Christian Attitudes Toward Abortion and Euthanasia

Christian Attitudes Toward Abortion and Euthanasia

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Christian Attitudes Toward Abortion and Euthanasia

Christians, when faced with a dilemma would not respond the same.
Life’s issues today such as abortion and euthanasia are not all agreed
in the same way, and different Christians have different approaches,
but follow their beliefs. Abortion is premature expulsion of the
foetus from the womb. When people talk of an abortion they are mainly
talking about the purposeful murder of a growing life and child; in
Roman Catholic views also; in 1967 the Abortion Act was created; its
policy was that an abortion could take place if the mother’s life was
at stake or the baby once born would have abnormalities and physical
suffering otherwise an abortion is strictly forbidden.

SPUC (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) are a group
against abortion and they believe that the human life starts at the
moment of conception. This group feel that they need a change in the
abortion law and they feel it is complete murder.

Roman Catholics have different thoughts and beliefs about the world in
general today but abortion is one they feel strongly about.

‘Do not kill’ this is their opinion of what abortion is; Roman
Catholic’s believe it is murder and that they cannot abort a foetus
that is a human life even though it is not yet in the real world. If a
girl was raped, the issue will still remain the same even if the
mother’s life was in danger, it still would not be enough to make them
consider abortion.

Roman Catholics have to abide by these rules otherwise they are
sinning against their own religion and God. Roman Catholics believe a
child has dignity once conception has taken place. The Catholics law
is known as ‘Natural Law’. This is a law to keep human nature and
couples should realise when conception takes place they are
responsible for the outcome which be a baby. The child is a gift from
God and worthy of complete respect and not to be aborted, as they do
not have the right to abort and innocent helpless human.

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The Church of England says that the amount of abortions that occur are
‘unacceptable’; but if an abortion was carried out it should be as
early as possible usually before 24 weeks. Christians of the
Protestant denomination would be able to accept an abortion but only
under serious circumstances like a girl getting raped or the mother’s
life being at risk. Doctors have clinics and places like foster homes
and orphanages so if a child is put up for adoption it has a place to
stay or if it is neglected and orphanage will take them in and look
after them encase the mother cant afford to look after a baby or is
not fit to in any such way. This is advised so people will try and
avoid abortion if they can. For abortion there are foster cares which
is a place that takes in children that do not have homes or their
parents can not look after them. The foster care lets a couple adopt a
child if there is a reason why they need to like them not being able
to produce a baby.

‘The foetus has the right to live and develop as a member of the human
family; abortion, the termination of a life by an act of man, is a
great moral evil’

Euthanasia is also a controversial issue in today’s world. Most
Christians today would argue that the sanctity of life s special to
them and people should end a life if a person is in a bad state.
Euthanasia is arranging for a person who is dying from an agonising
incurable disease to die as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Most Christians would argue that since life is given by God then God
should be the one that takes it away. Roman Catholics believe that
voluntary euthanasia is wrong; life is sacred and God can only make
decisions when it comes to death.

Euthanasia means to help someone; the patient to die quicker.
Supporters of voluntary euthanasia do not agree that it is suicide.
They think of it as being ‘put to sleep’.

The Quakers do not have a set decision about euthanasia; they do what
ever they believe is right for the individual.
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