A Comparison A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and The Star by H.G. Wells

A Comparison A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and The Star by H.G. Wells

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A Comparison A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and The Star by H.G. Wells

"A Sound of Thunder" is set in the future year of 2055. It was written
by Ray Bradbury. The main character, Eckels, has paid a large sum of
money to go on a safari that takes you back into the past and allows
you to kill a dinosaur. When they are there Eckels steps on a
butterfly and changes the future so that the president who has just
lost an election wins it instead and makes the world worse.

"The Star" is written by H.G. Wells and is set in 1897 and tells a
story of a comet striking Neptune and narrowly missing Earth. It shows
the different reactions of the different people and goes into great
detail about the path of the comet.

Because "The Star" is set in the nineteenth century, there is an
obvious difference in the styles of writing used when compared to "A
Sound of Thunder". H.G. Wells concentrates on more of the science side
of science fiction and Bradbury on the fiction side. Because of this
Wells goes into a lot more details about the mass and velocity of the
comet rather than what it looked like to different people.

The best way to demonstrate this is in the opening sections of the
stories. A Sound of Thunder starts by saying what can be seen by the
character whereas The Star sets the scene by telling the reader the
time and what was going on at that moment. As it continues "A Sound of
Thunder" carries on the describe the character and help the audience
get to know him but "The Star" speaks of the scientific announcement
that has just been made and what the announcement means.

This pattern continues throughout the stories, as the comet moves on
Wells continues to talk about the science behind it and as Eckels
travels back in time Bradbury continues to describe what he sees.

At the time Bradbury wrote "A Sound of Thunder", in 1957, World War
two was still affecting the world so Bradbury uses a president who is

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peaceful for when the world is good but one who would be quick to wage
war for when Eckels makes the world bad. This would be the way most
Americans would have been feeling then because of the devastation
caused by the World War.

When Wells wrote "The Star" most people would not understand the
scientific improbabilities of something like this so they would find
it more interesting and it would play on there subconscious more
because they would wonder if it could happen. Also in this time period
most people who read books will have been rich so the way it is
written is more educated so it appeals to them.

In both stories the world is changed. In "The Star" the world changes
how it sees things and that worse things can happen and you should
look at things from different points of view.

"…how small the vastest of human catastrophes may seem, at a distance
of a few million miles"

In "A Sound of Thunder" the world was physically changed as a
different president came to power and decided to attack countries and
start wars, making the world a worse place.

I preferred "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury because I feel that
it gives a better mental picture of what is going on and that is what
I look for in a story. I also did not like reading the scientific
explanations for everything in "The Star".
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