The Impact of ICT on Home and School Activities

The Impact of ICT on Home and School Activities

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The Impact of ICT on Home and School Activities

In this essay I will how explain how ICT has affected my life. I will
how I use ICT in my life and how it has helped me. I will explain my
first four important ICT applications that help me make my life
easier. These are the Internet, E-mail, Messenger and Word Processing.
These help me in all ways such as perfecting my homework help me get
in touch with friends and family. ICT is used everywhere in life such
as my home which are in many electronics such as DVD, Digital
Television, Mp3’s. ICT has made my life such easier and has had a very
big impact because it gives me a better understanding of how things
work in life.

Home/School personal

Microsoft Word


Word processing has made me perfected in my presentation in my school
work such as coursework and homework and writing letters. A word
processor is a program which lets you write a piece of writing using
tools such as spell check, dictionary, thesaurus which you can access
in a click of a button. To word process you will need to use a
keyboard which has the whole alphabet and numbers which you press

make words on the computer screen. Since I have used a keyboard for a
long time I keep on improving by tying skills which helps me write
letters very quickly. By using a keyboard is very faster than using a
pen and paper which is why I greatly use word processing. Another
reason I use word processing is that if you were writing a letter you
have made a mistake you will have to use tipex to clear you’re mistake
but with a computer you can erase any mistake without the use of tipex
which helps your presentation. Another reason I use word processing is
that you can print as many copies of your work without the need of
rewriting your piece of writing.

To do my word processing you will need to us a program.

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I use
Microsoft Word. It is the most popular word processing program on the
market. I use word because I have much experience on how to use it
this because it is everywhere such as my school. It has all the
facilities and tools which I use. It find the program very useful but
it does has it mistakes such as if I were to write a piece of sentence
which had a double comers it would not pick it up. To overcome this
problem I will always proof read my work to correct mistakes before
printing it off.

Sometimes there are things that you wish to write that Word does not
approve of. It thinks you have made a grammatical mistake and tries to
correct it for you. This is highly annoying, as you know what you wish
to say and you may have said it in a way that you know is right.

The biggest advantage of Microsoft Word is that if I was doing my
homework and the computer suddenly crashes. I will then have to reset
the computer and type my work all again. The advantage of Word is that
it has a Auto Recovery facility which means it will make temporally
saves while you have doing your work which means when you load
Microsoft Word again after restarting the computer it will let you
able to open the document without the need of you typing the document
up again.

Home social

Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo messenger is a program which lets you to communicate to other
people on the internet such as friends and family in real time. It
lets you communicate to people using the keyboard. You can communicate
to individual people by adding there contact which is an e-mail
address to the program, so that when they go online on yahoo messenger
you can now speak to them. There is also a chartroom which lets you
speak to people from all over the world.

Yahoo Messenger is a text-based program but lets you types words by
using the keyboard but there is also the microphone technology which
means you speak and hear each other by talking in a microphone and
using the speakers to hear what the other person had said. This
facility is very useful which helps you hear what the other person
sounds like and you don’t have to use the keyboard to get your message
across. There is also the facility of you send files to each other
such as work, music and pictures. It is secure to transfer files but
the downside it that they could be sending a picture which could be
containing a virus or Trojan. The way they could improve this is by
msn using a virus blocker which means it scans the file before you
receive it. This way Yahoo Messenger would be a greatly secure and
encourage more people to try the program.

Another function available to you through Yahoo Messenger is to have a
net meeting with more than one person, this could be text based,
verbal or you can use web cams to see the person you are chatting to.
I have never used this function, as I do not have a web cam.

I use Yahoo Messenger whenever I am on the internet and if I am busy,
I can still be signed into MSN and have a (busy) sign put next to my
name so it discourages people from talking to me. There is an
available option where I can appear offline. To other users, these
acts as a cloaking device, hiding my presence on Yahoo Messenger,
however I am still logged in and can monitor who there is online and
whether I wish to appear online to talk to them. This is a very good
function as I can use this when I wish to be logged on and still do
homework. I think that Yahoo Messenger is overall an excellent program
and has greatly improved my typing skills.

Yahoo Messenger has also helped me in other ways than getting the
message across. In one situation I did not have a printer and had to
send to file to my friend via messenger to tell him to print my work.

Yahoo Messenger is a great program and I can not find a problem with
it because it meets my criteria.

Over the past three years I have had no major problems with this
service and it has provided a last minute lifeline for many of my
printer disasters. It has helped me and my family to keep in touch
with people who we might have lost contact with otherwise.

We use MSN to keep in touch with people in India and New Zealand
without the need of a phone.

