Reviewing a Business Card

Reviewing a Business Card

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Reviewing a Business Card

Name of document:

The name of the document is Morgan, for all your computer related
needs. A computer company that specialise in fixing computers.

Type of document:

The type of document is a business card. Standard card size. It is a
double sided card with the contact information on the back. It is both
filled front and back.

Purpose of document:

The purpose of the business card is to persuade people to come to
Morgan if your computer needs fixing as they are specialist in the I.T

Software used to produce this document:

The word program would have been used to create all the words and
different fonts. Also Microsoft publisher would have been used to
insert the picture of a computer and for the orientation of the card.
Various picture programs will have been used.

Layout of document:

Its standard business card size with a yellow/orange background. It
has a large name in clear black font (large). The address of the store
is in small print under the name and the words “100 yards from
Piccadilly station” underneath that. The phone number and the fax
number and the email address phone number is 01612371111 and the fax
is 0161 237 3146. On the back it shows a clear map of the area and
where the store is situated. The opening times are printed next to the
map. Monday-Friday-5.30pm and opens at 9 am this is the same for
Saturday but Sunday is open from 10.00am and closes at 4.00pm. Also
the same details on the front of the card are also displayed on the
back of it.

Content of document

The card displays the information about the computer store and all the
contact information needed. The picture displays a computer. It
displays the opening hours. The opening times are: Monday to Friday 9
am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. Some small
writing under the opening times gives the managers name Harry Cain.

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The map of the local area is shown on the back of the business card as
a map next to the contact information.

Good points:

Colourful and the front and easy font to see so it easy to see even if
people are short sited.

A good map of the local area so you can get a general idea of the
location of the store.

Simple and easy to use so nobody will find it complicating and get

All the information provided is useful and needed to contact the

Bad points:

Small information on the front of the card proves hard to focus on. So
partially sighted people may find it hard to read.

No colour on the back so it looks boring, this will not get the
readers interest so this means less custom.

Suggested improvements:

It needs to be more business like, it looks to fun and people may not
take it seriously enough. The card needs to display a certain address
as this doesn’t and may cause difficulty finding the store.

Suitable for purpose:

Yes, it’s suitable for its purpose because it shows all information
needed to get in contact with the shop. It’s strait to the point and
doesn’t give unnecessary details. Also the map is a good idea so you
can get an good idea where the store is situated in the area.
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