The Ways in Which the James Bond Film Die Another Day has Been Promoted and Advertised

The Ways in Which the James Bond Film Die Another Day has Been Promoted and Advertised

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The Ways in Which the James Bond Film Die Another Day has Been Promoted and Advertised

An organisation with a specific purpose is called an institution.
Their main objective is to make money. An organisation that deals in
media will make media products such as TV programmes, films, or

Hollywood is a multinational institution that appeals to people world
wide by producing a large amount of films from America and paying for
films in the U.K.

James Bond is an example an example of a very successful Hollywood
film series which started in 1962. The idea originated from books
written by Ian Fleming although it's now owned by Barbara Broccoli who
took over the rights from her father. The films are filmed on scene or
in pinewood studios (U.K.) they are financed from al over the place by
many different people each of which get a share of the profits.

The latest film was directed by Lee Tamahori and produced by Michael
Nilsson and Barbara broccoli both of which have been involved in bond
films before. The last James bond film cost an amazing $227,000,000
million whereas the average film will cost just $22,000,000. to make
the films look real and standout above the rest the make up and
special effects team are crucial, without these specialised teams the
films would fail there criteria and probably lose millions.

The trailers to the bond films are quick and snappy using lots of
special effects with dramatic voice over and the ever lasting James
bond theme tune. The trailers are probably the most important
advertising aspect, they are most likely to be shown before other
films of the same genre so as to appeal to the intended audience
although they are shown on television and can also be viewed on the
internet. The trailers usually consist of a series if very quick
dramatic shots such as a bullet transforming into a bond car sliding
across the ice (Die Another Day.) So although a lot happens and lots
of special effects are used it is only a second or two long.

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As well as just being full of special effects the trailers voice over
help the climax. The trailers for die another day starts with a deep
monotone and calm voice whilst the shots are moving slowly over
silhouettes of clouds but as the voice over ends the fast theme music
picks up the shots suddenly become much faster and dramatic, together
these aspects make a brilliant trailer for the movie, giving a glimpse
of the characters (mainly bond) and the plot without giving much away.
A quaint taster for the eagerly awaited Bond film. Bond films are also
advertised through posters although these do not have the same effect
and aren't as emphasized as the trailers they help add to the

It is usually extremely easy to recognise the bond brand. Firstly they
have the 007 logo, and then as soon as you a James bond character i.e.
Pierce Brosnan because it is bond films are so big you automatically
relate him to James bond, less obvious but still relevant are things
like the Bond car either a previous one or the new one and even things
as simple as silhouettes of women or guns, these brands are recognised
because of the millions of pounds spent on advertising the films, the
identity of the new James bond car is almost more anticipated than
that of the actors, so much now that the cars have become part of the
bond brand.

James bond is a very charming, very masculine, stereotypical spy
figure; he is a role model for many young children and even not so
young ones. The James bond narratives work a lot on opposite the basic
good verses bad scenario, bond is the goodie fighting new evil
characters in each film in addition men's difficult relationship with
women is also played out, many of the films follow this Levi Strauss
narrative. The 'baddies' in the bond films are very exaggerated
versions of evil just as the bond character is of good, both
characters are quite cheesy but thorough good effects, make up etc its
all pulled off brilliantly, as well as just being exaggerated
characters the evil ones also have simple and unrealistic names such
as 'jaws' the baddies are usually out to exploit international
politics they are power hungry, selfish and arrogant.

Part of the expectations of the audience is to see the new bond gadget
and so they play an important role in the films. Some memorable ones
are a hydro boat capable of operating in 3 inches of water, (the world
is not enough) which is quite recent, a cigarette with a rocket
powered dart in it, is a more subtle gadget which originates from the
film 'you only live twice.'

Even more important than the gadgets and almost more important than
the actors are the cars. The latest film die another day had a perfect
example of synergy between institutions init; it had the Aston martin
vanquish as well as the Jaguar XKR. The appearance of these cars in
theses films has been known to triple the sales of cars as well as
labelling cars as company's finest achievements. As well as Famous and
popular cars the actors are important to bring in an audience and this
is where holly woods use of the star system comes in, they use top
names like pierce Brosnan and Hale Berry. having top actors like this
can mean to the public its going to be a film worth viewing just fro
the actors plus it can just mean it looks good plus its got good
actors in it. The bond character can usually expect a few years work
out of the films unlike the girls who rarely appear again in a bond

Hollywood films are very expensive to make and so if they flop in the
box office it can cost millions. Luckily the bond films through their
mixture of special effects, actors, gadgets and cars are never a flop
and appeal to millions of people around the world.
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