An Exploration of Racism

An Exploration of Racism

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An Exploration of Racism

I refuse to serve you because you are black.

Racism, it’s something that surrounds us all; some of us may have been
victims of it, or perhaps you have been racist towards another
yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what job you
work in, you are bound to have at least witnessed racism once in your
lifetime; because racism is everywhere.

Racism has existed for centuries, but during the last two hundred
years hatred toward ethnic minorities has increased. The prejudice
against black people dates a long way back into the history of the
ancestors of the present day blacks and when the first came to the
USA, as slaves.

Although slavery was abolished black people were still frequently
treated as second-class citizens and gave seemed to still have an
image that meant they were not as superior as the whites.

They were segregated on public transport and at various public places
and constantly faced the humiliation of being put down by the whites.

Racism occurs all over the world and can happen to anyone and will
always exist, because people will always be prejudice. For some it may
not be their fault, it may be the way they were brought up, or perhaps
they had bad experiences themselves. Whatever the cause, it will
continue through their children and through the generations. Some
black people themselves are unable to give up the past and continue on
forth, and so use the oppression their ancestors went through as an
excuse to be racist towards whites.

Racism can be broken down into three different forms, open racism,
violent racism and secret racism; these forms of racism have the same
main purpose, to encourage and promote hate towards ethnic groups.

Open racism is the freedom of racial thought and speech. In America
this has been allowed due to the First Amendment that protects
political views on racism. The British National Party and National
Front also come under this protection. Open racists Promote their

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views through propaganda, but soon this type of racism may stop, as it
becomes socially unacceptable.

Violent racism promotes racism through violence and fear. This form of
racism is not allowed because it uses violence to promote its ideas.
Unfortunately many violent racial groups claim they do not promote
violent, and therefore they are allowed. Such groups are the Ku Klux

Text Box: Secret racism is when ideas of racism are shown in hidden
ways and sometimes, secret racists are not aware hat they are racist.
People today do no show their dislike of minorities and are not
prepared to show a feeling that could be called racist. Avoiding
people of certain ethnic backgrounds on the street and low pay to an
employee of a different race to you are examples of secret racism.
This for of racism is the most common today.

The James Byrd tragedy July 14th 1998 is a firm example of violent
racism today and shows just how far some people can do to prove their
point. A black disabled father of three was on his way home when three
men offered him a lift. They proceeded to beat him unconscious and
then him with a chain to the back of their pick-up truck and dragged
him alive for nearly three miles down Huff Creek Road until parts of
his body littered the roadside.

When James Byrd’s body was found his face had been spray painted black
as if to say, unless you didn’t already know, we did this because he
was black. A lighter was also found by the body inscribed with the Ku
Klux Klan symbol on it. A reference fro the Turner Diaries (a book
which fantasises about a war between white’s and black’s for white
supremacy) was thought to have been made during the course of the

On 20th April 1999 two students armed with semi-automatic handguns,
shotguns and explosives conducted an assault on their classmates at
Columbine High School. They chose this date specifically because it
was Hitler’s birthday. Because of hate twelve students and one teacher
was killed, 24 students were transported to six local hospitals and
160 students were treated at the scene.

Both of these crimes happened for a reason, and that was racism and
hate. Many ask why these exist, why are some people racist today? Many
of the answers lay right in front of us, we just have to look.

In my opinion, I feel that racism only exists because it has been
passed through generations; some people are unable to look past
themselves and feel that the pigment of skin can affect someone’s
abilities. Racism and racial discrimination is any distinction,
exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, religious
beliefs or his or her ethnic background.

See Newspaper articles for examples of racism happening totday.
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