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Homelessness As a Product Of Society Or as The Fault Of The Individual

Homelessness in the UK had reached astronomical figures. Something has
to be done to aid the situation before it spirals out of control. But
who is to blame for the situation? Some may say the kids themselves!

Believe it or not, one side of this debate blames the young people who
live through the hell of street life every day. Suggesting that it is
their fault for falling out with their families. They stereotype every
homeless person as a drug dealer who has run away from home. This is
in the majority of cases, untrue.

Many of these children come from broken homes where the fault is with
the parents. The family is slowly driven apart to the point that the
child is either thrown out or leaves on their own accord due to the
terrible standard of life they live through. Stop and think for a
moment, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel coming home
every night to know you may find your Mother or a sibling lying
bruised and beaten on the floor? Perhaps as you open the front door
you can smell the aroma of booze hanging in the air. Maybe, you fear
going home at all as you your self are the victim in an aggressive
family that is slowly falling apart.

Another argument pointing the finger at the kids on the street claims
that they are lazy and use begging so they do not have to work.
Firstly, let me assure you that any person who has lived on the
streets and slept rough would be happy to exchange their concrete slab
for a comfy office chair! It is a well-known fact that work is
available only to people with an address. Finding work is usually
impossible for these children. So instead of working from 9 till 5
with time for a large lunch in between, these young adults are forced
to beg. Sitting on hard concrete all day sometimes in extreme weather
conditions and temperatures below zero, they may just make enough

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money to buy a couple of mars bars and a coffee to warm themselves up.
In fact the average amount of money begging earns children from ages
13-18 is about 3 pounds a day. If they don’t raise enough to eat there
is nothing they can do, finding somewhere to sleep is their next

The government of this country put more money into security for the
prime minister everyday than the give to help the homelessness problem
on the streets of Britain. Society is entirely to blame for the
problem. But no one seems to care.
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