A Comparison of Three Rural Environments

A Comparison of Three Rural Environments

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A Comparison of Three Rural Environments

There are many different types of rural environments across the world.
In many rural areas its easy to distinguish those that are very remote
with those that are only partially rural and in some it’s not so easy.
Therefore, it’s evident that many rural environments differ and for a
number of reasons. To look further into the subject we are comparing
three rural areas in very different locations. These are Dani Village
in Indonesia, Lynford House Farm in Cambridgeshire, England and the
Swiss Alps. We will compare how the economic factors, accessibility,
physical landscape and culture of the three environments contrast and

Firstly, looking at the economic factors of why the three areas are
different we find that both the Swiss Alps and Cambridgeshire are in
MEDCs, whereas Indonesia is a LEDC. This effects how the areas are
different greatly as the more financially stable countries will be
more urbanised and developed compared to the rural areas in LEDCs. All
three of the rural areas are used for farming but each has it’s own
way of farming:

* Dani is mostly made up of subsistence farms, farms that produce
just enough food to live on and to sell small amounts. Fields are
worked by hand and is how the villagers earn a living. Rarely
would there be very many animals but a few animals used for their
produce and meat would be found in the village. No other methods
are used to promote growth of plants or prevent insects from
destroying crops as the methods are very basic, almost feudal-like
and are very common.

* In Lynford House Farm in Cambridgeshire crops are grown purely for
profit purposes where cash crops are grown. The fields are worked
by 3 full-time employees of the farm and £300,000 worth of

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machines are used, as well as people, to water, feed and harvest
the crops. Total control of the farm is priority and only the
weather and disease can really effect the crops yield. No animals
are used on the farm here, apart from possibly a family dog or
pet, as the farm is purely arable and used to grow cereals and
vegetables. £50,000 worth of insecticides are used per year to
prevent crop loss and soils receive 559mm of rain per year. The
method used is very successful and commonly throughout MEDCs as
well as being more integrated into the global economy.

* The Swiss Alps have both pastoral and arable farming. In the
summer months dairy cows and other bovine animals graze the slopes
of the alps and barns for them in winter. Vines are grown on
terraces and both fruit and vegetables are grown on alluvial soils
on the valley floor. Hay is also grown for winter fodder and
tourist attractions such as skiing resorts and glaciers bring
money into the area. Their way of farming is also very successful
but not very common in ether MEDCs or LEDCs because of the
location. Timber in the area is also used to make furniture,
houses and fuel which also being capital into the rural area.

Another point to look at when contrasting the three areas are the
remoteness of the farm and physical landscapes of the area. If the
farm is not accessible or hazardous then business for the area will
not be as great. Both Dani and the Swiss Alps are very remote. They
are quite inaccessible at times especially if weather is bad. If there
are avalanches, blizzards or floods in ether area, but particularly
the mountainous Alps, then they can be cut off completely especially
because of the . Cambridge, on the other hand, is very accessible and
open to all sorts of transport as well as being open to the outside
world. Stock can easily be transported from the farm and local towns
near the farm provide good quality if roads and sign posting. Good
roads in rural Indonesia are almost unheard of and signposting is
non-existent. Although the Alps physical landscape and cold weather
can be a disadvantage it also aids the area. It’s icy slopes are used
for skiing and foresting and the mountains shelter the area from heavy
weather and harsh winds. Indonesians strong cultural bond, which some
would say hold the area back, also help the area to progress. The
unity of the people creates a great workforce that gets work done
quickly and efficiently for what is provided.
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