A Day in My Life - Original Writing

A Day in My Life - Original Writing

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A Day in My Life - Original Writing

7.30am and there’s a thunderous scream coming from my mum’s room. It
usually gets me up, but if I’m too drained to bother getting up I just
curl up into a little ball and wait for my mum to haul me out of bed.
After that, it’s a quick five minutes in the bathroom and a shout to
my brother to get up.

By now my dad will be sitting at his office in London - doing as he
normally does – working hard. I don’t know how he manages to do it but
he’s out of the house everyday at 5.30am. Even at weekends he wakes up
this early and is making use of his time in the garden. Whatever it
is, my dad always likes to be early, something that I never seemed to
pick up from him.

By now it’s 8.30am and everyone (apart from my sister) is dashing
about. I think if you’re the youngest you don’t feel you have to take
responsibilities, and, being the eldest, I think I end up with the
more then anyone. I always end up getting the blame, yet I’m always
the most helpful and respectful to my parents. I can never seem to

Five minutes left before school starts and the anxiety starts to
develop. “I must’ve forgotten something, my bag’s never this light!”
But it’s too late now! My mum pulls up outside school as everyone is
reluctantly making their way inside. I normally end up coming to
school looking an awful mess. This is due to the fact that I left in a
rush and my jumper is three sizes too large. But usually, this doesn’t
bother me, as people should see you for who you are rather then what
you look like (yet I know this is never true!) I know school isn’t my
favourite place to be, but I’d rather be there then not. So the work
may be hard, but isn’t it all going to help you in the future? And

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it’s not like you’re on your own. With a decent group of friends, the
time will soon fly by.

I’ve constantly felt that I’ve worked hard to get what I wanted, yet I
don’t know what I truly want in life. I never seem to be able to
decide on a career. There’s always an obstacle that seems to make me
wonder if that’s what I really want. For instance, when I was younger
I wanted to be a vet. I really loved animals, yet due to my constant
hate/fear of birds I realised this dream wasn’t for me. After that I
haven’t found another career that I desperately want to do, although I
know what kind of field I want to go into, and that I’ll be going into
further education to help me get exactly what I want.

By now it’s lunchtime and, at last, a whole hour to catch up with
what’s happened and get some food! I get about £10 a week for dinner,
but this usually lasts longer as I won’t feel like eating if it’s
sunny outside or there’s a big crowd in the cafeteria (I hate to feel

I usually handle my money well, but like to spend my dad’s money on
clothes and such (just as any girl would!). Shopping is by far my
favourite pastime! It’s like an addictive drug, which possesses your
soul, and before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on a few
clothes and a stunning pair of shoes! I could spend eternity shopping
with my mum, as she actually does have a decent fashion sense.
However, my brother and sister utterly loathe shopping, so if the
whole family go there’ll be plenty of whinging and whining from them.

It’s strange the relationship between my mum and me. I know most
people obviously feel a closer connection with their mum but with
mine, we’re more like best friends. She can tell you nearly everything
about me, and she knows me inside out. She’s always there for me, and
I care for her and the rest of my family and friends so intensely,
that I wouldn’t know how to survive without any one of them. It’s one
of those things you never imagine will happen, but you take for
granted all of those you adore the most. Even the thought of losing
someone who I love so much makes me shudder.

Evidently, life isn’t as sweet as sugar. There are always the
bickering rows with my parents and siblings (most of which are
obviously not my fault!), but I never hold a grudge, as life’s too
short to be quarrelling over trivial situations. You never know when
your life will end, so I always make the most of every second I have

As the bell goes to acknowledge the fact that it’s fifth period,
everyone begrudgingly drags themselves back into the school. Usually
this lesson flies by and then, after a five-minute registration, it’s
back home!

When I get home I’ll probably spend an hour or so on homework, a
couple of hours in front of the TV (if anything decent is on) and
whatever else I feel like doing. I’d prefer to go out with my friends
all the time, but I know it isn’t possible as I live quite a while
away from them. In Luton I don’t really think there’s a lot of
activities for my age group to do. Of course, there’s the cinema
(which is normally the social escape for my friends and me). But,
wherever I am, I know I’ll always have a smile, as true friends can
cheer you up, however bad you may be feeling. If I stay at home, I
might go on the computer and talk to my friends or even on the phone.

At about 11.00pm when my brother and sister are asleep. I’ll listen
quietly to music in my room, lie down and think about life, and
everything in it. My worries, my hopes and dreams are all thought
about when I’m by myself. I think about all sorts. The kind of things
that others like my friends just wouldn’t understand. Don’t get me
wrong, I’m very open with people, but there are some things in life,
which are too complicated to explain. Obviously there are all the
standard rhetorical questions, such as the meaning of life. But also
other complications; feelings and matters of the heart! After a couple
of days thought, these normally come up in conversations with close
friends, so after all this personal thought most of it ends up out in
the open anyway! After a lot of serious thinking and a drowsy feeling
taking over my body, I turn off the music and then switch myself off.
Sleep at last!
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