Persuasive Essay: England Must Stop Illegal Immigrants

Persuasive Essay: England Must Stop Illegal Immigrants

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If we, as a country don’t decrease the amount of immigrants in this
country the population will be overrun by a lot of people who
shouldn’t be here. I say a lot of people because a large number of
immigrants have valid reasons for living in England.

One of the main issues with illegal immigrants is that they work for a
very small amount of money. They are doing the same quality job as
your average tradesman but for a huge amount less. This means that
most citizens are choosing to employ these less expensive workers. If
all the illegal immigrants are doing the work, all tradesmen who have
worked hard for there money for so long and become skilled at their
profession will lose there jobs and become penniless. Most of these
honest workers have built families and unfortunately if they are not
getting employed for work they will not be able to provide and feed
their families.

An enormous amount of old war veterans have been denied council houses
because of the rising amount of asylum seekers who are claiming
asylum, these people all have to be given houses and are in large
numbers so they take up huge estates of houses. These old people who
once fought for this country deserve a house a lot more than these
people who are entering the country illegally.

A high percentage of illegal immigrants in this country apply for
benefits and do not go out and find there selves jobs. They receive
their money from all the hard working citizens that are paying taxes
out of the money that they have worked extremely hard to earn. They
just sit at home and get everything paid for them by the “social”.
What is even worse is when they receive there benefits and also they
get income from doing little jobs. They commit benefit fraud which is

There are a minority of immigrants that support terrorist views; these
people are plainly trouble makers.

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Any illegal immigrant that
supports terrorist activity should immediately deported back to their
own country because they are nothing but bad news. There is a
particular man, “The Hook” as he is commonly known who regularly goes
out and purposely disrupts the streets voicing his terrorist views and
opinions, these opinions are not wanted in England. When asylum
seekers reach France they are given no sympathy. They are without
delay sent straight to England. Is that the best thing to do?

There is an amazing amount of eastern Europeans who are illegally
coming into the

country via Europe. These people are illegally going onto the streets
and begging constantly causing havoc to the streets of England. They
disrupt and pester the innocent residents of England.

Unfortunately there has been a number of reports concerning thieving
and eastern Europeans, in some cases there have been results of
serious injuries to the victims because they have tried to defend
there selves. This is not acceptable thieves should be dealt with in
a serious manner.

On the other hand there are a large proportion of innocent immigrants
who flow into the country every year. These people come here and do
an honest days work, build families and businesses. They are not here
to disrupt the environment or cause any harm to a single soul.
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