The Presidency of John F. Kennedy

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The Presidency of John F. Kennedy President Kennedy faced many problems in the years 1961-1963 which he had to try and manage. Many of these he would try to solve with little or no support from congress. Some of these problems were economic and social change, the cold war and civil rights. At the beginning of his presidency he had very little respect, as he was in his forties, which was seen to be young for a president. Most if not all of the southern population of America thought Kennedy had no experience, and loathed the fact that he was president, this was why most of the equality laws were never really enforced. But as his time went on as president he gained much more trust, respect and admiration. The biggest problem America and Kennedy had to face was the cold war, after the Second World War Germany was split equally into sections run by the different allied countries. Unfortunately Russia’s section of Germany had Berlin, which was a problem because the other countries thought it was only fair to get a share of the capital city as it had most of the important assets in it. Unfortunately Russia disagreed and this started off a big dispute, as all the countries in Russia’s Berlin wouldn’t get out. Stalin responded by trying to set up a blockade, all the roads and rail lines were blocked off which meant supplies couldn’t reach the French, English and Americans. The western allies responded by flying in supplies to the city, which led to Stalin calling off the blockade in 1949. These two countries always tried to provoke each other and see how far they could push one an other. An example of this is the Cuban missile crisis, where the Russians gave the Cuban leader Fidel Castro nuclear bombs to put in his country, which scared the Americans because the two country’s had fallen out, this was because the Cubans took back assets on there island which had previously belonged to America. Eventually Kennedy set up a blockade to stop anymore bombs being let

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