Designing an IT Solution for a Business Specific Need

Designing an IT Solution for a Business Specific Need

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Designing an IT Solution for a Business Specific Need

The BMW specialists garage in West Bromwich is a well respected
organisation which works on cars made by the motor giants BMW. The
organisation is a smaller organisation, based on the size of the
garage and the number of transactions, which is lower than a big
garage such as CARCRAFT in the midlands, which deals with hundreds of
transactions everyday. The business is therefore quite small but deals
with a number of important transactions. It is important therefore for
the garages to keep data about the cars that come in for repair so
that a record is kept. The data needs to be stored safely.

The specialist repair garage deals with a number of cars that come in
for repair and then go back to the customer. This involves the
repairing of cars by 2 mechanics at the organisation. So the firm are
consistently getting cars in and out. It is important for the detail
of these cars to be recorded and kept safe. This is so that the firm
know what cars they have checked, so that they know what kind of cars
are coming in and what cars are being taken back, what kind of problem
the car had so that any future problems can be fixed. There is a small
number of staff but the business is still well established and

Usually, when a car is brought in for repair, the details are taken by
paper. This includes names, addresses and car data. Then this is kept
in a filing cabinet until one of the mechanics starts work on the car.
The data needs to be stored securely.

At present the system for recording and storing the data of the cars
is not very simple, and has many flaws, as was said by the Manager of
the garage (and head mechanic) Mr North. He had a number of concerns
such as:

Ø The data is not as secure as he wants it to be

Ø No real back up

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Ø On busier days, cars are coming in so the staff are constantly under
pressure to perform

Ø The constant pressure puts them off so wrong data may be written and
this causes confusion as well as embarrassment – it may cost the firm
money as more paper and ink has to be used and details rewritten

Ø The current system generates a huge amount of paper, which is costly
and causes confusion, as well as looking untidy. The current system is
not very organised.

Mr North is unhappy with his current system and would like a simpler,
effective, easier, more reliable and tidier system so that the data is

Ø Tidy

Ø Secure

Ø Up to date – ie all the cars coming in and going out are up to date

Ø Away from unwanted hands

Ø More cost effective – as the paper leads to a large cost

Mr North feels that a computer database or system will help him in
doing this and succeeding his aim of keeping the data secure, up to
date and tidy. He wants the system to be more productive in the sense
the system will give information about the car and the customer as
well as giving him an option to show that the repair is complete or
incomplete. He wants a reliable system, which I intended to create.

So therefore I hope to create a computerised system for Mr North which
will help his business run more effectively and more smoothly. He
needs to know what cars to repair. I think this problem can be tackled
using a computer system and therefore is a suitable problem for me to

It will take a lot of thinking but once created will work smoothly and
will be suited to the company.
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