Euthanasia Argument

Euthanasia Argument

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Euthanasia Argument

Across the world there are many different laws dealing with the taking
of another human's life. For instance powerful nations like America,
China and Turkey all frequently impose the death penalty. The later
two countries are condemned for this. No western governments speak out
against America because of the U.S economic influence on us in Europe.
Citizens of these countries tend to agree with these laws although
their faiths are against it. The Christian churches worldwide teach
that it is never acceptable to take another person's life in the
following essay I will try to argue both points of view.

As a Christian I primarily agree with the teaching of my faith, that
it is never right to take another human's life although at time there
can be adverse circumstances.

One of the most argued subjects today is abortion. In Ireland abortion
is illegal even thought there are many pro-choice sympathisers and
demonstrators but on the other hand there seem to be more
anti-abortion supporters. In an upcoming referendum it is expected
that the current laws will be upheld and that the law will remain

As I said there are many pro-choice supporters in Ireland and if these
people would like to have an abortion they often travel to the U.K
where they can have this performed free, this happens everyday and
neither the Irish or U.K governments try to prevent this.

The Catholic Church is very strictly against abortion but people argue
that an abortion is not taking away a human life because the
fertilised egg has not yet become a person although the Church argues
this fact and claims that an egg becomes a human from the moment of
conception, I have to agree with this. When I look at it logically the
fertilised egg is just a very young person, although scientifically it
has no organs or intelligence but in my mind should be considered a
human and come under the protection of the law both in the U.K and

Current U.

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K law dictates that the fertilised egg does not become a
human until it is twenty-four weeks of age and that it is legal to
abort the pregnancy although I can see the government's point I do not
agree with it. There is a very valid point that the pregnancy takes
place in the woman's body and so it should be her choice, the Catholic
Church and at times the fathers do not agree with this.

Scientists argue that the unborn foetus does not experience any pain.
This argument is strongly counter-argued by many other scientists and
anti-abortion people. I strongly feel that it is inhuman to put an
innocent and unprotected 'child' through any sort of pain unless it is
totally necessary for the health of the mother or the baby.

Doctors have a quite high success rate at finding diseases in unborn
children or possible difficulties for mother or child during
pregnancy. At times it can be shown that it is likely that either the
mother or child will die during birth or one will be incapable of
living a 'fulfilled' life. It is hard to argue with a mother's
decision to have an abortion in any of these instances all we can do
is offer advice although I maintain my pro-life stance.

We must also think about the mental health of both mother and child.
It may be found that the unborn child is mentally handicapped. The
mother than has three options: have an abortion, give birth and care
for the child or give birth and put the child in care. This of course
is the mother's choice and all the three options are strongly argued
and I am not sure which option I support. Then we have to take into
account the mother's mental health, birth can be very traumatic
especially if a woman has been raped, the child can sometimes only
serve as a reminder of the great crime committed against the mother.
Sometimes the mother cannot bear to give birth, others refuse to keep
the child but many families raise the child as their own and is the
option supported by most Christian churches.

It is the Christian Church's teaching that a mother should not abort
even in this situation but in modern day society it seems acceptable
for a mother to abort the pregnancy.

Adoption may be a solution to many of these problems but there are
huge numbers of couples who cannot produce a child crying out to
adopt, many of these couples would make good loving parents and give a
child a very good home.

I think it is quite unfair and illogical that an unborn child's life
can be terminated without its consent whereas a person of sound mind
who wants to die is not allowed. This is ironic because in many cases
when a person wishes to commit euthanasia it is because they are not
going to live a fulfilled life, in most cases of abortion the
terminated child would have lived a fulfilled life, to me this does
not make sense. I have heard the argument that the government does not
wish to pay for a child's education and do not wish to lose the men
and women they have already educated and skilled. This is an
extraordinary argument but could prove to be valid.

In some countries euthanasia and assisted euthanasia has been
legalised although it tends to undergo strict government control, one
West European country that has legalised euthanasia is Holland and has
received extremely little foreign criticism. One of the main arguments
against legalised euthanasia is that it may get out of control; it
would be very hard and expensive for the government to decide on who
qualifies for euthanasia and who doesn't. My own opinion is that a
person should be allowed to die a dignified death but this is not the
teaching of the Christian Churches they seem sure that it is never
right to take another human's life.

I find it impossible to form an opinion on whether euthanasia is right
or wrong. But I do believe strongly that it isn't right to take
another human's life whether it be war, abortion or euthanasia.
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