Sweet Dreams - Original Writing

Sweet Dreams - Original Writing

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Sweet Dreams - Original Writing

It was a freezing cold night in the middle of November. The wind
whistled outside and the small wooden gate rattled. Inside her small
cottage sat a kind middle aged lady called Barbara. Lying on the floor
next to her was Buster, her beloved dachshund. She flicked the TV
channels over and over again but found nothing interesting to watch.
Before she knew it boredom and the heat from the warm cosy fire had
sent her to sleep. While she was dozing she had a very strange

Barbara was taking a journey by train to visit her cousin Lizzie in
Edinburgh. On the way there a handsome youth with gleaming blonde
locks and sparkling blue eyes sat next to her. She was mesmerised !!
Although she was too old, she couldn't keep her eyes off him. But as
they say, all good things come to an end and suddenly the boy got up
out his seat and left the train. Barbara was downhearted. Not even the
picturesque scenery of the Scottish hills and valleys could cheer her
up. Soon she had arrived at her destination. A bright red parrot with
dashing spots of colour sqwaked as she got off the train. He was
wearing a plaque around his neck saying 'Barbara'.

"Alright m'lady? You must be Barbara. I'm Clive"

"Why yes! I'm Barbara ! Are you here to show me to my cousins house?"
she asked.

"Course love! Put yer bags on me trolley. Yeah, that's it love" Nice
'n' steady now" The parrot spoke in a broad Cockney accent.

Once all the bags were fully loaded they were off. Clive and Barbara
walked for miles and miles until they finally reached a derelict
boarding house. The windows were smashed, fungus grew on the walls,
the chimney was covered in soot and spattered all over the garden was
children's old toys, books and dirty clothes.

"Is this it?!" asked Barbara.

"Yeah 'fraid so. It's a bit run down, innit?" he replied.


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Just a little" she said coolly.

"Anyway, gotta dash! See you around" and with that the parrot took
flight, his wings dazzling bright with bold colours. Barbara started
to walk along the crumbling path leading to the door. The grass in the
garden pleaded for a cut and long wild dandelions grew tall above her.
Once at the door she rang the bell, and waited. And waited some more.
Then finally it creaked open, but no one was there.

"Lizzie?" she called. Barbara paused for a second to view her
surroundings. It was huge! The walls were papered in red and gold
Paisley pattern. The ceilings were high and whenever someone spoke you
would probably hear their voice echo round the room! An ornate gold
plated elephant stood proud in the corner. It was amazing. After
looking about the room she called on Lizzie again. It was no use.
There was no answer. She was about to give up and go home when a piece
of paper floated like a feather down from the ceiling. She picked it
up and read the wild west style script. It was a 'WANTED' poster. It
read, 'WANTED: Three missing persons who answer to the names Bill,
John and Fred. REWARD: £10,000. THEIR CRIME: Stealing a parrot. If you
find these men call us on 0608 944 944'. The poster also included a
picture of all three criminals. They were tall, dark and handsome and
quite rough round the edges. In fact, they resembled cowboys!

"Ooooooh!" she said excitedly. "I wonder where they could be?"

Almost as if this was carefully planned, she heard people shouting. It
sounded like it was coming from beneath her! Barbara bent down and put
her ear to the floor. Yes, there was definitely something going on
down there! She decided to investigate and pulled back the carpet.
There was a hatchdoor! It was wooden with a big gold handle which had
some sort of strange writing engraved on it. She tried to heave it
open but didn't get very far. She pulled and pulled and pulled until
eventually it squeaked open.

She peered inside. A strong smell of almonds arose from below. Three
men, who were identical to the three men in the poster, were having an

"I'll open it!" said a tall unshaven man who looked a lot like Bill

You don't even like almonds! I'll open the box!" said the Fred

"Oh, come on guys! Is there any need to fight over a box of almonds?"
said John.

"Hello!" called Barbara.

The men looked up and saw her. They looked startled. They looked at
one another and began whispering to each other. Fred nodded his head
and began climbing up the ladder leading from under the floor to where
Barbara was standing. The others followed.

"Hi, would you help us?" asked Bill.

"Sure!" said Barbara. "What would you like me to do?"

"Well, you could take us to the nearest taxidermist." Said John.

"Yes, we have a parrot we would like to stuff." Added Fred.

"A parrot? What kind?" she asked.

"This one" said John as he pulled out Clive the Cockney parrot, who
was rather unconscious.

"Oh no!" screamed Barbara. "Nooooooooo!"

"Woof woof!

Barbara jumped out her seat as she rubbed her sleep-filled eyes.

"Oh dear! What time is it?" she looked at her watch.

"Goodness I must have dozed off. Anyway Buster, it's time for
Countdown. I just love that Richard Whitely!"
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