Environmental Issues and Christians

Environmental Issues and Christians

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Environmental Issues and Christians

Christians have grown to be more aware of environmental issues. Good
stewardship means that they have a duty to save and protect the
environment. The different Christian Churches teach that the health of
the environment is extremely important and we need to all help protect
the earth and life on it. The Methodist Church teaches that "The
health of the environmental system is critical to all life and
immensely fragile in the face of the demands of a consumerist and
technologically powerful culture." This means that the natural world
is in danger of being damaged from industrial factories and
forthcoming technology. Methodist's also believe that "Men and women
are to be stewards and curators, not exploiters, of its resources."

The Church of England faith says that we have "to take all possible
steps, both nationally and internationally, to establish a just and
economical use of the Earth's energy resources, and to minimise the
impact of consequential environmental pollution." This shows that
England and the rest of the world need to use the Earth's natural
energy sources economically, and carefully in order to reduce the risk
of severe pollution.

Pope John Paul has spoken about pollution for the Catholic Church. He
said, "Our actions have consequences for the rights of others and for
the resources of the Earth" and "We must consider the welfare of
future generations in our planning for and utilisation of the Earth's
resources." By this he means that if we destroyed the Earth in any
kind of way then it will effect the future generations of our world.
We need to use the natural resources in a positive way so that we do
not damage the world.

The Earth is continuously being damaged. Pollution is destroying the
planet in numerous ways. The build up of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere is known as the greenhouse effect. This traps heat from the
sun in the earth's atmosphere resulting in global warming. This could
mean intense weather conditions and may even melt both poles causing

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global flooding. The ozone layer above the earth filters the
ultraviolet rays of the sun. A hole has appeared in the ozone layer
above the Antarctica, which is increasing every year. This could
result in a rise in the risk of skin cancer. The major factors eating
away at the ozone layer are CFCs and other synthetic chemicals. Acid
rain is caused by some of the harmful chemicals that are in the air.
These include sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which are waste
gases from the industrial processes of the burning of fossil fuels
like coal and oil. When these gases reach the atmosphere and combine
with rain, they convert to sulphuric and nitric acid which destroys
trees and pollutes rivers.

Industrial waste pollutes rivers and seas killing countless fish and
also enters the human food chain. This could be nuclear waste from
power stations, toxic waste from manufacturing processes, sewage
discharges, or farm pesticides.

Conservation is the attempt to preserve the planet and to stop the
pollution that is destroying it. There are a quite a few things that a
person could do to help stop pollution. As Christians we should be
protecting our world in every way that we can. We could: avoid
dropping litter, avoid using CFC aerosols, walk or use public
transport where possible to reduce car pollution, use organic
gardening methods, start a compost heap to recycle organic household
waste, avoid buying pre-packed goods in plastic or polystyrene
containers to encourage shops and industry to stop the use them, and
use less detergent to decrease the quantity of chemicals polluting
rivers and oceans. Conservation groups have tried to persuade
governments to reduce the destruction of forests. There are many
different groups attempting to stop the amount of pollution on Earth
for example, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Council for the
Protection of Rural England.
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