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Opinion Letter

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to the Mercury to express my viewpoints on the pending
construction of the Science testing laboratory opening in the Great
Yarmouth area. As we all know, it will be doing medical experiments on
animals, and possibly cosmetically orientated experiments on animals.
This is a very volatile area and could lead to all sorts of
Personally, I have no problem with it. I think that humans and their
wellbeing far outweigh that of animals. Morally, there is nothing
wrong with sacrificing animal lives in exchange for saving human ones.
Obviously this view is not shared by everyone, as I will come onto
later. I think that such an institution built in our town will be a
boon both for us in particular as well as medicine practice in
general, as it will work closely with the nearby James Padget
It will also provide employment for people with good A-levels, and
prevent them from leaving Yarmouth for the “higher” career choices.
This is a problem at the moment as many promising young adults are
leaving for more well paid jobs in other areas. The Laboratory will
offer exciting and well paid jobs in the science areas, particularly
bio-chemistry. However, it is not to say that only college graduates
need apply, as it will more than likely be requiring a large work
force, such as security guards and cleaners, where lots of
qualifications will be unnecessary. It will help to get the
unemployment rates down, and we are all aware of how this is becoming
an increasing large problem.
The lab is also likely to have some sort of tourist value, as they are
not commonplace in Norfolk or even East Anglia. It would be nice to
add such an academic building to the Great Yarmouth holiday industry,
which of course brings money into the town.
It is for these reasons that I am quite happy with the building of the
laboratory. However, there are many who aren’t, for their own reasons.

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The chief problem being faced will most likely be animal activists,
who have been known across the country for their protests and strikes,
and in extreme cases violence or terrorist acts. As much as I like to
think of them as misguided individuals, I cannot turn a blind eye to
people simply using this as an excuse to cause trouble. And neither
can the police. Security measures would need to be taken almost twenty
four hours a day in order to ensure scientist and civilian safety in
the area. This would be a considerable drain on the police department,
who have other important cases to tackle and laws to enforce. It
would, however, bring the slight bonus of solving the unemployment
issue a little more, as the police would probably have a recruitment
drive to deal with the growing problems.
The other problem to be considered would be traffic and congestion. I
assume that the council will have plans laid out for car parking at
the facility, but will they compensate for the extra three-hundred
people traveling to work every morning? It will be absolutely critical
to ensure that people are not late for work, and that the towns
businesses run smoothly each day. New roads will likely have to be
built, but then the council will have to pay for even more, including
buying any properties that lie along the chosen paths.
There is however, one aspect in which I myself am unhappy with the
goings on within the laboratory. I am deeply upset and disturbed by
the fact that cosmetic testing will be going on inside. As I said
before, I am more than happy that animals may be sacrificed for the
greater good of humanity. But when animals must suffer for lipsticks,
deodorants and hair spray I am extremely saddened. It doesn’t seem
fair that lives, even animal lives should be lost in the expansion of
the fashion and toiletries market. This would be the chief argument of
the demonstrators and protestors I would imagine. I am hoping
fervently that they will re-consider their actions and stay as a
purely medical facilities.
In short, I would like to say that I look forward in general to the
building of this laboratory. It will benefit the town in more ways
than it will harm it, and will solve a few local issues along the way.
I hope that the protestors will come to understand why places like
this must exist in time, but failing that, I hope that the police can
handle them sufficiently.

Yours Faithfully,

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