Evaluation of the Purpose of Prayer

Evaluation of the Purpose of Prayer

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Evaluation of the Purpose of Prayer

Prayer has a great purpose for many different reasons. For one reason
it shows the way in which Christians respect and honour God. Even if
God doesn’t answer, surly God can still hear you and that is all that
matters. He would honour your respect to persevere in prayer even
though there was no verbal response. Just because there in no verbal
response, doesn’t mean there is no physical response. Say for example
you were praying your mother would survive an operation and she did.
Although God did not answer verbally he still answered physically and
that is even better. When you are talking to someone and they don’t
answer your instant reaction is not “that was pointless” because you
know that some part of what you have said has still been acknowledged
by that person. Even if God doesn’t hear, there are still all the
great effects that prayer has on a Christian:

· It allows Christians to show and declare their faith.

· It strengthens and helps a Christian in their daily life.

· It creates feelings of praise, love, wonder, repentance and
commitment within the Christian.

· It can be expressed in many different ways both as a community and
as an individual.

Prayer is pointless because surly if God doesn’t answer, there is no
God there. Prayer is similar to having a conversation but you don’t
see people having conversations with brick walls. Is there a point to
having a conversation with something that doesn’t answer back? When
you say to someone how are you? You don’t expect to hear an answer of
the wind whistling through the trees. Prayer is a waste of time
because instead of spending time praying, you could be doing something
to help the community or even saving the world, by becoming someone
like James Bond, saving starving children, using your brain for the
reason that God really put us on this planet, if there is a real God.
All these things could make a difference but what use is it praying to

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your bed side cabinet that “Liverpool won’t lose their football match

Although I wrote this meaningful piece of writing for this statement,
I actually think that prayer is very important even if there is no
response. The purpose of prayer is to allow people to think that there
is someone in heaven to look after Granny, when she is dying in
hospital. It is all psychological; God is the holder of all the keys.
Pulling the strings on who enters and exits, so why should we not be
allowed to pray, if it makes us feel better? Nothing is ever pointless
in life because there is usually something that occurs as a
consequence of it. Understanding what? And why? Is something far from
our control and prayer is something that keeps it under our control
being able to connect physically with God and from this point you can
see, it is not his verbal answer’s it is his physical actions that
really make the difference.
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