Opinion on Genetic Engineering

Opinion on Genetic Engineering

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Opinion on Genetic Engineering

"Only god has the right to interfere with our genes"

Genetic engineering is when scientists manipulate the human genome to
alter 'bad' genes; these genes are responsible for all types of
diseases and conditions from cancer to the acclaimed 'fat' gene which
is responsible for the obesity crisis that the modern world is
currently facing.

This practice has been controversial one because religions and other
organizations across the world believe that genetic engineering is
playing god as it allows man to create people with any mental and
physical characteristics possible. As well as this, scientists would
also be able to create food, livestock and even grow human transplant
parts on animals that are grown to precise specifications. These could
include food that lasts longer and animals that have more meat, all
this is possible using genetic engineering and that makes genetic
engineering a very controversial topic both in the political and
religious communities.

In my essay I am going to consider whether man should have the power
of god to do this, I will look at the opinions and beliefs of 2
religions and my own personal opinion. The 2 religions will be looking
at are Christianity and Islam.

Christians agree that only god should have the right to manipulate our
genes and characteristics because 'it is wrong to try to make the
earth perfect, only heaven is perfect'. The teaching they would use to
support this is that Christians believe that genetic engineering is
interfering with gods plan and that scientists don't have the
knowledge or wisdom that god possesses, so they aren't 'qualified'
enough to attempt such delicate work.

Muslims also agree that only Allah (god) should have the right to
manipulate our genes and characteristics because 'embryo research
involves abortion'. This is because the Islamic faith is against
abortion as life is seen as a gift from Allah (god). However, Allah
can manipulate our genes etc without using such a sinful method such
as abortion, so still respecting his own laws.

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Furthermore, both Christians and Muslims consider genetic engineering
as 'playing God which is a great sin' and they also believe that it is
both Allah/Gods wish in what a foetus/person has in terms of their
genes and characteristics.

However, other Christians and Muslims do disagree with this statement
and say that humans can interfere with our genes, not just god.

Christians believe this because 'Jesus showed that Christians should
do all they can to cure disease'. Although this view is shared by all
Christians, some views are shared specifically by 1 or 2 denomination.
For example, Roman Catholics believe that genetic engineering is valid
as long as it doesn't involve the use of embryos. This is because
'life begins at the moment of conception whether in a womb or a test
tube and killing life is wrong'.

However, Liberal Protestants support genetic engineering as long as it
is conducted only for the cure of diseases and not to manufacture
'designer babies'. They believe this because 'there is a difference
between creating cells and creating people'; also they believe that
'finding cures using genetic engineering is no different from finding
cures using medicines and surgical treatments'.

Muslims also believe this because 'the Qur'an and hadith teach that
Muslims should do all they can to cure diseases'. This view is very
similar to the ones shared by the Liberal Protestants denomination of
Christianity because they both say that genetic engineering is
acceptable as long as it isn't used to create 'designer babies' and
that it is the same as finding cures using drugs etc. Both the Muslims
and Liberal Protestants views are based around the non-use of genetic
engineering to produce 'designer babies' because it takes away
Allah/Gods gift which is life and that whatever sort of baby a couple
receives is the wish of god and god alone.

Another religion that shares the same view as the above religions is
Judaism. Jews share similar views as some Christians and Muslims do.
They agree on the 'designer babies' and 'embryo/abortion' side of
genetic engineering, however, they do believe that an embryo's aren't
alive until they are 14 days old. The Talmud and Tenakh teaches Jews
they should do all they can do to cure disease, this view is also
similar to the one viewed by Liberal Protestants.

In conclusion, both denominations in Christianity and Islam share
views similar views on genetic engineering. Some believe that genetic
engineering is acceptable as long as it is used only to cure diseases
and not to create perfect people (Liberal Protestants and some
Muslims), while other Christians and Muslims are against genetic
engineering because it is a great sin to play god. My personal opinion
is that man does have a right to manipulate its on genome, being an
atheist myself god doesn't exist for me. So the statement has no
meaning, human beings were created from pure evolution and that
evolution aloud us to learn how to manipulate our genes. Furthermore,
if god did exist, how come he would allow man to learn how to
interfere with his plan? Seems a bit foolish in my opinion.
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