A Comparison of the Front Cover of a Tabloid Newspaper and a Broad Sheet Newspaper

A Comparison of the Front Cover of a Tabloid Newspaper and a Broad Sheet Newspaper

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A Comparison of the Front Cover of a Tabloid Newspaper and a Broad Sheet Newspaper

The main aim of this essay is to compare the front covers of a tabloid
newspaper and a broad sheet newspaper. The tabloid newspaper which I
will be studying and analysing is the Sunday Mirror published on the
16th of May. Tabloid newspapers a very much different from a broad
sheet newspapers in many different ways. Some first impressions you
get from this newspaper the Sunday Mirror is that it is straight up
and in your face with its big snappy headlines and its bold bright
colours. The content that you get in this paper is typical of a
tabloid newspaper. It contains stories on celebrities and has a lot of
scandals and informal news. The broad sheet newspaper I will be
studying and analysing is The Sunday Times published and varies in
many ways from a tabloid newspaper. Straight away looking at this
paper the front cover is set out very different from the tabloid
newspaper. There a no snappy big headlines and bold bright colours but
instead there are smaller more formal headlines with a large amount of
detail written beneath. The page has a lot more on it and the print
font a lot smaller. Already from first impressions the differences
between the two papers are clear.

In 1903 Alfred Harmsworth established the Daily Mirror, a newspaper
"for gentlewomen". Kennedy Jones was put in charge of the project and
spent £100,000 in publicity, including a gift scheme of gilt and
enamel mirrors. The readership of this newspaper is people of a
working class who work in more non-skilled labouring jobs such as
plumbing, building or maybe a truck driving. The reason for this is
that it is a very easy to read paper as it is quite chatty and
informal and is also much cheaper than the broad sheet. People like
this are those who want a quick light bit of entertainment, which they
can understand and read with ease. They do not want to know about

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politics and what going on with for example hospital waiting lists
they want to know what's going on in the big brother house or what
Britney Speares did with her new boyfriend. These are the types of
stories covered in a tabloid newspaper and this is the same
colloquialism that is featured the front cover of the Sunday Mirror
that I am studying. One story covered on the front page of the Sunday
Mirror is about 'Robbies Torment' as they have called it. His battle
to stay off booze… and it goes on. This is typical of a tabloid
newspaper and one of its show biz 'exclusives' they always have.

The layout of the front page has its masthead situated at the with its
well-known bold letter logo. There is teaser underneath with kickers
in like a story on arsenal as they are called the 'immortals'. Below
this there is the splash- 'Robbies Torment' with a large picture of
him looking like he's been caught by surprise. To right of that there
is a brief with a large picture of Marteen Macutchen with a caption
underneath Saying 'Marteeny Weeny Bikini'. The effectiveness of
firstly the teaser is to induce you into picking up and buying the
newspaper as it offers a little information on a story inside. The
splash is used to grab your attention as it is very eye catching and
offers a lot of scandal and gossip that many people want from a
newspaper. The caption on Marteen Macutchen is used because it has sex
appeal as she is in a bikini, which draws male readers in and will
persuade them to buy this paper. The bright and bold colours used of
red, blue and yellow as well as the large photographs with headlines
splashed across them make it eye catching as it grabs your attention
which helps sell the paper.

The language used in a tabloid is what makes it so individual and
different from a broad sheet. There are a lot of puns, alliteration
and metaphors used on this front page which helps the paper to sell as
this to grabs a potential readers attention. The teaser and the
Marteen Macutchen caption both have examples of alliteration. In the
puff wordplay is used as they are giving a way a free magazine so they
have a headline saying 'magnifique'. On the Marteen story they have
called it 'Marteeny weeny bikini'. The tone used is very shocking as
it a scandal and the tabloid has made it sound so scandalous. Also
quite a bias view is used, as the story on Robbie Williams is mostly
scandal and they use metaphors to describe him. They are saying that
'he fears shadow of depression', 'he hates Britain', and 'he'll only
walk his dog in the dark'. They do not know this is actually true but
are trying to make him sound like an ill mental patient or something
similar. But all this eventually just helps attract the reader into
buying the newspaper.

In 1814 -on the 24 of November the first ever issue of a newspaper was
the Times and was printed on a (Koenig) power press. The readership of
a broad sheet newspaper would usually be people from a middle to upper
class status with people who do more skilled work. These readers will
usually want to know about world issues, politics, hospitals and
education, stories of concern to them. They do not usually want
stories on celebrity gossip and scandal like a tabloid reader would.

The stories featured on the front cover of this broad sheet are very
typical example of one. There is a story on politics as 'Brown chooses
dream cabinet'. A broad sheet publisher assumes its readers to know
about politics etc.

The layout of the page is very different from a tabloid newspaper, as
there is a lot more information given to on this one page. The whole
paper has a lot more to it than the tabloid and this explains the
price difference. At the top of the 117x82cm page lies the masthead in
traditional times roman font. There is also a royal crest shown on top
where it forms their logo with the masthead. Underneath this there are
two teasers each with kickers in. then comes the two main headlines
one about the sacked mirror editor here they are putting down another
newspaper. The other headline is about politics as 'Brown chooses
dream cabinet'. There are two other stories featured on the front page
each one with a standfirst and a small chunk of the story. Centre in
the page is a photograph of Nelson Mandela holding the world cup with
a caption underneath. There is a small banner going across the page,
which tells you what's inside the paper. At the bottom of the page
there is a solus advert. The teasers are used to tempt people into
buying the paper as you get a free magazine similar to the tabloid.
This magazine is something you would only get in a broad sheet as it
tells you how good your hospital is. The significance of Nelson
Mandella holding the world cup is that many football lovers will now
maybe interested in buying the paper. The solus advert would only be
found in a broad sheet newspaper as it is trying to sell a virgin
Atlantic upper class flight that only wealthy people could afford. All
headlines on this page are in large bold lettering, which is used
again to grab people's attention. I'm not sure what colours where used
on this broad sheet.

The language used on the front page is very formal, detailed and
complex in comparison to the tabloid. The stories covered are
informative and the tone used in some of the headlines is in some ways
angry. For example 'Speeding drivers could get six points'. These
stories concern most people so many want to read on so would buy the
paper. By using an angry tone they have made it sound as if it has
great importance to you so you must read on. In other ways there is a
balanced view on the news covered on the front page is varied. One
article is on politics while another is on the football world cup. By
doing this they have managed to give the paper appeal to a wide amount
of people who are looking for different types of news.

The tabloid has approached the day's news with show biz gossip so is
trying to appeal to those who want some entertainment from reading
about those they see in magazines and on T.V. The value of this news
is not really of much importance and does not really affect you
personally but because of their target audience this does not matter.
The broad sheet however is very much different as it does have stories
covered about politics and hospitals, which have some importance and
may effect you personally but because it is very formal it has its
different target audience.

The main difference apart from the obvious size difference is the
language used. The tabloid is chatty and informal whereas the broad
sheet is formal and written in detail.
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