Letter to the Editor on the Fox Hunting Debate

Letter to the Editor on the Fox Hunting Debate

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Dear Sir,

Re: Fox hunting debate.

Over the years, we have listened to the hunters' spurious claims about
job losses, civil liberties, numbers of hounds that will have to be
shot - arguments that distract from the real issue, which is that
hunting with dogs is a barbaric practice, and the majority of people
in Britain want to see it banned.

Fun is a good thing, agreed, and great if you are having it... so long
as it is NOT at the expense of others. You seem to think that Foxes
(animals in general) are just feeling less objects that are there for
people to abuse in however way they desire, and that they should not
be given rights, supposedly only because they are not humans, and
therefore are not worthy of having any rights. I am asking - Why is
this discrimination made?

I am not saying they should have the right to single mother pensions
and the right to ride on buses, it is clear that as another species
their needs are different, and mostly not related to ours. But as
individuals unable to defend themselves from human abuse, they need
protecting by law. What right do we have to say their lives are not
worth protecting? Again, my reasoning here is fundamentally NOT to
stop fox-hunting because I believe it is a perverted pastime, but to
stop all animal abuse whether it be for entertainment, unnecessary
food (there's plenty else to eat), or sadistic vivisection for
cosmetics, psychological curiosity, or even medical research when
there have been plenty of more ethical alternatives available for some

Your arguments are similar to arguments that were once used to justify
slave trade. Members of one particular race thought themselves
superior to members of another race, purely because they were
different. Different skin color, different language. Their feelings
were completely misguided and prejudged. Slave trade still exists, but
generally it is accepted that it is a morally unacceptable practice.

One day, our descendents will look back at our relationship to animals

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with a similar perspective. We are specialists (like racists, only
prejudiced against other beings purely because they are not shaped
like us, and do not share our intelligence). But they share in ability
to suffer. Every animal will do its best to avoid pain. Dominion over
animals does not mean we can freely deprive them of life liberties and
end their lives when and how we choose. It means we should care for
them by respecting their lives.. So it is true, other animals kill and
hunt, but maybe they would do so less if we began to set an example
for them. Leading more compassionate loving lifestyles.

Hunters words are more ever an exaggeration, I am by no means
proposing to "restrain, or put a hunter into bondage". Hunters, people
that hunt, should have the same freedom that we all do. What I would
like to see is for these people to respect the lives of others as they
themselves wish for their own lives to be respected.

Where you misunderstand me and others, is that the term "others" I am
encompassing to mean all sentient beings. I believe it is precisely
there where we disagree. I believe that "though shall not kill", was
meant as a guideline to general living. Taking the life of another,
whether it be for so called sport, (which is never really a sport as
in true sport sides would be evenly matched, and there would be no
death/murder result, or undue suffering)., or for food or clothing is
never justifiable. There are enough other alternatives. Vegans are far
healthier than their omnivorous counterparts.

Just for the record, I am not pro governmental intrusion of the
individual. The government intrudes too much already. I am not even
for introducing further laws to "restrict" as you so term. I don't
believe such laws would ultimately help. The change has rather, to
come from the individual. An awakening of consciousness, that that
fox, or bull, or whatever it may be, is ultimately more similar to us
than we care to admit, and that ending it's life prematurely will
bring us nightmares. If it is a question of lesser intelligence, that
leads people to believe that it is "in order" to kill, what then would
stop us from taking the life of a senile old man, a mentally retarded
child, an accident victim in an irrecoverable coma?

Yours Sincerely,
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