Comparison of The Thought-Fox and I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Comparison of The Thought-Fox and I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

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In 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' Wordsworth wrote the poem at the
time when the spirit of 'romanticism' was strong. Romanticism was an
artistic movement which celebrated the wonders of nature, the wonders
of God's 'creation'. It stressed human emotion and the senses rather
than logic and rationalism. The poet William Wordsworth was born on 7
April 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland. Wordsworth's mother died in
1778 when he was only eight years-old, and his father who had problems
looking after him sent him to a grammar school some distance away.

The first poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud', is about a man who is
'wandering' alone in the woods 'o'er vales and hills' but then he see
suddenly 'a host, of golden daffodils' they are everywhere 'beside the
lake, beneath the trees'. They are also 'flutt'ring and dancing in the
breeze.' There are so many of the daffodils that 'stretched' along a
'never-ending line' he is 'gay' at the sight of so many daffodils.

In 'The Thought-Fox' Ted Hughes the writer of the poem was in his
early 20's when he wrote the poem in 1955. It was one of Ted Hughes's
earliest poems. He was bornon 17th August 1930 and he died on 28th
October 1998, aged 68. He was appointed Poet Laureate on 19th December
1984 in succession to the late JohnBetjeman.

The other poem, 'The Thought-Fox', 'The Thought-Fox' is a poem about
writing a poem. Its external action takes place in a room late at

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night where the poet is sitting alone at his desk. Outside the night
is starless, silent, and totally black. But the poet senses a presence
which disturbs him,there is 'a fox's nose' touching a 'twig' then
'leaf'. The fox 'sets neat prints into the snow' as the writer is
printing the poem but this all disappears as the poem ends with the
fox entering the dark hole of the persons head simulating the human
mind and 'the page is printed' which means that the poet has finished
his poem.

The poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' has a rhyme scheme of 'ABACC'
and has four regular beats to the poem. The rhyming is strict and it
is written in the 'I' form to say that it was a personal experience.
The poet repeat the word 'dancing' to emphasize the fact that the
'daffodils' were 'dancing'. He also uses a lot of joyful language like
'glee', 'jocund' and 'gay', this is to show how happy and delighted
the person is, at seeing so many daffodils in the forest, and to him
is a magnificent sight. The poet describes the daffodils in an
anthropomorphic manner, because he is giving the qualities of humans
to a non-human thing, the 'daffodils'. The person thinks that the
daffodils are one of God's creations and he contracts the daffodils
brightness and 'shines' with a 'twinkle on the Milky Way', a marvelous
creation by God.

The poem 'The Thought-Fox' has no real rhyme at all; it is enjambment
sometimes too, meaning there is no punctuation at the end of some of
the stanzas 'something else is alive' and 'beside the clock's
loneliness' both have no punctuation at the end of their stanzas. The
poem uses a lot of alliteration and's' to give it the quiet silent
feeling. The poem in general, represents the workings of the mind
because of the 'sudden' changes of actions in the poem, 'sudden sharp
hot stink of fox'. Also at the beginning of the poem the fox appears
out of nowhere, simulating the mind because before there was a fox,
there was nothing and as if it was random a fox comes into the poem 'A
fox's nose touches twig'.

Both 'The Thought-Fox' and 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' are about
people doing things alone hence the 'loneliness' in 'The Thought-Fox'
and 'lonely' in 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud'. There is also
something that happens 'suddenly' in both poems when in 'I wandered
lonely as a cloud' the person sees a 'host of golden daffodils' and in
'The Thought-Fox' the person 'suddenly' smells a 'sharp hot stink of

The poems are both written in the 'I' form to show that it was a
personal experience, also it makes the reader reading it feels more
connected to the poet and what he is trying to tell us. In 'The
Thought-Fox' the poet tries to make us feel the way the mind works and
how things act very 'suddenly' in the mind. But in 'I Wandered As
Lonely As A Cloud' the poet tries to describe the beauty of the 'host
of golden daffodils', by using descriptive and words that have strong
meaning, like 'sparkling' and 'jocund' this makes the reader
understand the point in which the poet is trying to get across.

'The Thought-Fox' is written as an internal experience which the poet
has gone through within the mind, finding out about how his mind works
and how 'suddenly' things happen in the mind. But 'I Wandered Lonely
as a Cloud' is written from an external experience, where the poet has
gone and seen the 'daffodils' then wrote a poem about them and their

The poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' started off very peaceful as
someone was walking through the countryside forest, but he stumbles
upon a 'host, of golden daffodils'. In the 'The Thought-Fox' the poem
starts off as lonely and a lifeless atmosphere but later it becomes
more alive as a fox comes in to the poem 'suddenly', but is all
'suddenly' all goes, as the fox 'enters the dark hole of the head' and
the 'page is printed' and the poem ends.

'The Thought-Fox' is an irregular poem in that there is no rhyme
scheme and sometimes there is enjambment whereas in 'I Wandered Lonely
as a Cloud' is a regular poem because of the perfect rhyme and
punctuation at the end of each stanza also the four steady beats gives
it a calm and even feeling about the poem.
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