buy
the product. The brand name is ‘Rimmel London’ and this by itself
suggests that the product is of good quality because Rimmel is a well
known cosmetics company, known for being used by make up artists and a
good value brand of make up. ‘London’ also suggests that it is a
first-rate company because it is the place where all the top-class
designers and companies are based. So just from looking at the brand
name, the consumer is persuaded that the product being sold is of
first-class standard.

The slogan is “Pump it up 40%” and it works by describing what the
product does when applied to your lips and also depicts the image of
the enlarged lips, explaining how the lips have been blown up in size.
I think the work ‘pump’ has been used because it is nearly the same as
‘plump’ and that is what people want their lips to be so taking one
letter out to make it ‘pump’ still looks like plump at a glance. The
percentage has been used to show that your lips increase in size by an
actual amount rather than saying ‘bigger’ or a similar word, because
these seem less convincing as the lips could be pumped up by 5% and
this would still come under the heading ‘bigger’ so describing the
increase with a percentage shows evidence that there will be a
significant difference to the look of your lips.

The copy in the ad is simple but effective and full of verbal
persuasion. First is “NEW”, then the product name and underneath is a
sort of table set out like stages. Down the left side of the box is
what happens in steps after you have applied the product, and then on
the right is more detail in what will happen. The last phrase, “Big is
beautiful” relates to the image because as the image on the screen is
big, it means that therefore it is beautiful and as the image is of
the lips, this suggests that lips with Rimmel’s lipstick on them will
be beautiful as they will be big. Also, the idea of standing out is
re-addressed as it says “break the rules” and this will make you stand
out, so it relates to how the pink lips stand out and “break the
rules” against the natural background. There is also factual
information where it states that the product will give you “up to 40%
plumper lips” and will have a “collagen effect”. This language is
simply enforcing once again what the product does and they are its
unique selling points that make it special. It persuades the consumer
that this product is special as it is different to other products on
the market.

The target audience of this advertisement is females, aged 11-19 and
who have an interest in how they look and maybe an interest in
celebrities. I know this because the magazine it was found in is aimed
at this sort of person, so the majority of the people that will see
the advert fit this category. Of course there will be people who see
it that are older or younger or do not have these interests but they
will be the minority. The advert could also be aimed at older girls as
the model is 28 years old so would appeal to this age range as well as
they might want to be like her. The text is straightforward however so
I feel that this particular advert is aimed at 11-19 year olds.

This ad might also be seen in other publications such as ‘Sugar’,
‘J17’ and similar teen magazines as their readers would fit the same
categories. The publication could be bought at newsagents,
supermarkets or chemists so anyone could see it. The chances are that
the person buying it is a regular reader (over half of Bliss readers
buy it every month). This means that they have a kind of commitment to
the magazine and this suggests that they trust it so therefore would
probably buy a product advertised within it. The ad might be published
on the first or second right-hand page because these are the first
pages you see when you open the magazine and flick through. Or it
might be printed on the back cover as this is what you see even
without opening the magazine. It is also more widely seen than an
advert on any other page because, for example, if it is left face down
on, say, a table in your doctor’s waiting room, it is seen by everyone
or if someone else is reading it on a train, you can see only that and
the front page.

The overall message that the ad gives is that if you buy their
product, you will have plumper lips and you will stand out from the
crowd. The stereotype in the ad is that if you wear the lipstick, you
will be beautiful and this really encourages the consumer to buy the
product as, well, who doesn’t want to be beautiful! The ad gives you
the desire that you want to look like Kate Moss and to do that you
should buy the lipstick. It is an effective advert in showing
primarily what the product does, and secondly what will happen to you
if you buy it.

My second advertisement is from Nivea Lip Care, a cosmetics company
specialising in caring for your lips with other products on the market
like lip balms. The main image of my second chosen advertisement is a
photo of a young woman with her mouth open in a circular shape. I do
not recognise her face so it’s probable that she is just a model for
this advert and not a famous face. From looking at the picture I would
say that she must be in her mid-twenties, maybe about 25. Her eyes are
looking straight ahead at the camera which gives the impression that
she is looking at you. This persuades the consumer to look at the
advert because it is like her eyes are drawing you into the picture as
if she is with you and looking at you.

The only other object featured in the ad is an image of the product.
It is a picture of what the product would look like if you saw it on a
shop shelf. This helps to generate more sales because someone who has
seen the advert, likes the product and wants to purchase it, can go
into a shop knowing exactly what they are looking for and will be able
to find it without hassle. It features very prominently in the ad so
it is obvious that it is the product being advertised.

The product being sold is a Nivea Lip Care cosmetic called ‘CareGloss
& Shine’. It has been placed in the frame in the bottom right hand
corner above the company logo and slogan. From the other elements in
the ad, you can tell a lot about the product being sold. Just from
looking at the models lips you know immediately what the applied
product looks like and then the big slogan printed across the picture
sums up in three words exactly what it does. The short paragraph of
copy then explains in more detail what is special about the product
and states its unique selling points.