There are alternatives to MSN. However these methods of communication
are not as reliable as MSN or email. There is the option of Mail which
is usually quite reliable and could be used if Messenger is not
available, however you have no confirmation that the recipient got the
letter, whereas with MSN you get a reply instantly or at least
confirmation that the message has been sent. Another way of
communication is the phone but this can be relatively expensive to
call my relatives in India however Yahoo Messenger is free with an
Internet connection.

School/Home personal

The Internet

The internet is the new library to me because it contains far more
information than anything else. The information have provided me to do
my coursework and homework questions. The internet is a good way of
doing your shopping without the need of moving but on the other hand
it is better go out there to get exercise instead of looking into the
computer screen, this is why I only but things because I can the buy
the same product on the market. One time I bought a computer game for
my friend from the Internet and saved £15. It shows how the internet
can find bargains for me and my friends. Also buying from the internet
you have to be aware if the web site you are buying from is trusted
and that you are conned. This is why I shop when looking for a product
and use well known websites such the ones that are advertised on the
TV so that I am guaranteed to receive my product that I paid for. I
also like to use the internet to download my games. I download games
because they are free and something that you can do in you’re spare
time. When download anything I have to be aware of any copyright
issues that I agree to when downloading anything. Copyright issues in
this case could be that I am not able to sell the game or alter it.

The internet is usually a reasonable speed, however there are days
when the browser will not open and on some days it is agonisingly
slow. This could be improved by upgrading my connection to broadband.
However this would cost a lot of money. The internet is a very good
way of getting a source of information and also for communicating
through features such as email.

To use the Internet you will need a Internet browser that lets you
type in the web address there are many different browser on the market
which are available for you to download. I have been using a browser
called Opera. I use this browser than any browser because it is
relatively quick to load the web pages. The speed of the internet and
how webpage’s load faster depends on how on what speed you have got. I
also use Opera because if you had many webpage’s loaded up you can
just have it in one browser which you have several tabs depending on
how webpage’s you have loaded up. Another feature of Opera is that if
you have websites loaded up and the computer crashed it will let you
load what websites you had on last. This helps me because if I had an
important piece of information and the computer crashes I would have
no worry because it will save the next time I load up Opera.

On the internet you can search whatever you want however in a book you
have to find the book and then find the piece of information which is
needed which this is why I never visit the library when you got a fast
and more accurate facility such as the Internet

Home social

Mobile Phones


A mobile phone is a way of communicating anybody without the need to
be connected to anything.

I have a Sony Ericisson T610 I use it in many ways such as sms. Sms is
a way to get the message across in words without the need of speaking
to the person. I use sms because it is cheap and economical way of
having a conversation with my friends. I use it to communicate with my
friends to ask him such questions like what he has been doing on the
weekend. Or what time I am meting him at the cinemas? I phone in
emergencies such as to keep in contact with parents or phone people
who do not have mobiles. My phone has games which I use when waiting
for a bus etc. This helps me to keep busy when I catching the bus or
on the train. I phone has the capability to take photos. This feature
helps me e.g. take pictures of mp3 player to show my parents. This
phone has all the facilities and features that I want. There are other
phones on the market which are more expensive which has more features
such as to record movies. I would not buy this phone because I would
hardly record movies and it does not meet my criteria because it does
not play games.

Home Personal

Digital TV


Digital TV sends information in a different way to traditional
television. This means hundreds of channels can be squeezed in and
pictures can be sent much quicker. There are different sorts of
digital TV.

I like to watch a variety of channels that why I have got sky plus. I
like to watch sport, music and movies and sky plus have them all. The
advantage of sky compared to terrestrial TV it has a bigger range of
channels and the picture quality is excellent this means I enjoy it
more. With terrestrial there are only 5 channels and therefore limited
viewing. I always like to catch up with the latest sporting headlines
and sky has interactive features so that when the full time whistle
has been blown at the football grounds I can instantly see the scores
via the interactive but with terrestrial I would have to wait longer.
The biggest advantage of sky plus is that I can set it to record a
program and that I can watch it later. This is a big advantage because
when I go to play football I always miss my favourite sitcom, so I set
it to record so that I can watch it when I get back. The disadvantage
of sky plus is that that picture is received via a satellite and that
when there is bad whether the signal decreases and you don’t receive a
picture. This is a real disappointment because I would miss my
programs and would not always meet my needs.


ICT has changed my life extremely over the years. As the years go by
ICT keeps to be improving and becoming more advanced. As ICT keeps on
progressing the world will be relying on computers and eventually
everyone one will have a computer. ICT is a great and enjoyable way of
communicating and it is important that everyone will know how to use
ICT because ICT will dictate everyday life.
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