Description of the Sales Department in Varndean e-Learning

Description of the Sales Department in Varndean e-Learning

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Description of the Sales Department in Varndean e-Learning


Varndean e-Learning is a small sales department specialising in school
materials. The department sends information to schools, describing an
outline of their products, and invites potential buyers to seminars so
that they can look at products in more detail. It accumulates enough
income to keep the company rich and function properly.

The department consists of two workers. Work is equally split so that
one produces ideas to sell as products, and the other completes paper
work to confirm order details etc.

Why ICT is used in Varndean eLearning

ICT is used in Varndean e-Learning to create flyers and letters, which
are sent to schools to promote products. The department has also
created a website to provide potential buyers with a more in-depth
description of products and to promote products even more, this helps
to create a marketing programme.

To create graphics and text for both flyers and the website, Varndean
e-Learning use hardware such as a graphics tablet, an ink jet printer
and a computer connected to the Internet (so that e-mail can be
accessed to connect Varndean to customers). Software used consists of
Microsoft Word Processor and Publisher to create text and Photoshop to
create graphics, and Dreamweaver is used to create and design their

The Varndean e-Learning department use ICT to easily produce and edit
letters, flyers and adverts, which can only be made possible by the
use of computers. One of the main advantages to using ICT to produce
their promotional flyers is the use of a mail merge, which allows
letters to be easily produced that are then sent to customers, as
addresses of all potential and current buyers are stored in a database
on the computer. However, there are also disadvantages to the use of
ICT within the department. The process of editing adverts, etc can be
complex and hard to understand, so staff must be thoroughly and
properly trained to be able to use certain programs to perform the
work necessary.

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An example of ICT being used with Varndean e-Learning is a mail shot.
A mail shot sends letters to all schools explaining new products and
inviting potential customers to seminars. The inputs into the
processes are creating a draft letter by hand, creating a leaflet on
paper and then transferring this to a graphics tablet and names and
addresses stored in a database. The outputs of the process are the
leaflet and flyer produced. The actual processes that the leaflet and
flyer must go through to be finished are the creation of a letter and
flyer, and the mail merge used to send the end product to potential
customers, the stored data is the names and addresses of schools
stored within a database.


Varndean e-Learning has very little communication with external
companies or departments, as it is able to perform all tasks necessary
without outside help. However, Varndean do communicate between
computers so that documents can be e-mailed to be printed, or to be
sent to someone else in the department.

Customers often send e-mails inquiring about products, etc. and so the
only other communication made my Varndean e-Learning is to reply to
customer's e-mails.

Improvements that could be Made Within the Company

One improvement that Varndean eLearning feel could be made is the
creation of a more detailed database. This database could include
details of purchases from schools, so that schools that have already
bought a product don't receive another letter or e-mail promoting
products, which the school already has.
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