The Day My Life Stopped - Original Writing

The Day My Life Stopped - Original Writing

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The Day My Life Stopped - Original Writing

"Oi you muffin what are you doing?" shouted Laura, as she watched
Jason, her boyfriend, doing stupid things, after watching Jackass.

"I'm gunna set my hand alight, I know what you're gunna say, but I
want to do it, I've never done it before so might as well" Laura
wasn't happy with Jason, but she just sat there and watch him make a
fool out of himself. Once Jason had finished messing around, he went
and sat next to Laura and apologised.

At ten o'clockJason had to go, so he said goodnight to Laura and left.
Laura got a phone call, from her mum, saying that she wants her home
soon, as it's getting late, and that she needs to talk to her, no
emergency, just need to talk. Laura got a little worried, as her mum
never usually rings, unless something is wrong, so Laura said
goodnight to everyone and went straight home.

"Mum, what's up?" Laura said nervously

"Nothing, why?"

"You said you needed to talk to me, so what's wrong?"

"Well, I have some good news, and I think you'll be happy about it
too" Laura's mum replied

"Okay mum, but what is it?" Laura rushed anxiously.

"We're moving to Spain"

"What? When? Why?" Laura squealed

"Well dad has got a new job, and he needs to be out there to be able
to do it, we get to move next month, isn't it great?"

"What? I mean what about my coursework?"

"You can keep up can't you?"

"No I'll miss so much" Laura said, as she was almost in tears

"Well Laura all I can say is it's much better for us out there; we'll
have more stability and to be honest we'll be better off financially.
Come on just think about it."

Laura ran upstairs and phoned Jason. While she was talking to him, she
burst into tears. When she finally told him the news, he wasn't happy
but he wasn't unhappy with her, he was just upset and a little angry,

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he didn't know what to do about their relationship, so he told her he
would speak to her in the morning at school.

Laura went to bed, dreading going to school the next morning, she kept
having horrid thoughts about what was going to be said or done.

Morning came; Laura got up and dressed for school, then left. When she
got to off the bus, she saw Jason waiting for her, she began walking
slowly. As her heart pounded against her chest, she started breathing
heavily. She closed her eyes, and she could feel herself about to
burst into tears. She held it in, took one last breath and hugged

"Come on lets go somewhere a little quieter." said Jason, with a
quiver in his voice. They reached a deserted bench and began talking:-

"Look babes, I'm not going to drag this out, I really think we should
break up, it isn't fair on you. I mean to have to think about a
relationship, as well as moving, over seas. I am sorry, but I need to
know how you feel, I know it's sudden, but I think it's for the best."
Jason said

"Well I can see why you're saying that, but how can you just throw
away two and a half years, I love you, and all you can say is, you're
doing it for me, you didn't even ask what I felt before you went ahead
and done this. Do I really mean that little to you?" Laura replied

"No, no, no of course not, you mean everything to me, and I love you,
I just don't see how we can carry on being together if you're not
going to be here. I mean you won't even be in the same country. I just
think that maybe it's time to move on, and you moving helps that,
don't you think?" Jason asked

"Well you know what, you ungrateful, cold-hearted pig, you do what you
want, because what I want, obviously doesn't mean anything to you! And
thanks, I now know how you really feel and I'm glad we're finished, I
hate you!" Laura screamed at Jason. Then she ran off crying. Jason got
up and went to see his mates. Jason and Laura didn't see each other
for the rest of the day.

Jason got home and went upstairs to unpack his bag; he found a picture
of him and Laura together. He burst into tears, and regretted what
he'd done.

News spread quickly, that Jason was on the rebound, and girls, from
left, right and centre, were flirting and asking Jason out. Laura
began to get jealous.

Three weeks after Laura and Jason ended, Jason started seeing someone
else; one of Laura's friend's Natalie. Laura was heartbroken and
angry, because she felt betrayed by Natalie, because they're friends.

As the week past, Laura noticed that Natalie was flirting with other
boys. Laura decided not to say anything, but as she was leaving in a
week's time, she decided to talk to Jason.

As she was walking towards him, she began to get the feelings that she
had for him again. She began thinking it wasn't a good idea. He caught
her eye, and she knew she had to go talk to him. Again, she took a
deep breath, and went over to him. He noticed her coming, and "played
it cool".

When Laura reached Jason, she was nervous but she held it in and began

"Hi… Jason… how are you?"

"Alright Laura? Yeah I'm good thanks you?"

"Yeah I'm fine thanks, look I know this has been awkward for us, and I
don't want to pressure you or anything, but I was wondering if we
could talk sometime, I mean it's my last day next Friday, and I think
we really should talk, don't you?"

"I think we should yeah, but when, I mean I seem to be spending a lot
of time with Natalie lately, I wasn't digging just then I'm just
saying. And I really don't know when I'll have the time to talk. I'm
sorry" Jason said.

"Oh right, sorry, I didn't know, I forgot you and Nat were together,
sorry I shouldn't have asked." Laura said disappointedly.

"No, you know what Laura I should be sorry, it's your last week, and
we're mates, and it isn't fair on you, I'll definitely make time, and
if you want I'll come every night. Sorry I shouldn't have sounded so
horrible." Said Jason sympathetically.

