Problems People Face in Developing Countries

Problems People Face in Developing Countries

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Problems People Face in Developing Countries

In the world there is a north and south divide, also known as the rich
north and the poor south. If we look at our world we can see that
there are two extremes. The rich and the extremely poor. This is why
we as Christians should help them in order for them to live a good

The poverty of the South itself is a great problem. Many nations spend
their money on items such as arms when it could be spent on many other
items that the country needs. The reason for their investment in arms
is that a lot of developing countries have political problems and
quite a number are at war. In England we put pressure on developing
countries such as Africa to buy our weapons from us. We make things up
such as 'the other countries around you have better weapons than you,
so buy ours and you'll be safe and you will be able to protect your
country' as a country we are trying to help people in developing
countries but when our government does this its like taking two steps
forward and three steps back.

The World Bank, which provides loans to these countries, expects it's
money returned along with interest charges and a lot of these
countries can barely afford to repay just the money loaned. In lots of
cases they borrow more money to pay off the first loan. It is a
never-ending cycle, which leaves these nations constantly in debt. An
idea, which has been suggested, is to cancel all debts and begin again
yet many are reluctant to do this. Christians can also seek to solve
this problem by supporting Jubilee 2000, this is when both famous and
ordinary people put pressure on the Government and try to get them to
cancel the debt of developing countries. This would help the countries
that are in debt and would try and teach them about how to deal with
their money and how not to spend it on weapons.

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A lot of the money, which people rightfully earn through production
and travel never reaches their pockets as retailers and transporters
take the majority of the profit. Therefore the hard-working person in
that country receives a very small amount of the profit. Christians
could support this by buying fair trade products such as coffee and
chocolate. Fair trade gives a fair amount of money to the people who
have made it in developing countries and would give them the right
amount of money to support their families.

We have two types of hunger. This includes starvation and
malnutrition. Starvation is where the people don't have enough to eat.
This is a problem, which many organisations have tried to solve by
actually giving food to the people and also by giving them the means
to produce their own by providing seeds, tools etc 'give a man a fish
you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him
for a lifetime'. This shows us that we should look after everyone in
the world and should 'aspire not to have more but to be more'.
Malnutrition is where there is enough food but it doesn't provide a
balanced diet. This can also be due to a shortage of water, but the
people's own lack of knowledge and national disasters would also be

In the story of the rich young man we are shown a young person's
reaction to Jesus telling him that if he sold everything he had and
gave the money to
the poor he would inherit eternal life however, he could not do this.
pointed out that, "It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of
Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle". He also
told us that, "Those who come first will be last and those who come
last will be first". These are all ways in which Jesus showed us that
giving to the poor was right.

Mother Theresa set up organisations in the slums of Calcutta, so that
the orphans wouldn't have to sleep on the streets. We as Christians
could help more by setting up more orphanages that could help children
throughout the world. In Galatians 3:28 it says 'There is neither Jew
nor Gentiles, between slaves and free people, between male and female,
for you are all one in union with Christ". This shows us that we are
one big family and we should support everyone that is in need of our
help and there should be no discrimination between us. Whoever is in
need Christians should always try to help them.

Christians react to organisations such as C.A.F.O.D. by giving
donations and joining missionaries out in foreign countries. In East
Timor this donated money is used in building shelters, providing food
and giving the people the chance to bring themselves out of this state
by supplying seeds and tools.

There are many different ways and organisations, which can help the
underdeveloped countries of the world. Christians must play a leading
role in this help living by what Christ has taught us about charity,
poverty and wealth. It is vitally important that organisations such as
C.A.F.O.D. continue in the great work that they are doing and we learn
that these countries need our help. Maybe through this help we can
make the world's resources and wealth more equal.
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