I think that this advertisement has been constructed very cleverly
because the way it is put together really makes sure that the reader
knows exactly what product it is that is being advertised. It uses
just still photography of the model and the product; the first is used
to demonstrate how your lips will look after you have used the product
and the latter is to show the person who sees the advert what the
packaging of the product looks like so you can find it in a store. I
think it is very smart the way they have incorporated her mouth as
part of the slogan. Her facial expression is saying, ‘look at me’ and
it draws you into the advert and using her ‘o’ shaped mouth as a
letter in the slogan means that you have to notice her lips because
when you read the ad, her mouth is part of the copy. The images are
colour, and the colours have been specifically chosen. Everything has
been kept natural skin-coloured and the background and her attire, is
all a light shade of blue. The model has brown hair and this has been
used as a backdrop for the image of the product. This makes it easier
to notice because the light peach-coloured product stands out from the
dark hair. I think that they have chosen to use blue for the clothes
and background because it matches her eye colour so doesn’t bring in
another colour, and is quite a natural shade so doesn’t bring your
attention away from the product and the lips, and it nicely
compliments the peach colouring of her skin and the products package.
Having everything on the page quite natural makes the lips stand out
more because they are darker than the rest of the skin and have a
reddish colour. This makes them the first thing you notice on the

Lighting has been used in this ad to highlight the models cheekbones
and lips. Highlighting the cheekbones gives the appearance of a
slimmer and therefore, prettier, face and I think that is the only
reason for doing that, but highlighting the lips really emphasizes
them and draws your attention to them. It also gives them a more
glossy finish, which is vital because they are showing what the
product does and the consumer must believe that it does what it says
on the packet! I think this lighting technique helps to persuade the
consumer to buy the product because it shows that the lips really are
glossy so it is a product that works.

The camera has been placed directly in front of the model to take a
completely central picture of her. This helps to make her look
prettier because it gives the idea that she has a perfectly
symmetrical face, and a perfect face is said to be beautiful. It is
important that the model is seen as beautiful because this makes
people want to be like her and therefore encourages them to buy the
product that she is sporting. A close up shot has been used showing
just her head and shoulders and the detail of her face. This creates
the effect that she is near us as her face is almost life size so we
feel close to her and therefore you gain a sort of trust with her
picture. This trust is vital because it means you are likely to have
faith in the product she is advertising.

The first thing that your eye is drawn to in the frame is the lips as
they are the most central part of the page and because they have also
been used as a part of the lettering, you look at them within the text
and within the image so there is double the chance you are going to
notice them! Also they are the brightest part of the page so you
notice them first. This composition really helps to advertise the
product because you see the lips and how they are glossy-looking and
if you like how they look, you want to look closer at the advert to
find out what product has been used on them and then with any luck you
go ahead and buy the product. The image has been cropped but this has
no importance to the advert because it doesn’t suggest that there is
anything going on outside of the frame, it was just so the whole of
her face would fit on the page with her lips being big enough to form
the letter ‘o’ of the word ‘gloss’.

The layout of the ad has been though about carefully I think. The
words ‘care & gloss’ have been placed exactly around the lips and the
character spacing has been exacted so that the lips fit in perfectly
as the ‘o’ as if they were written along with the other letters. In
relation to the text, the image is like a background but it isn’t
completely in the background because the lips are in the foreground of
the composition with the text wrapped around them. The image of the
product is at the front of the frame and does not look as though it is
part of the picture, but has been added on after. This layout
encourages the consumer to buy the product because it draws their
attention to the lips and then the product so they first see what they
want their lips to look like then they see how they can get their lips
to look like it so they are persuaded to buy the product.

The brand name of the product, ‘Nivea Lip Care’, is a well known brand
of lip cosmetics and has an image of a company selling decent, value
products that will improve the health of your lips. This alone
suggests that the product you are buying will be of good quality. If
however you had not heard of this particular company, you would be
encouraged to believe it sells good lip products because of the phrase
‘lip care’ in its name, showing the consumer that it cares about your
lips. The advert uses two slogans, the first being the three words
that are printed big and bold across the advert. “Care & gloss” is
basically just the name the product separated and with an ‘&’ in
between. This is a good choice of slogan because not only does it sum
up what the product does, it also guides the consumer to it, because
it is nearly the name of the product so without even seeing the
product image, they know what to look for. The other slogan used on
this advertisement is “care that shines on”. This is also describing
what the product does and again, includes the name of the product with
the words ‘care’ and ‘shine’. Keep repeating the name like this really
makes sure that the consumer knows what the product is.

The copy on the ad is an extension of the slogan with factual
information, giving more detail on what it is the product does, and it
also includes lots of verbal persuasion. It uses adjectives like
‘brilliant’ and ‘beautiful’ to describe the effect the product has on
your lips, persuading the consumer that if they buy it, they will also
be like that. It also includes unique selling points that are trying
to impress, for example; ‘first time’, ‘unique’ and ‘new way’, which
indicate that this is the first product on the market that does what
it does, meaning it is the only product you can buy with the effect
this one has. This encourages the consumer to buy the product because
it makes them feel special as they will be one of the first people to
have such a product. The copy relates to the images in the way it is
describing what is happening to her lips when the product is applied.
It uses very positive language to illustrate what the product does and
it is aimed straight at the person reading it using ‘your lips’ making
it seem more personal and as though it is talking to the individual
reading it. Using personal language like this makes the advert seem
closer to you and makes it seem more special.

The audience for this particular ad is female, 11-19 years old and
someone who follows fashions and cares about their looks. I know this
because it came from ‘Bliss’ and that is the target audience of the
magazine. It could however be placed in a different publication
because I think it would appeal to most women. Nearly every female
likes to take good care of their lips, and having a product that looks
after lips and gives them a glossy look as well, while moisturising
them surely has to be a good product. I think it is specifically aimed
at the younger woman though because of the age of the model in the
picture as teenagers want to be like her so buy the product.

The overall message of this advertisement is that CareGloss & Shine is
a brand new product on the market which is unique, and does exactly
what it says in its name.
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