Marketing Techniques for the Launch of a Blockbuster

Marketing Techniques for the Launch of a Blockbuster

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Marketing Techniques for the Launch of a Blockbuster

In this essay I will be exploring what marketing techniques are used
in the launch of a big film such as 'Legally Blonde 2- Red, White &
Blonde.' I have tracked this film in the weeks before, and after its
release date and made a note of all forms of marketing that have been
used. The techniques which I have discovered are used in most
blockbuster launches to inform potential audiences of the film, tempt
cinema-goers to see the film and to give a general message what the
film is about.

In the weeks running up to the film launch there were many posters
advertising the film around town, particularly in places which are
heavily populated with shops. I also noticed large billboards
advertising the film along major bus routes. In the cinemas trailers
were shown before the main feature that gave a vague guide to the plot
and displayed the name of the film and the release date, these were
also shown on TV and at the start of rented films. There were radio
adverts, in popular family shows and also competitions to win tickets
to the premiere. In magazines and newspapers there were adverts
promoting the film, the same type as before, containing a picture of
the main character, a catchphrase, who is in it, when it is released

When the film was launched there was not as much publicity as there
was before, in advertisements the release date was replaced by 'In
Cinemas now'. I also noticed an interview on Reese Witherspoon with
many references to 'Legally Blonde 2' and many articles on how to
dress like the main character in teen and fashion magazine aimed
mainly at women.

I think that 'Legally Blonde 2' was aimed at 'tweenage' girls (8-12
years of age) and girls in their early teens. I think this because of
the language used in the advertisements; on the advert the film was
described as being 'Super-fun!' a term that would appeal to girls of

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that age. Another phrase used was 'Join the Party' making the film
seem like a fun social event, an idea which would also appeal to this
age group Also, the film was a 12A certificate, opening the movie to
people of that age; the whole concept of the movie was also very
orientated to that age group. Also by the place where the film was
advertised such as shopping centres and at the start of films also
aimed at this age group It is obviously designed for girls, the main
character is female and the adverts are mainly in pink.

Whilst I was studying the advert I noticed many techniques that were
used. The title 'Legally Blonde 2- Red, White and Blonde' is a play on
for the patriotic colours on the American flag, Red, White and Blue,
as Elle is in Washington in this movie it seems quite suitable. The
term 'Bigger, Bolder, Blonder' as seen on the poster is alliteration
which would catch the reader's eye and stick in their mind, it was
also in a large, bold, bright font. As the film is based around one
main character so are the adverts, the advert is basically a large
picture of Reese Witherspoon in front of a backdrop of the White
House, for anybody who has seen the film before they would immediately
identify the character.

As the film is called 'Legally Blonde' it is obvious that the main
character must be blonde. In the films Reese Witherspoon's character,
Elle Woods, is portrayed as the typical LA rich daddy's girl. She has
the platinum hair, the sparkling white smile, designer clothing and a
passion for spending her father's money, a stereo-typical blonde
bimbo, except for the fact that she went to Harvard Law School. As the
audiences will know from the first film, she is a lawyer; the idea of
the film is basically based around seeing beyond stereo-types so the
film has broken the traditional views on a blonde airhead, that she is
not intellectual and only cares about trivial things, such as broken

Many big businesses have had their part in the film; Stila launched
its own 'Elle Woods' makeup range; Superdrug offered a free ticket for
the film with every purchase of Clairol blonde hair dye; Harvey
Nichols gave away a free bottle of Limited Edition 'Legally Blonde'
perfume with every purchase over a certain amount; Barbie launched an
Elle Woods doll; A nail varnish brand was produced with colours such
as 'Elle's Pearls' and 'Blonde Date'; Small plush toys of Elle's dog-
Bruiser were produced with separate outfits which you could buy. All
this merchandise seems to be in the health and beauty market which is
typical for such a film.

I think that overall, all the marketing techniques used in this film
were successful, they were very specific in who they were targeting
their film at and achieved attracting their attention by targeting the
things this age group watched, read or listened making sure that by
some way they heard about the film. By making their merchandise
available to a much wider audience of people they also achieved in
making people outside their target audience interested in the film.
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