Christian Attitudes To Treatments that Help Couples Who Are Infertile

Christian Attitudes To Treatments that Help Couples Who Are Infertile

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Christian Attitudes To Treatments that Help Couples Who Are Infertile

Many Christians believe that a child is a gift from God and many
Christians will accept the different treatments such as IVF as long as
only the infertile couple is involved and not a third party, so for
IVF, just the woman’s’ egg and the man’s sperm. AIH (artificial
insemination by husband), maybe the preferred fertility treatment for
Christians because it safeguards the sanctity of marriage. Christians
believe that God is the creator not man/animals were given for mans
benefit, but not to be abused/created and sustains all life/man made
in his image/ each soul is unique and Christ died for the sake of
humanity. Orthodox and Protestant churches have not all produced
statements towards all of the issues on the matter of infertility
treatments but they have given their decision on Fertility drugs and
AIH - it is acceptable, because they solely concern husband and wife.
IVF- is acceptable but they are worried about the extra embryos and
what happens to them. AID – this has not been banned totally, but
again there are worries that have been expressed about the child’s
right to know the identity of the father and the complications that
this might produce. Surrogacy – this is banned for the same reasons
given by Roman Catholics that it goes against the biblical teachings
for a mother to have a bay then to give it away.

Roman Catholics are concerned more with the treatment of IVF, because
after the treatment is finished, spare embryo’s can be left, and they
will either be thrown away or they will be used for experiments. Roman
Catholics Believe that life begins at the conception and that using
them in this way is a misuse of human or potential human life. They
think that this can be seen as taking life; therefore it is against
the commandment ‘Thou shall not kill’. Roman Catholics believe that
anybody has the right to have children, they are a gift from god and
if you do not have children then that could be because god has other

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responsibilities for you to achieve throughout your life. The church
will allow the use of fertility drugs because they only involve
husband and wife, and they are aimed at preserving life, but they
forbid all of the rest of the treatments. The reasons for these are as
follows, IVF – it will involve the production of extra embryo’s that
are not used therefore they are killed so this is abortion, which
roman Catholics are totally against. AIH – because the reproduction
must be a result of the sex act. AID – because the children must be
the product of both of the parents. Surrogacy – because it is against
the biblical teachings for a mother to have a baby then give it away.

Whether or not there is a belief in Fertility treatments or not, there
are always dangers to these which can effect the parents’ and the
baby’s life in many ways. There have been known cases of a child
growing up thinking that the parents that they’ve known for all of
their lives is not actually their real parent and that their true
mother and father are someone else. Many people think that it could
have been the same as adultery. AID may not be as satisfactory to both
of the partners and therefore it may cause tension between them
causing them to split up or loose their relationship. The parents may
have to keep a lie for the rest for their lives, or they will have to
tell the child when they are older that a third party was involved in
the pregnancy.

In Islam, Surrogacy is forbidden as the Qur’an teaches; no one can be
a child’s mother, except the woman who carried it. Muslims have no
problem with IVF and AIH but they seem to think that AID and adultery
have very little difference in them and therefore they forbid this.
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