Investigation of the Spiderman 2 Trailer

Investigation of the Spiderman 2 Trailer

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Investigation of the Spiderman 2 Trailer

A trailer is an extremely important tool in making the film. It
encapsulates two minutes of the film trying to convince the audience
that that film is worth while watching using many techniques including
the unique selling point. The unique selling point is a feature that
is unique to that film. This can be the actor or actress that stars in
the film or the subject of matter the film portrays or even the way
the film is made. The trailer has more impact on the viewer than
posters because it involves moving pictures and sound, this gives the
viewer a feel of the film.

The "Spiderman 2" trailer is altogether 1:27 seconds long this is
enough time to catch the attention of the audience whilst not giving
the plot away, also the studios have chosen to make the trailer of
this length because it allows it to be more widely available, and this
trailer can be found on the internet. If the trailer is widely
available that would mean more people would view it therefore
increasing the potential audience. The trailer starts of with the
studio "Warner brothers" appearing. This is the studio that makes the
film and raises the studio profile if the film is successful. Then a
panoramic view of skyscrapers is shown. Toby Maguire voice over
appears meanwhile twenty shots of Spiderman and the rest of the main
cast appears in a period of twenty seconds this happens very quickly.
There is intense sharp music inserted to add to the intensity and
anticipation, the effect it has on the audience; makes the audience
think it will we action packed with many more fights and special
effects. This occurs because it immediately catches the audience
attention with the shots of Spiderman on his web and the music adds to
that. Then Toby Maguire says "I am Spiderman" this would definitely
grab the audiences attention. Toby Maguire's voice is used because it
is familiar to the audience. Subsequently the audience will see
Spiderman ditching his suit and walking away in a long shot, this

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intrigues that audience as to why he would be doing it. The shot then
moves onto a scientific lab where there is this man with tentacles
this is another element which intrigues the audience into thinking
that he is the villain of the sequel to Spiderman. Man with the
tentacles speaks him then is providing the voice over. The viewer then
sees a red fireball in the middle then the camera shot cuts away by
his tentacles rapidly moving onto the camera. This will add deep
profile to the villain, making him look more daunting and scary. At
this time the effect caused by these series of shots is of intrigue
and interest the plot and villain and storyline are being unravelled.

The shot then becomes a close up and the frame rate gradually
increases, you see a boy talking to Spiderman then the shot quickly
moves on to a building with fire, and you hear a scream. The music
volume increases and then the frame rate is increased and the viewer
will hear a voice over provided by the actress who play aunt may she's
says "there seems to be a hero in all of us" this coincides with the
first Spiderman as that has a famous quote. "With great power comes,
great responsibility" this quote was very famous in the first
"Spiderman", so know the studios have come up with a new quote for the
sequel. This increases the films profile in general. The audience then
see the tentacles grabbing on to the pavement this is in a close up
shot. Then the shot goes onto Peter Parker close up of his head and
Aunt May provides the voice over again "Even though sometimes we have
to give up the thing we love most" this explains to the viewer why
Peter Parker appears in that shot the way he does, the frame rate is
still high.

The frame rate dramatically slows down focusing on the man with the
tentacles with a close up shot on his face with him smiling; the angle
of the camera is focused on the face. This show the type of
personality the villain has, as a cruel and nasty person. The camera
moves toward the tentacles as he grabs Peter Parkers girlfriend. Then
the music changes to a high dramatic increasing sound and the frame
rate increases rapidly. Those scenes give a hint of the plotline of
the audience. You then see Peter Parker go back to the alley and he
picks up his Spiderman suit and runs of into the distance this is done
in a long shot. The shot then moves on to three shots shot witch are
very shot in which Spiderman it shows Spiderman wearing his costume.
This part is very intriguing to the audience as earlier in the trailer
they see Spiderman throw away his costume. This will give a hint of
the plotline to the audience. It is done this way to show the response
Spiderman will have from his girlfriend being kidnapped.

The final shots of the trailer is of Spiderman swinging on his webs
though the city, the camera moves with Spiderman this is a special
effect incorporated into the film. The music at this time is at its
most intense and the frame rate is incredibly high.

This gives the audience of the climax of the film, the shots
communicate with each other. These shots go on for about 5 seconds
when dramatically with a "thud" they stop and the viewers see Harry
Osborne and Octavious, with Spiderman lying him down, everything
becomes silent and Harry Osborne while lifting Spiderman's mask says
"Lets see who you really are". This add a great deal off suspense it a
climatic end to the trailer. The final screen shows the title of the
film and "Coming This Summer" an indication of when it will be out.
Right at the bottom is the website of the film. The final screen
provides the information of the film.

The music in the trailer is used in conjunction with the speed and the
pace of the frame rate this makes is more suspenseful and exiting also
exhilarating. The song used in Spiderman 2 trailer is not very
familiar but it is not put there to be. It is there so the audience is
not distracted from the events taking place on the screen.

The title of the film is revealed at the end because as the trailer
progresses the audience immediately know the film is Spiderman because
is shows Spiderman swinging and it is a sequel. This is also its USP
(unique selling point). The actors are not used as USP because they
are not very famous. This is shown because in the trailer were not
shown any of the characters names. Another USP of "Spiderman 2" is
that it is of a comic hero genre. An extra USP is that "Spiderman 2"
is a sequel; it will attract people who saw the previous "Spiderman".

The target audience for this trailer is children aged twelve. It is
intended people that have general interest in superheroes and comic
books, also people who have seen the original. This trailer will be
ideally put on the internet because it is about one minute long, also
this would be perfect for viewing on TV, and it would be on at a time
the target audience would be viewing. This would be about six o clock
but would be on in between the right TV program. If there was a show
on superheroes then in the advertisement time this trailer would be
put on, the reason being the target audience would be viewing. The
genre of the films is action/adventure and superhero.

The last frame is very important as it shows information about the
film, when it will be released, also gives the viewer the official
website to the film. The text that is used in the last frame is silver
and futuristic coinciding with the film's genre.

The film's trailer leaves a huge impact on you and you immediately
want to watch the film. This is due to the variations of scenes
displayed in the trailer and the music used with the scenes. The
combination of a storyline of a romance while intense action. It will
leave an imprinted impression on you. For the reason that this will
then appeal to more people if the storyline is of a more varied genre.
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