"I don't mind, but if you've got Natalie to worry about then don't
bother, I know it sounds harsh, but you have other priorities you need
to stick by them, don't you!" Laura said abruptly. She felt kind of a
little mean in the way she said it, but she felt that as he has hurt
her, she should hurt him. She wasn't proud of what she had done, but
she felt as if it had to be done.

"No, Laura it isn't a problem, we're friends and it isn't fair for you
to have to go without us two saying goodbye. I mean are you even
coming back?" Jason replied

"Are you sure? I mean it isn't really fair on Natalie is it?" Laura
said cautiously

"I don't think we'll be together for much longer anyway, I mean have
you seen how flirtatious she is? And to be honest I think I like
someone else, I know I shouldn't say that to you, one; because you're
mates, and 2; because well, it's you. Oh my god, I'm really sorry, I
didn't mean it to come out the way it did. I'm really sorry."

"Look, Jay don't worry, I know you didn't mean it like that, I'm just
glad you've finally noticed what Natalie's really like, before she
gets you wrapped round her finger too!!" joked Laura.

After their little talk, Laura and Jason began to feel a little more
comfortable with each other, and as they started spending time with
each other, they began to get closer. It came to four days before
Laura left, and Jason decided to throw her a leaving party. He invited
all of her friends, and had a massive drinking session, at Jason's, as
his parents weren't in, until two days after that.

The party arrived and everyone was really enjoying themselves, getting
drunk, listening to music, and socialising. Laura arrived and was
really pleased and excited; she wanted to know who threw her the
party. She knew it was at Jason's but she wasn't sure if he thought of
the idea. She went to go find Jason. When she finally reached him, he
was a little drunk, and kept giving her vodka shots, and told her to
enjoy the party. She finally asked him about the party, and he said it
was him.

"Yeah it was me who threw the party I hope you don't mind, it's just I
feel like such an idiot with the way I acted in the past, I know I
didn't treat you properly, and it didn't really help with the thing
with Natalie I mean it was kind of like rubbing it in your face. But
anyway, yeah it was me, and sorry if it's lame but thought it was a
good idea at the time."

"No it's great, and I really appreciate it, and I'm really grateful,
thanks it's a really nice thought! And by the way don't worry about
the thing with you and Nat, I mean you did what you thought was right,
and it wasn't fair of me to make you feel held back from that. But
thanks for the party, it really means something to me" Replied Laura.

"Ah well thanks, and anyway you fancy a dance? I mean it can't hurt
can it?"

"Yeah why not!" said Laura, as she was rather tipsy.

As they danced, something sparked, and as normal teenagers, they ended
up kissing, everyone stares, and boasts that they knew Laura and Jason
would end up doing something like that, even though two weeks before
that, they were saying how Natalie and Jason were going to be together

As the night was coming to an end, everyone was leaving, the house
looked a mess and Laura decided to ring her mum;

"Mum if it's ok with you I have decided to stay and help Jay tidy up,
before his parents get home?" Laura said, she felt it wasn't fair for
Jason to stay there and clean the whole house by himself, but her mum
agreed as she knew Jason well, and she knew that it would have been ok
with Jason's parents.

It came to four o'clockin the next morning. They had just finished
clearing up, they both sat on the couch, Jason pulled out some more
alcohol, and they said they never wanted to be in the weird situation
they had been in again. Jason then decided to let Laura in on a little
secret; He admitted that he was still in love with her, and that he
never meant to hurt her. He said that if he could turn back time, he
would change everything he had done.

Laura began to feel a little excited, but then she remembered that she
was leaving, and then she said that she needed to go home.

On her way home, Laura started to think about the times she use to
have with Jason. She began thinking about the good days, where they
were so close and they had so much together, and they lost it, all
because she had to move. She was thinking about Jason the whole time
she was walking, and then all of a sudden, she turned around and
walked back to Jason's house. She ended up outside his house; she
didn't know why she was there, or what was going to happen, but she
was there, for some reason.

She knocked on the door, he opened it, and Laura didn't say anything,
she just grabbed him, and kissed him, then walked back towards her

The next day, after they both had some sleep, Jason decided to phone

"Hey how you doing? I know I shouldn't really ring after what happened
this morning, but I just rang to say I love you, I always have, always
will. I know this doesn't compensate for what an idiot I've been, but
I wanted you to know" Jason said very nervously. Laura was gob
smacked, she didn't know what to say, and as she was leaving the next
day, she knew even though she felt the same, nothing could happen. She
finally got up the courage to say how she felt too;

"Well, you know I feel the same, but I'm sorry I can't do anything
about it. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but that's just how it has to

Then she put the phone down. She felt awful for what she had said, but
that's how it had to be.

Moving day for Laura came; the removals were in and out of the house
all day. She was saying her goodbyes, tears streaming down her face,
then got into the car. As she was pulling out of her drive, she saw
Jason standing at the end of her road. She got out and they started
talking, saying their goodbyes, and gave each other one last kiss. She
got in the car, and left her life behind.

For Laura, that was the day her life stopped, she left everything she
ever knew, and loved. She didn't know when the next time she would see
her friends again. She didn't know if she ever would. She was in love
and she had to leave Jason behind. She literally died inside.

Now, she may live in Spain, but her life, and her happiness is in
England. She knows when she goes back, her life will be rescued.
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