Exploration of Training and Development

Exploration of Training and Development

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Exploration of Training and Development

All training has advantages and disadvantages:

Induction Training: Northwood use this in July before students return
in September. The school pays employees to come in and receive their
training. This benefits the newly qualified teachers more as they have
just come out of university with debts from student loans and get paid
for training will help. The staff gets trained before they are allowed
to work at the school so they will be able to do their job. Also
induction training will help them get used to the school and meet the
other teachers. But it can be time consuming as it takes about 3 weeks
to complete. It is also costly, as the school have to pay for it.

Training days: this is cheaper for Northwood as the students don't
come in to school they don't need cover teachers. This training is
good as you can deal with weaknesses shown in the last term. But the
training days could be used for teaching.

Mentoring: this training makes sure the new teachers have some one to
turn to when they join the school for problems and support also gives
them a friend in the school and can resolve problems quicker. But this
can put pressure on the mentor as they have extra responsibility and
if they cant carry out the mentoring properly it can cause problems
for Northwood.

Specialised courses: these help to motivate the staff and give them a
sense of achievement when completing a course. The courses are
specific to their job for example a special needs course for dealing
children with special needs. They training help improve the school as
the staff have move knowledge about their job. But they can be very
expensive, as they have to pay for the teachers going on the course,
which could cost about £500 and cover teachers, which cost about £180
and Northwoods total cost for training in 2002 was £16,964.

On the job training: this is when the teacher is learning whilst doing
their job.

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It is cheaper than using other courses, as they don't need
to find cover teachers. The training is quicker and more specific. But
it might not work as the trainee is leaning from other teachers, which
might not be doing it right and could pick up bad habits.

External courses: this type of training is run by professionals and is
good as they give the best training and makes the teachers more
motivated and capable at their job. But they are very expensive and
you will have to find cover teachers which can cost up to £180.

Vocational courses: this type of training enable Northwood to gain
skilled employees. They are expanding on their knowledge of their job,
which will benefit the schools results. The teachers will feel more
motivated after getting more qualifications. And will make the school
more competitive. But the courses do take up time and money.

Northwoods training and development is evaluated through performance
management. The training the employee receives is reflected in the
overall performance of the school. It can be assessed through results
achieved by pupils because it shows the teaching has improved. Each
employee is given an evaluation form before training which he or she
fills in the form asks how can Northwood benefit and how their career
can be developed. After training Northwood evaluates the form and
assesses weather it has helped the school or the employees career.
Northwood can evaluate how the training has helped the school by
looking at the schools results and how the career of the teacher has
improved for example being promoted.

I have given examples of how the training and development function is
carried out at Northwood by looking at types of training Northwood
uses. I have evaluated each one giving advantages and disadvantages.
Also shown why training is important to the school. I have shown costs
that the school might have when training for example cover teachers. I
have also discussed how Northwood carry out their evaluation of
training and development.
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