William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is the story of two families that dislike each other
from an ancient grudge.

The first scene I will write about is the opening scene, Act 1 Scene
1. The scene commences with two servants from the Capulet house called
Samson and Gregory walking through the public place of Verona. As they
are walking they meet two servants from the Montague house, their
house rivals. The Montague servants are called Benvolio and Abraham.
The Capulet servants then begin to taut the Montague servants. As they
are arguing, Samson a servant from the Capulet, house makes a gesture
by biting his thumb. “Do you bite your thumb at us sir.” This in
Shakespeare era was considered quite a rude think to do to another

The argument between the servants develops into fight. Benvolio, a
Montague, tries to stop the fighting and brawling but Tybalt, a
Capulet, arrives and attacks him. Citizens come and try to stop and
impede the fighting, but then the leader of the Capulet house arrives
and tries to join the fighting, “what noise is this? Give me my long
sword, ho?” but is quickly restrained by his wife, Lady Capulet. This
fighting is an example of how much the two families loathe and dislike
other, but in my opinion, even though you do not get to know about why
the two families hate each other, I believe it was a small argument
that got out of hand.

I believe this scene was very dramatic and crucial to the beginning of
the play because it would show the audience how much the families hate
each other and it would also set the scene for the rest of the play.
The scene is very exciting because while the fighting would be
commencing the audience would be getting very excited and thrilled at
the fight. They would also start to cheer for the person they wish to
win the fight, just like when people cheer for their favourite team at
a football match or other sporting events.

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I also believe Shakespeare
made the play start with a fight scene so that it would quickly get
the audiences attention so they do not leave with boredom.

Suddenly during the fighting, bells and trumpets sound the Prices of
Verona’s arrival and he ends the fighting and riot. The Prince orders
everyone to put down their weapons before he makes his decree. He then
tells the Capulet and Montague household that if they disturb the
peace and tranquility of Verona they will be executed. “If you ever
disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the

In the book the atmosphere totally changes when Lady Montague asks
where her son Romeo is. “O where is Romeo? Saw you him today?”
Benvolio replies that he has seen him but adds that Romeo wants to be
left alone. No one seems to know what is the matter with Romeo.
Benvolio and Romeo’s parents go to search for Romeo. When they find
him Benvolio confronts Romeo and asks why he is upset and as he does
Lady and Lord Montague depart from the scene.

Benvolio begins to question Romeo, as he is a very close friend to
Romeo and his family. Belvolio asks why he is so sad and Romeo
explains that he is unhappy because he is in love and he feels
completely, confused and befuddled. Benvolio endeavors to find out the
name of the girl Romeo has fallen in love with, but he fails and Romeo
explains that she is not in love with him. Benvolio explains that
Romeo should forget about this girl and look at other girls, but Romeo
says that, that is impossible to do so. “O teach me how I should
forget to think”.

In the play there are three main themes “Love”, “Conflict” and “Hate”.
The street fight by the Montague and Capulet households backs up the
theme of conflict and an example of the conflict of love is when
Benvolio confronts Romeo about his love life. The theme of hate is
between the Montagues and the Capulets. During this scene the
characters emotions would be very nervous but this would be good for
the performance of the play because if they were not nervous and over
confidant, they could make crucial mistakes that could affect the

The second scene I will write about is Act 1 Scene 5. The start to
this scene is very busy, with servant’s clearings tables, moving
furniture and musicians turning up ready for the masked party at the
Capulet house.

Capulet greets his guests to the party and the music and dancing
commences. This is when Romeo sees Juliet, the daughter of the
Capulet, for the first time. The beauty of Juliet instantly stuns
Romeo. Tybalt, a Capulet servant, recognizes Romeo as a Montague and
rapidly reports him to Capulet. But Capulet order Tybalt to do
nothing. I know Capulet orders Tybalt to do nothing about Romeo
because it quotes, “Content thee gentle coz, let him alone.” Tybalt
then becomes very angry and annoyed because Capulet orders him to do
nothing. A quote to back this up is, “It fits when such a villain is a
guest. I’ll not endure him. Capulet quickly replies, “He shall be

Romeo then approaches Juliet and speaks to her for the first time.
Just as they begin to kiss, the Nurse to Juliet interrupts Juliet with
a message that Juliet mother wishes to speak to her. Romeo asks the
Nurse who Juliet is and to his disbelief he learns that Juliet is a
Capulet. Juliet sends the Nurse to discover Romeo’s name and she is
also dismayed when she learns Romeo is a Montague. By this time it is
very late in the evening and the guests begin to leave the party.

This part of the scene would be very dramatic because this is when
Romeo and Juliet first meet each other. The atmosphere of the scene
would be very tense and anxious and the audience would be very quiet
and still compared to the other dramatic scene in Act 1 Scene 1 where
the servants were fighting and the audience would be shouting loudly.

In the film this scene was very much like what I thought it would be
like, compared to Act 1 Scene 1 in the film. In this scene there was
music and dancing just like what Shakespeare talked about in the play.

In this Scene there are two themes, “Love” and “Hate”. The love is
between Romeo and Juliet and an example of hate is Tybalt’s hate for
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