Excitement Created in the Opening Sequences of James Bond Films

Excitement Created in the Opening Sequences of James Bond Films

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Excitement Created in the Opening Sequences of James Bond Films


If we closely examine the opening scenes of many Bond films, we are
very likely to find the following:

Þ Action

Þ Stunts

Þ Use of high technology/gadgets

Þ Exotic setting

Þ Women

Þ Appropriate camera positioning

Þ Professional looking, (dark coloured) choice of clothing

Þ Weapons

Þ Fighting and killing

Þ Music resembling what is actually going on in the background

Þ Showing how quick James Bond uses his brain, and how well he gets
himself out of dangerous situations.

However, we may not find all Bond films to be as described above. For
example, the opening scenes of the film 'Live and let die' are
actually very slow moving and not much is really happening.
Nevertheless, James Bond is a man who really does appeal to his
audience, and so the film 'Live and let die' must be appealing to a
different type of audience.

We can see from many other James Bond films that, he actually is a man
of power and does rapidly raise audience expectations and builds up

For example if we look closely at the opening scenes of the film, 'Die
another day' we can see that there is high use of audience appeal,
mainly by James Bond.

It begins with the famous mise-en-scene, which is when, the audience
can see a white circle (normally at the centre of the screen, but can
also be on either side) and a black background. We see James bond
standing quite far in the circle shooting at it. The circle then turns
red and sometimes opens up into the opening scenes of the film.

If we examine closely the techniques used in the mise-en-scene we can
see the audience appeal used. (We must remember that this scene occurs
at the beginning of every Bond film).

Firstly, the black background resembles the sign of danger. It
automatically brings the feeling into the audience that something evil

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or dangerous is about to take place.

Secondly, the way James bond enters very quickly into the circle and
in a sophisticated way goes on his knees (or sometimes not) and shoots
at the screen.

Thirdly, the way that the circle slowly turns red, starting from the
top. This automatically brings a pinch of fear into the audience as
the red resembles blood.

We now move on to the film which begins by showing an exotic Island.
This island however, is very empty and dark with frightening thunder
clouds. This instantly tells the audience to be prepared for something
evil to happen. The question going through the audiences mind would
be, 'Why is such a beautiful Island all dark and scary?' The audience
expect an answer.

We then see a man surfing very heavily, wearing all black and
sunglasses (even though the sun is not out!), He seems very quick and
steady. Then we see another person with the same description, coming
in also surfing. The third man finally appears wearing very similar
clothing to the other two, also surfing.

The fact that these men are shown coming individually is there to
raise audience expectations and excitement, because these men are
actually working in a group.

The surfing then ends for these men, who in actual fact have special
surfboards. They are then seen using all sorts of gadgets, when each
gadget is shown it is zoomed in with camera to see what they are
actually doing. This shows that the positioning of the camera plays a
major part in raising audience expectations and excitement.

Later on in the opening scenes of this film, we see bond, placing an
explosive known as c4 under a lot of money into a briefcase. When the
audience see that a dangerous explosive is being planted in a
briefcase, they will automatically expect someone to be killed. While
Bond is doing this, he has a woman beside him. It also worth
mentioning that also while he was doing this, the music in the
background was quick beats of drums. These quick drum beats, and the
fact that there was a woman beside James Bond raises he audiences

We then see Bond loading a number of guns and using his watch to set
the timer of the bomb to when he wishes. This shows that he has high
knowledge of technology and gadgets, and that things will happen the
way he wants. Instantly, the audience will think, 'what if some
someone does not like things to happen Bonds way?' The audience expect
someone to stand up to bond and fight him. The fact that he is loading
a gun shows that, he is prepared and he knows that things may get very
ugly indeed. This gets the audience very excited, because they also
know that things might not go Bonds way.

We now see bond handing over the briefcase to the opponent, who does
not know that beneath the money is explosives. However these two are
not alone the wholly military of that man is surrounding the two which
means, Bond is on his own. Once again this has a great affect on the
audience, who will be thinking, 'What if they find the explosives and
find out what bond is really trying to do?' Once again the audience
expect this to happen, not only that but they also expect James bond
to be prepared to face the man and his army.

We then notice a man who is actually giving Bond suspicious looks,
taking a picture of bond and revealing his identity on his mobile
phone. Again this gets the audience very excited, as they now know
that Bonds opponents are as equal as him, and also have gadgets, and
know a lot about high technology. This also raises the audience
expectations, as they will be thinking, 'what if Bond loses? It looks
as though his opponents can put up a good fight'

The man with the special phone then finds out from his phone that bond
is an assassin and is really there to kill them all, at this moment
the camera angle focuses on the mans phone, and then zooms back out to
see the expression off the other people, also the music changes into
very quick deep drum beats, with a simple tune. The man then, straight
away informs the other man who is with the briefcase given by bond.
This man then attempts to shoot him but misses as Bond is too quick.

We then see bond running really fast, then he jumps and pushes a
button on his watch which blows up the briefcase, kills the man and a
number of his men around him. When the Bond jumped and pushed the
button, the music instantly changed into the changes bond Tune. This
shows how quick and sophisticated Bond is. It also gets the audience
unbelievably excited, because the music resembles Bond which shows
that every thing is now going to happen his way.

We then see Bond dodging many bullets and killing many people in an
incredible way and making a get away. This tells the audience the
James Bond will always get his way, and will strive to the very end to
get his way about doing things.


Overall, I personally believe that many of the opening scenes in many
Bond films do rapidly build expectations, and excitement of the

I believe that the films are targeted at an all round age starting
from the age of twelve. I think it would be a bit extreme in the sense
of violence, language and sexual content, to be viewed by anyone below
that age.

I believe that even the old films, yet still hold a very firm audience
appeal. However the new ones, I would suggest are targeted at the new
younger generation. From my point of view, these are films worth
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