Reinstating the Death Penalty in Great Britain

Reinstating the Death Penalty in Great Britain

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Reinstating the Death Penalty in Great Britain

I think that fear of death discourages people from committing crimes.
The penalty of death, an image of this is Timothy McVeigh who bombed
Oklahoma. He felt no sorrow for the pain he had caused and he knew
what he would receive in return for the slaughter he brought down upon
Oklahoma. He was executed on June 11th 2002 and to this day he lives
on. He is not someone that the world wishes to remember but he always
will be, just like Hitler and many others who caused grief to the
world. Timothy was the "master of his fate" and the "captain of his
soul." He was unbeatable because each day those affected by the
bombing have to remember him and know what he put them through. This
should show that in some cases people would not regret in what they
have done, their feelings to the subject would not change. While on
the other hand death will also not change this. If they do not fear
death and know that if they carry out their certain actions they will
be terminated. Why give them this pleasure? In addition to this, many
people say that it is not like the criminal suffers in any way.

However, lethal injections have not always been successful. The first
lethal injection was held in Guatemala and was a painful and horrific
experience for everyone there that day. The person to attach the line
that was to supply the constant, steady flow of poison to the
prisoner's body was so nervous that it took a long time to start the
process. There was then a power cut which stopped the flow of poison
reaching its prey and the prisoner took 18 minutes in total to die.
This to me does not seem like an easy, pain free experience. Any form
of execution is inhumane. All methods can be painful and have their
own unpleasant kind. If we save the innocent from the criminals,
capital punishment is necessary. Many people will attack the concept

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of the death penalty. They will give emotional speeches about the
convicted person who might be executed. But they are forgetting one
vital part while doing so, they are forgetting about the thousands of
victims who die ever year from the hands of these evil murderers.

Unfortunately, the death penalty is used so rarely that it isn't as
effective as it could be. Instead of the death penalty they brought in
the sentence to life. This is not been very effective as some
prisoners are released as little as seven years and many more don't
serve more then ten years and then the murderers are released. "Even
when 'life imprisonment' is imposed, it has proved to be a totally
misleading phrase." Quote by Paul Johnson. I think that the quote
implies that the quote is misleading because when life imprisonment is
giving with it comes a minimum of years to do prison time, for what
reason? In order to provide its reason, it must be adjusted and made
more effective. If the punishment fits the crime it is suitable, even
to the limit of death. Great Britain needs someone for deciding who
receives the death penalty by a jury. The death penalty should be
helped in order to truly put off crime. I strongly feel towards using
capital punishment for unspeakable crimes. It is a limit for criminal
actions because of its harshness and it will make a murderer think
twice about what they are about to do. The death penalty is not a
problem if all the areas have been investigated and nothing is

Many people agree that the death penalty should remain as some crimes
are so hideous that they are not able to be paid for by spending your
life in prison and they feel that the 'ultimate´ price should be paid,
your life. Surely we do not want such people in Great Britain and
people who do such things should leave the world as a warning to
others not to do the same. Some people argue that the moment someone
commits a dreadful crime they are knowingly breaking the law. This
means that you if you commit murder then you should be murdered and by
taking the life of another person before their time you are giving up
rights to carry out an unnatural end. But what happens when someone is
unable to tell apart from what is right and wrong at the time of his
or her crime.

Ruth Ellis was executed at Holloway prison in 1955 for the murder of
her lover David Blakney. She shot him after he beat her so savagely
that she lost her unborn child. In this case the question of anger
that was brought into Ruth Ellis should she have been put to death
also? Although she had every right to murder her husband in a way she
should have done the right thing by telling the police and doing it
the long way round. Although the process would have been very long her
husband would have been brought down rather then both of them.

In conclusion to this essay I agree that the death penalty should be
brought back to a certain extent because if people realise for doing
such crimes they will be sentenced to death. This will make other
murderers think twice about what they are going to do. I also think
that it should be brought back because since the death penalty has
been abolished the amount of crimes and murders has increased and the
people who do them have no such fear.

On the other hand I think that the death penalty is brutal and in some
ways if a prisoner is put to death it should be painless and the
quickest way where as the putting of poison into the blood took time
and pain. This in my eyes the executioner who did such a thing has dug
as low as the murderer. It is also ending the person life in an
unnatural way as you are ending their time before it should be.
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